Arizona police union endorses President Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden

The Democratic Party, along with presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden, has veered sharply left to placate the activist anti-police portion of the party’s base in recent months.

The radical move has resulted in more police unions shifting away from Biden and the Democrats to endorse and support President Donald Trump’s re-election efforts, with the most recent being the Arizona Police Association (APA).

Arizona cops endorse Trump

The APA represents roughly 12,000 law enforcement members and it has now thrown its considerable support behind the president that has consistently supported them, Breitbart reported.

“The choice in this election could not be clearer than it is for men and women in law enforcement,” the association said in a news release that was posted to social media. “The Trump administration has done more for law enforcement than any other in the history of our republic.”

The association praised President Trump for allowing law enforcement agencies to purchase and utilize surplus military equipment — a program the Obama adminstration halted. The APA expressed appreciation for the federal prosecution of those who attack police officers as well as for the president’s vocal defense of law enforcement and opposition to the far-left “defund the police” movement.

A Biden administration

“We know that a Biden administration will be driven by the far-left wing of the Democrat party which openly attacks law enforcement,” the APA said in the release. “A Biden administration will defund the police and eliminate qualified immunity which protects police and law enforcement from frivolous and costly lawsuits.”

“These radical policies will place the lives of law enforcement officers at greater risk and make our neighborhoods less safe,” the APA added.

In response to the APA’s endorsement of President Trump’s re-election effort, the Trump 2020 campaign’s senior adviser for law enforcement and labor unions, Bob Paduchik, issued a statement of appreciation.

“While Joe Biden shamelessly defames law enforcement and would ‘Yes! Absolutely!’ defund the police, President Trump always has and always will stand with the men and women of the Thin Blue Line,” Paduchik wrote, according to Breitbart.

NAPO endorsement

Meanwhile, also on Friday, President Trump held a meeting in the White House with top leaders and representatives of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), a massive police union representing more than 240,000 members of law enforcement nationwide.

NAPO issued a somewhat surprising endorsement of Trump on July 15, a reversal of the endorsement the union had granted to President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 when Biden was vice president.

Given the blatantly hostile anti-police sentiment that has been allowed to fester and is increasingly being embraced by the left, we expect to see more police unions follow the lead of the APA and NAPO in backing President Trump and his goal of restoring “law and order.”

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