Arizona election audit hits another snag as venue prepares for high school graduations

An ongoing election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, has faced widespread backlash from Democrats across the state and beyond, resulting in lawsuits and even reports of death threats against the Republicans heading up the effort to review the results of November’s presidential election.

Now, auditors are facing a new obstacle as their deadline looms with local high school graduation ceremonies set to take place in the same location.

Background on the audit

While most Democrats and many in the GOP contend that President Joe Biden won the election fair and square, a number of Republicans remain unconvinced. The Arizona audit was billed as a way to follow the evidence and settle the issue once and for all in the state’s most populous county.

Of course, it is clear that opponents of the cause do not want the review to play out in its entirety — and detractors have pursued a variety of strategies to undermine it.

In the latest blow to those behind the effort, reports indicate they will be forced to vacate the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix ahead of upcoming graduation ceremonies.

That news comes on the heels of various accusations and theories being perpetuated by opponents of the process, including claims that ballots had been left unattended in the unlocked complex.

For their part, auditors say they cannot access passwords needed to complete the probe because officials say it would jeopardize classified law enforcement data and equipment.

“We do elections well in Arizona”

Sheriff Paul Penzone weighed in on the matter, insisting: “The Senate Republican Caucus’ audit of the Maricopa County votes from last November’s election has no stopping point. Now, its most recent demands jeopardize the entire mission of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.”

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey appeared to express confidence in the validity of the election results, arguing: “We do elections well in Arizona. The system is strong, and that is why I bragged about it so much.”

In any case, it seems clear that tensions between the two sides are likely to remain escalated for the foreseeable future. Former President Donald Trump, who has long argued that voter fraud contributed to his electoral defeat, waded into the Arizona debate with a statement last month.

“The people of Arizona are very angry, as are the people of our Country,” he claimed. “If we can’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a Country.”

Biden secured the state’s electoral votes after winning the race by a margin of more than 10,000 votes. That number was small enough for a recount that upheld his victory, but even after a full audit, many in the state are likely to remain skeptical that the results were accurate.

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11 Responses

  1. The Governor could by Executive Order prevent the use of the coliseum for graduation until the vote-counting is done and verified. This would stop any recount problems. The graduation ceremonies could all be done in June without interruption.

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  3. If I believed there was no fraud, then I’d be happy to let you do it. I have nothing to cover up and then you can see for yourself. If I have something to coverup then I’m always wanting to hide the evidence. To me resisting proved they know there is evidence. If these people were willing to put in the time to check it out, why can’t they. This nation is becoming a nation, if you are innocent and doing your job you are guilt of wrong. How did this law change – 2008 or when?

  4. The sheriff should mind his business like we’d take his LYING WORD LOL you Democrats all know you cheated that’s why you don’t want the votes counted and hey sheriff how much you on the take for STFU JUST COUNT AND GET IT OVER WITH !

  5. Not sure exactly what the problem is
    If there was not cheating then why do the democrats want to always want to stop a recount
    It seems like they would welcome a recount to prove the election was not stolen and their candidate was the true winner

  6. Have the graduation at another location. We the People demand that this audit continues without interruption!

  7. I believe Doug Ducey and other Republican officials accepted a bribe to allow the Democrats to commit their fraudulent theft of the election. A legitimate audit would expose them and possibly lead to some, including Ducey going to prison.

  8. I believe that with a cloud over the election,the governor should give this audit team ANY AND ALL COOPERATION THEY NEED OR WANT. This would go a long way in dispelling any doubts people might have about the election process.

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