Arizona vote count continues with hundreds of thousands of ballots remaining

The count of Arizona’s Election Day votes continues days after voters headed to the polls on Tuesday.

As of Friday, just 80% of votes were counted as concerns grow across the state.

The latest

The latest batch of votes from Maricopa County released on Saturday night included more than 85,000 votes, with an estimated 194,000 remaining.

Republican candidate Kari Lake led in the latest batch 51.8% to 48.2% for Katie Hobbs. Senate GOP candidate Blake Master slightly trailed in the new votes 49.1% to Mark Kelly’s 49.2%.

The weekend outlook

“Heading into Friday evening, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates stated that the majority of the drop would include early ballots dropped off on Election Day. He added that it would also include the remainder of early ballots received before Election Day, as well as ‘a good amount’ of the approximately 17,000 ballots from in-person voters, whose ballots were placed into secure boxes after tabulators did not read them at polling centers,” Breitbart News reported.

“In a press release, Maricopa County officials stated that an estimated 265,000-275,000 outstanding ballots remained after Friday night’s results,” it added.

Lake continues to claim she will be the next governor of Arizona. So far, she remains slightly behind in the count, though the outcome is still too close to call.

Whoever wins, Americans can expect a long battle regarding a potential recount and concerns regarding voting integrity in a state that continues to struggle with its election results.

The battle will likely also be a source of criticism as candidates for president in 2024 look ahead, including a potential comeback bid by former President Donald Trump.