Republican lawmakers in Arkansas override Gov. Asa Hutchinson, ban sex reassignment surgery on children

The state of Arkansas became the scene of a spectacular mutiny Tuesday as Republican lawmakers turned against their own governor to push through a ban of sexual reassignment surgery on children.

Just a day after Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson caved to pressure from the left with a veto on HB1570, Republicans in the state legislature voted to override him.

Arkansas Republicans turn on governor

The SAFE Act bans healthcare providers from administering sexual reassignment surgeries and drugs such as puberty blockers to minors.

Hutchinson called it an example of government overreach and expressed a resigned attitude with the “culture war” on Monday, signaling he preferred to “send a message of tolerance and diversity” rather than defend biological reality and the welfare of vulnerable kids.

He also lamented that the bill would set “new standards of legislative interference with physicians and parents as they deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters dealing with young people.”

But the tables turned Tuesday when Arkansas Republicans in both state houses voted to override Hutchinson, in a stunning rebuke of the spineless governor.

The Arkansas House voted 72-25, and the Senate followed with a 25-8 vote.

Left outraged

Left-wing groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union responded with outrage to the override, with the ACLU vowing to bring a legal challenge against the “discriminatory crusade against trans youth.”

“This is a sad day for Arkansas, but this fight is not over — and we’re in it for the long haul,” the group’s Arkansas director Holly Dickson said.

Perverted ideologues argue that so-called “gender-confirming” treatment promotes the well-being of children with gender dysphoria, but such treatments are experimental in nature and, those with common sense agree, dangerous for children unable to properly consent to a sex change.

The Arkansas-based Family Council said that gender transitions can “leave children sterilized and scarred for life” and applauded lawmakers for their “leadership, their moral courage, and their resolve to do what is right.”

The standoff in Arkansas comes as conservative reaction to transgender activism has rippled through red states, with differing degrees of success. A similar scenario recently played out in South Dakota, where Republicans unsuccessfully rebelled against Gov. Kristi Noem over a bill on women’s sports.

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17 Responses

    1. Children do not know what they want when going through puberty. The (satanist) liberals are trying to make people think this is okay , but it is not. Being tolerant doesn’t mean it is right, safe, moral or good. Stop trying so hard to change these children to fit your sickness and unhappy life.

  1. Very glad this has been turned down. Children don’t really know what they want. There bodies have are not even fully grown. Let them become and adults and then they can decide. Finally, someone with brains.

  2. You Might Like
    1. that is most likely true! it is stupid to think a child should get something like this or have this done to them, until “fads” and “peer pressure” doesn’t rule or interfere with their lives and their ability to make good decisions!

  3. Thank God sensible people are in the legislature! They see how dangerous this is for our kids! I pray other states will follow their lead to save our kids!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!! So glad to see the Legislature override that gutless wonder Governor!! He sounds like another Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who have jelly backbones and a skunk streak on them! Keep up the excellent work Arkansas Legislature!!!!!!!

  5. God made these children boy or girl. These dumb, stupid half humans need to take their ??? to the woods maybe the animals would take care of them. They are not worthy of help from anyone else. Put them in the cage outside.

  6. Now that I’ve become aware of the Left and understand Boys will be Boys and
    Girls will be Girls why on God’s Earth would you want to administer such
    unworthy programs like this on Children. Another Rhino should bite the dust.
    SHS should be the Razorbacks call to action in the next Election.

  7. I think ALL these mayors, governors whatever should QUIT caving to all the special interest group. You were elected to run your state for ALL the people and for what is right.
    Congratulations legislators for doing what is right. Children need to grow up before they decide what or who they want to be.

  8. They didn’t turn on their Governor! They did the people’s business and protected them from another sell-out RINO! When the RC Bishops have the same guts with Biden, some may return to the Church!

  9. Three cheers for the Arkansas republicans, and boo to Asa Hutchison who is leaving office and would dump this travesty on his fellow Arkansans. He has sold his soul to Satan. May he enjoy the heat that he so richly deserves. Arkansas will be well served with Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Governor. Praying she wins!!

  10. Take heed people that these are works of the anti-christ system to go against all decency and good. This is the results of several decades of the teaching of evolution. The harvest has arrived from the sowing to the wind and rejection of Jesus Christ and His teachings. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

    1. You’re so right, Thomas! The Bible has become like reading today’s newspaper! Things are winding down rapidly and the end is very close at hand!

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