In letter, Arizona attorney general asks Biden to replace Harris as ‘border czar’

One Republican state attorney general is calling for Vice President Kamala Harris to be removed from her role leading America’s diplomatic response to a surge in migration at the southern border.

Fox News reports that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) has written a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to replace Harris as America’s “border czar.”

The development comes as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has revealed it saw a more than 900% increase in encounters with migrants at the U.S.–Mexico border in April 2021 compared to the same month last year.

Fox reported that 17,106 immigrants came across border agents in April 2020, while 178,622 crossed into the U.S. last month. For Harris and her leadership abilities, the figures certainly don’t paint a convincing picture.

“A slap in the face”

In his letter, dated Wednesday, Brnovich called Harris’ response to the border crisis “absolutely abysmal.”

“We are now nearly 50 days into her appointment, and Vice President Harris has shown little interest in observing what is happening along the border and has failed to articulate any plan to deal with the devastating effects of this crisis,” the Arizona attorney general wrote. “Instead, she has traveled to other states for unrelated and less-pressing matters.”

Despite avoiding the southern border, Harris has traveled to the U.S.–Canada border and has plans for a trip to Central America, Fox notes.

In his letter to the president, Brnovich called Harris’ actions “a slap in the face to Arizonans who helped elect you both to the highest offices in the land.”

Brnovich also reportedly said that he had previously written to Harris asking her to visit the border, but that the vice president has not responded.

“Replaced as America’s ‘border czar'”

For this, Brnovich urged “that Vice President Harris be replaced as America’s ‘border czar’ with a federal official who is willing to see the crisis firsthand and to work with state partners to address it.”

According to the Daily Caller, the Arizona AG also requested that Biden “adopt new border policies that facilitate enhanced transparency with members of Congress, the media, and the Amerian people throughout this crisis.”

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on either of those counts.

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  2. Harris has been AWOL from the Border from the start. Its a raging fire with nobody in attendance.

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  4. Kamala Harris should be FIRED. She does not do her job and is ignoring a very important issue that she has been put in charge of. That job is very unpleasant BUT “JOE & I” created this problem so she should SOLVE the problem that the DEMOCRATS allowed to happen by opening the borders!

  5. The USA will be totally destroyed after Harris becomes acting President, as part of the underworld Freemason NWO UN Agenda 21 depopulation genocide plan!

  6. VP HArris is useless and has not done anything since snaking in to office as well as the other snake Biden. YOu have an empty bobblehead for Prez and a cackling hyena as VP. BOth Lazy as crap.

    1. Please don’t insult hyenas, they are 100% smarter than both the VP and the White House occupier combined.

  7. We the people need to take back the Whitehouse!!!! Pick up your arms and we need to do what needs to be done. Take back the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!! Eradicate the New World Order, it’s in our hands!!!! Fight ! Fight! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    1. But guess who is next in line to be president if they step down? You guessed it, Nancy baby, God forbid!

  8. I can think of two reasons why Camel Hairs will not go to the border.
    1.0 She knows she can not do anything to change the mind of puppeteers in control of the administration.
    2.0 The same puppeteers realize there is no way to prevent the real reporters from following her and revealing a bigger yet disclosure of the mess.
    Heads I win, Tails you lose!

    1. This Camela is a real dumb phony. She is disgusting even to look at. Probably afraid to open her stupid mouth. What a waste of time this jerk is. It seems she is very, very disliked, even though they are trying so hard to make her the first woman president. Oh God Forbid.

  9. none of us,will be able to change stream of time,established by God Owner of all of us,and earth, Accepting Biden it to accept God Arangement in the world and white house


  11. Who is Harris she laughed when someone asked about the border and all the children coming across and always saying they’re other people on the job taking care of that .Well if they’re they must be invisible and you not me voted her for Vice President we must get our heads examined .

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