‘The final straw’: Arkansas state senator quits GOP over disdain for Trump

An Arkansas state senator who is the nephew of the state’s current GOP governor is leaving the Republican Party because of former President Donald Trump.

State Sen. Jim Hendren announced his decision in a statement lamenting that the GOP now only listens “to a louder and smaller base” loyal to the former president, Talk Business & Politics reported.

Arkansas Republican calls it quits

Hendren began with a generic statement about the polarized state of American politics before pinning the blame on Trump, who he characterized as a divisive racist.

“Over the course of the 2016 campaign season alone, I heard people demonized as rapists and murderers. I watched the encouragement of the worst voices of racism, nationalism, and violence,” Hendren said, referring to Trump’s 2016 campaign rhetoric.

After many “sleepless nights,” Hendren said “the final straw” was the recent January riot at the Capitol and Trump’s alleged effort to “overturn the results of a fair and free election.”

Democrats have squarely blamed Trump for the riot, which they have described as an “insurrection,” but they failed in a second effort to impeach Trump despite winning support from 10 House Republicans and seven GOP senators.

Arkansas Democrats gladly picked up Hendren’s statement, declaring, “A leader in the Republican Party of Arkansas has declared he is leaving a party that has become too extreme, too radical, and too dangerous.” According to Talk Business & Politics, Hendren is now listed as an independent.

GOP fires back

Hendren’s criticism is not new. Anti-Trump Republicans like former Ohio Gov. John Kasich have given similar speeches accusing Trump of corrupting the GOP, and efforts by the Republican establishment to take the party back have intensified since the January riot, with the likes of former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley saying that Trump’s political career is over.

Trump remains the most popular figure in the Republican Party, however, and Republicans who voted to impeach and convict him have faced backlash. Hendren, for his part, has been called an opportunist by fellow GOP lawmakers, with state Sen. Trent Garner (R) saying he “sold out his constituents for raw political power when it suited him,” according to KATV.

Chairwoman Jonelle Fulmer meanwhile called Hendren’s move “nothing more than an attempt to garner press for a future independent candidacy for governor, knowing that he cannot compete with the conservative records of Attorney General Leslie Rutledge or Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

A gubernatorial bid?

Hendren’s uncle, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R), is unable to mount a re-election bid due to term limits, ABC News reports. Former Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders is running for Hutchinson’s seat, with Trump’s backing. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is also running.

As for Hendren, he said he may run as an independent, but is putting any ambitions for the office “on the back burner,” Talk Business & Politics reports.

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54 Responses

    1. Amen!!! Let all of the stinking RINOs get out of our party!!! Way too many back stabbing RINOS. I’M SICK OF THOSE SPINLESS FAKES.

  1. He needs to stay on the back burner forever. Big money talks. What a useless man. How much were you paid to betray the people in your state.See some Republicans getting a lot of money from the democrats to betray America. The American people who love America are not falling for this story you are handing out. Its the same words of the seven Republicans said when they betray President Trump.

    1. I say before anybody makes any decision about backing out of the GOP, they should investigate the riot of Jan. 6th. I think they will find out that the Democrats knew there was going to be trouble at the Capital on Jan. 6th and refused to do anything. The problem is, it is probably the Democratic party that paid people to get involved in it and start it. Just to blame it on Pres. Trump. Any civilized, intelligent person knows, the Democrats will do anything to get Trump on something. Look how they are trying to keep him buried where he should be. They are evil and don’t care who gets hurt or dies. Look at the riots last summer that they never condemned. Instead they paid to get those arrested out of jail, without charges to go and riot and destroy some more. Harris, our VIce President who slept her way to where she is. And we are entrusting our country to people like her?

      1. True, it has come to light that one of the videos from the Capital riot was sold to left media by a BLM activist who was actually on the video encouraging destruction. The Capitol riots were planned well in advance of Trumps speech. And while some conservatives joined in it wasn’t a conservative plot. You have to do your own research to find the truth because MSMedia has become propagandists’s.

      2. Very good reply. It is still President
        Trump to me. I didn’t vote for a
        traitor who does nothing but
        enrich and protect his family
        especially his traitor son.
        Just recently removed the
        Prosecutof investigating his son.
        PURE TRASH..

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  3. The republican party needs a complete overhaul, vote the two-face traders OUT! Get rid of the undercover demos and, replace with honest/respectable republicans that have back bones and, we can get rid of Nasty Nancy and her gang of criminal….

      1. Are you speaking of MUTT Romney (RINO-UT)? He definitely needs to go ahead and switch to the democRAT party, since his whiney self can’t think beyond his hatred and jealousy of President Trump. He and his alter ego, Pierre Delecto, are a blight on the Republican party! President Trump 2024 (or wouldn’t it be GREAT if he ran for the House in 2022 and then was elected as Speaker. He could easily impeach Biden and Harris for treason and guess who is third in line for the presidency? DJT!!!) It won’t happen but what a comfort to think that it might!!

  4. ROFLMAO……..go find your mommy and pacifier, Hendren. We don’t need children like you in office.
    P.S. I have friends in Arkansas who fell the same way so good riddance, phony.

  5. The people who are with President Trump is the new Republican Party. Those left out there in no-man land are the rinos. They have no where to go except to the democrat party or home. There isn’t going to be the old Republican party until Trump quits the party.

  6. Only an ignorant person, that doesnt view more than one side of a story, the one plagued with lies, misrepresentations, where even video evidence used against Trump in his Impeachment Hearing were full of lies, parts were left out, things were cut so only nm part of things were shown in some instances. Even tried to use a video against Trump that was from the past, nowhere near Jan 6!!

