Arizona Senate narrowly passes bill to declare gun stores ‘essential’

After a year of the coronavirus, it’s become clear that what counts as “essential” is often in the eye of the beholder — and, more to the point, in the eye of those who control the government. Sadly, one thing many in government seem to not find “essential” is the Constitution and its basic guarantees of civil liberties.

In Arizona, Republicans have worked to counteract this by passing a bill through the state Senate — by just two votes — that would classify gun stores as “essential” during emergencies, as the Associated Press reports. The bill will now advance to the state House.

Arizona GOP pushes 2A protections

Under stringent regulations put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, many Americans have been deprived of their right to work and worship freely by apparatchiks declaring which activities are “essential” and which are not.

But while many politicians across America have acted as if the Constitution can be suspended because of the pandemic, lawmakers in Arizona are sticking to the basics.

On Wednesday, a bill barely passed the Senate, 16–14, to let gun stores operate as “essential” even amid a state of emergency, as the AP notes. Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers, who introduced the measure, said the bill recognizes the basic importance of the right to self-defense during emergencies.

As it happens, many Americans agree that guns are “essential,” if consumer data is any indication.

Gun sales spiked during the pandemic. According to reports, there were 40 million firearms sold in 2020, and January marked a monthly record, with 2 million guns sold, as America anticipated the rise of a president hostile to Second Amendment rights.

Republicans anticipate Biden gun grab

This comes as Republican leaders in states like Texas and Missouri have faced backlash from President Joe Biden and top White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for the “Neanderthal thinking” of paring back on hallowed corona law.

As it happens, Arizona is also looking at relaxing the COVID regime.

“It is something that we’re currently reviewing,” Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ said Wednesday, according to KTAR.

Many Americans remain concerned about Biden’s gun control agenda, which aims to ban “assault weapons,” online gun sales, and more. Republicans at the state level, including in Arizona, are anticipating a push by passing laws to nullify federal policies on guns.

A better workaround might be to dispense with the contrived framework of “essential” and “non-essential” business altogether and get back to living freely. But this is a nice step in the right direction.

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18 Responses

  1. What a perversion of the word need. How many guns can any one person need? I can understand self-defense, but that does not constitue owning an arsenal.

    1. Maybe not an arsenal unless you’re a gun collector, but having a gun in every room of your home is very essential in this day and age. A firearm needs to be readily available to grab in case of someone breaking into YOUR HOUSE.
      Pulled mine out a couple of days ago to protect my self and home from someone trying to get in.

      1. Sure it does if they take our guns they won’t get them all!!! I want more weapons to place everywhere I or my family is at. They keep letting illegals into this country by the thousands how long do you think it will be before we are confronted with having to defend ourselves?????

    2. Martin, the plain fact is that you don’t get to control the world around you. No-one has ever had any business trying to regulate how many firearms people can have: it’s that simple.

      What concern is it of yours how many firearms someone has? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE ALONE.

      The ONLY legit concern you should have is whether that person is harming
      you or other people. If they aren’t…let ’em alone!!

    3. I’m sorry, but guns are just tools, they’re are different types of guns for different types of purposes, rifles for instance are long range, handguns, both medium and short, shotguns, short to mid range, Why wouldn’t you use the right tool for the job, Just Sayin!!

    4. You are missing the point. As an “essential” business it is harder to close them down during crises, real or otherwise. Don’t be so quick to criticize people who are trying to protect the country,

  2. This is great that a business can operate during this China virus garbage. We need all business open now.
    Our constitution must be upheld and we the people need to continue to fight for all of it!
    Nowhere does it say a person bought a arsenal, article states 40 million sold. As myself and friends we own hunting guns mostly but not a so called arsenal.
    Open your eyes, with defunding of police, the destruction of our constitution, people in America have the right to own them as they are seeing this happen.
    A patriot.

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  4. messing with the constitution and bill of rights is a ploy of tyrants to remove your freedoms, learn from history what happens to free people when govt. starts restricting how you live

  5. The Democrats intention is to follow what Obama is dictating, as well as George Soros, Warren Buffet, the Elite in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, etc.. They are purposely destroying our country and the U.S. Constitution. Chief Justice Roberts is behind this as well. The only thing that can be done is to recall every Democrat and Republican that signed on to this bill. Defunding the Police is the most hazardous attempt to destroy our country.

  6. Good for Arizona! More states should follow suit, our rights are bieng trampled upon by the demonrats! You can bet THEY have their guns! The rest of us should as well.

  7. GOOD ! All of the fire arms store’s or gun store’s are very essential to the American people of this country. This is our Second Amendment in our Constitution.

  8. Have you noticed the news has changed its approach recently? What once seemed like a never discussed issue has become more prevelant. Its that time to chagnge our stance on this though.

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