Arizona’s Katie Hobbs believes its fine to abort babies up until birth

The Arizona gubernatorial race is one of the most-watched in the nation.

According to Fox News, Katie Hobbs, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Arizona and current AZ secretary of state, has an extreme belief on the issue of abortion, admitting that she supports the procedure up until birth, which any reasonable person would rightfully describe as outright murder. 

The admission came on Sunday during an interview on Face the Nation.

Hobbs said late-term abortion is “extremely rare” but still supports the idea.

It’s a “personal decision”

Hobbs explained why she took the extreme position.

“If it’s being talked about, it’s because something has gone incredibly wrong in the pregnancy. A doctor’s not going to perform an abortion late in pregnancy just because somebody decided they want one. That is ridiculous,” she said.

Hobbs added that under an administration run by her challenger, Kari Lake, Arizona women would have a “government-mandated forced births that risk women’s lives.”

Of course, that’s a total lie and misrepresentation of the facts, but since she’s a Democrat, her statements are immune from fact-checking.

“The government and politicians don’t belong in that decision,” Hobbs said. “We need to let doctors perform the care that they are trained and take an oath to perform,” Hobbs continued.

Lake’s view

On the topic of abortion, Lake is as conservative as it gets, which clearly irritates those on the left who so freely and carelessly opt to kill unborn children mostly out of convenience, many times because of irresponsible decisions.

Lake has gone on record of labeling abortion as the “ultimate sin.”

The two women are running a close race, but Lake has the edge in most polls. Her RCP rolling average gives her about a one-point advantage over Hobbs.