    Trump has been a great President!! Our country is Currently in the Darkest Period in History!! When we look at the Pandemic, Closures of businesses, schools, restaurants. Many, many people still out of work!! All the problems with Antifa and BLM through last year, still continuing!! It is such a shame!!

    I pray things will change before it is too late!!

  7. I have never heard Trump put down any race or threaten to kill anyone. Maxine “Big Mouth” Waters has called for someone to kill Trump, Pelosi has said she wanted him dead and I am sure a few others said the same things. Back in the “olden days” where schools taught education not anarchy, we were taught if you threatened the President you would go to JAIL. Now it seems those “educated” people are threatening to kill Trump. Who started the riot in DC? ask Pelosi, and ask the DC Police police chief, who called them off, ask the drama queen who had people wanting her by banging on her door and she was in another building. She surely is stuck on herself thinking a man would pound down her door just to get her. They don’t have to go that far.
    I am sure the muslim person knows “some people” who started the riots. Pelosi is “head?” of security so she knows who put the bombs in and she knows why the protection of the National Guard was rescinded, can’t have a riot if you have protection already in place. Who oaid BLM and a couple other radicals to start the riot? Yes, I am sure some of Trump’s folks got in the melee because the people were being attacked that were there to support the President. A REAL man is not going to sit by and let a few radicals hurt people if they can stop it. Ask Pelosi (who called off National Guard and WH Police, so that the radicals could get a good foothold invading the WH. Have her and her bosom buddy take lie detector tests to show what part they had in it. In the mean time, all the illegal aliens Biden is letting in, can set up camping gear around Pelosi and Waters and Schumer’s homes. they need no masks to wear, they have not been tested nor inocculated against the virus/bacteria brought forth from China. Now I will hush till next time.

    1. You are exactly right Maggie in FL. Thank you for speaking out against these Democrats in Congress who are encouraging HATE in our country and blaming it on a man who did more good for America than any president in many years. They are all acting like a spoiled child who didn’t get it’s way and they all need to be removed from office and punished for Committing Treason.

    2. hi Maggie…I could have written the exact same most. And I go by Maggie too. Do people like Jim Hendren only listen to fake news? How do they repeat the racism charges against Trump. I’ve never heard one example, but the remark amplifies itself every time it is repeated. And how , Jim Hendren, have you not seen the various state legislative hearings that showed the enormity of the fraud in both the national and Georgian election. The ballot machines are taintable..Proven..connected to the internet. Then there are the millions of unauthorized mailed blank ballots that were turned in by ‘harvesters’ or just altered by Ballot workers. Jim Hendren should get a real job. Useless in the one he was elected to. And he might finally hear what real voters think.


  8. State Senator Hendrix lives in a different world than I do and heard other voices than President Trump. I ask one question…name ONE Court that heard the evidence of the election and didn’t just outright reject the complaint. Two Supreme Court Justices wanted to hear the case and the Chief Justice had a hissy fit and fell in it in order not to take the case.

  9. It still amazes me how many politicians still refer the election on Nov 4 as an election that Biden won fairly. These morons must have sleeping under a rock and only came out to vote and then return to their rock.

  10. He sees evil in, President Trump but not in the, “Demo/Commies And The Biden-Harris Administration?” He must be blind! Good Bye To Bad Rubbish!”

  11. Drain the swamp for the democrats and the republicans. It is about time. The truth on all these evil doers are being exposed. The best is yet to come and coming fast.

  12. Like many people he has been convinced by the mainstream media of facts and situations that have been created by misrepresentations and falsehoods.
    The repeated narrative of the mainstream Media is similar to the actions of the Nazi party prior to and during the second world war, this is not my opinion but a historical fact,
    The lack of historical educational facts has created a condition where many people today are unable to comprehend the past events, the media has utilized many of the brainwashing techniques of the past to make those who have not lived thru the past events to believe untruths and outright lies.
    We have suffered thru the period of Communism and a Berlin Wall with hundreds if not thousands of individuals being killed for attempting to reach for freedom from the oppression of the Communists regime.
    It amazes me how so many believe that making the same mistakes over and over again thinking there will be a different result!!! Not going to happen folks! Until you wake up and realize the truth you will suffer the consequences!

  13. It is because of such scum and hypocrites America is now in such a deplorable condition! These creatures are striving for power, and having received it, do nothing useful for the country! It’s good that this scum showed his real face and leaves the seat for a true patriot of the couintry!

  14. We might be a louder base but not a smaller one, Jimmy. I think you see the writing on the wall where Sarah Huckabee might replace your uncle.

  15. So be it. He is doing the right thing for the Republican party. Opening up the space for a Trump supporter candidate.

  16. The dems. organized the Jan. 06 attack. Quit blaming Trump. We Trump supporters are peaceful people and we don’t attack, burn down buildings and try to make OUR COUNTRY corrupt. Please do leave the party. We don’t want people who believes the left is better for America. They are the most corrupt people on this earth. Now you will be one too Hendren. Biden and the left are a clear and present danger to America and the American people.

  17. Another of the many Rhinos has left the Party because of Trump instead of the real truth, He can’t make his desires for power happen in the Republican Party because of much better competition. It’s all about power folks. That’s all.

  18. Another man-gina bites the dust. hang your gonads , and your backbone by the door on your way out . Now git ”snatch”

  19. Thanks. For showing us now your true colors now you & the other rhinos can join. withother Jack a#### you will not be missed.
    Dixie Mae.M

  20. Your kind is not needed. You want some bread to go with that wine⁉
    Posers, that is all you are. If you don’t act like a conservative, you ARE NOT❗So don’t lie to us that are. Good riddance❗🎯

  21. Very good reply. It is still President
    Trump to me. I didn’t vote for a
    traitor who does nothing but
    enrich and protect his family
    especially his traitor son.
    Just recently removed the
    Prosecutof investigating his son.

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