Arrest warrants issued for Texas House Dems who fled to avoid vote

In their efforts to exploit procedural rules by fleeing their state of representation, over 50 Texas state House lawmakers boarded private planes and flew to Washington D.C. in their effort to stall a vote on a controversial voting laws bill.

According to KTLA, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott threatened to have the Democratic state lawmakers arrested, and on Tuesday, he and state House Republicans made good on that promise after they formally issued arrest warrants for the fleeing Democrats. 

What’s going on?

Texas Democrats claim they all flew to the nation’s capital to rally their voters to support a federal voting rights legislative piece that would radically transform how elections take place across the country, with many claiming that, if passed, it would be a boon for Democratic candidates everywhere.

But the real reason why the Democrats left was to stall a vote in their own state, a vote that sets in motion a Republican-favored voting law, not unlike recent voting integrity laws passed in Georgia and other states, which sparked a backlash from Democrats, including from President Joe Biden.

By fleeing the state in droves, the Texas Democrats made it impossible for a required quorum, thus denying the Texas House from taking a vote on the proposed voting reform laws.

The Democrats who fled generated headlines after posting selfies across their social media accounts, jokingly referring to themselves as “fugitives.

According to the Texas Tribune, the large contingent of Texas House Democrats held a press conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday morning, in which they vowed to remain outside of their state for the duration of the special session at the Texas Capitol.

“They will be arrested”

Abbott threatened the Texas House Dems with arrest during an interview on Monday night with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, adding that they will be forced to return to the state legislature to carry on with business.

“Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business,” Abbott said.

Texas Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan made the arrest warrants official on Tuesday, saying “A sergeant-at-arms and any officers appointed by him are directed to send for all absentees whose attendance is not excused, for the purpose of securing and maintaining their attendance, by warrant of arrest if necessary.”

A vote to make the arrest warrants formal was passed shortly thereafter, in a 76-4 vote.

Only time will tell what happens to the state Democrats who fled to D.C., but state Republicans have zero intention of giving up on passing the bill, and are obviously ready to do whatever it takes to make sure it receives a fair vote.

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39 Responses

  1. Arrest all Democrats from Pedo Joe Biden, on down to the lowest Intern for Treason, Sedition, Coup against a sitting President, Election Fraud, and Election Interference… Begin the Nuremberg Trials then execute them for their crimes on Live T.V.

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  2. Obviously these idiots fleeing Texas is part of a ” Coordinated Democrat ” effort to suppress the overwhelming will of the voters in Texas so ” Voter Fraud ” can continue unabated everywhere. Having an inarticulate moron like Beijing Biden who is suffering from Alzheimer’s as a spokesperson is incredible as he is responsible for voting against school busing in the 70’s, Co – Sponsor of the 1994 Crime Bill incarcerating 10’s of thousands of people of color and gave the Eulogy for Senator Robert Byrd of West Virgina a KKK Grand Dragon. Moreover, he and his Democrat Cohorts in eight years with Obama did absolutely nothing for people of color. Quite pathetic !!!!!!

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  4. Every time the Dems don’t get their way they run away and hid like little kids. Grow up and do your job or resign so someone that cares about Texas can replace you. This has been done before and it didn’t work. Everyone of you should be voted out.

    1. According to the Texas Constitution, they are are in violation of not carrying out their duties as elected officials. By fleeing the state, they are incapable of executing their duties for their constituents.

  5. Put them in gitmo for 30 days and then replace them in the office they now hold. They are a menace to the real america.

    1. Amen, Greta! They are worse than a menace to America! They are total scum, and they deserve whatever Abbott does to them!

  6. Good for Abbott. It seems that some politicians will do anything to keep their job and their party, even if it goes against the will of the people.

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  8. AMEN get them all – that is what they deserve. Remember long ago the politicians in Wisconsin done the same/the democrats. They were even hiding in Chicago. Nothing but SCUM’

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  12. They had to run to mommy pelosi. All of them are not worthy to be in any office unless it’s an outhouse. Sorriest politicians that ever have need or ever will be are democrats.

    1. The HELL for that individual, that does not mean anything t the advancement of the Democracy of the United State, she is only there (2 late) to make her and her family RICH, with our Tax money, those who follow should not be allowed

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  14. The PARTY OF DESTRUCTION is at it again ! Do anything, legal or illegal to get your way because you will always get away with it. The country is so crooked now with your own goons in office, that you will not arrest , prosecute , or uphold any laws in any state anymore even if they burn down cities, murder people openly, or refuse to obey federal or state laws, the prosecutors /politicians / judges / even Democratic mayors and governors, will openly join the with the perpetrators to encourage their subversive and destructive actions, ie. Portland / Minneapolis/ Chicago / St. Louis /Washington DC., etc. They are hellbent on taking this country down !

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  16. Your article stated that the bill is a Republican-favored voting law and that is not correct. SB 1 does not favor any political party, race or any group of people. It is a common sense bill that, when voting, makes it Easier to Vote and Harder to Cheat. Voting hours have been added but ballot harvesting and drive-thru voting have been done away with. What most democrats are yelling about are that the voting practices that were ONLY enacted due to covid, and have now been taken out. Many of the things they are complaining about have been in the Texas voting code for MANY years, they are not new. Texas does not have rampant fraud, like AZ/Georgia/PA/and other states, but it has more than enough and needs to be stopped now.

  17. Suspend their pay until they return to work. If they don’t return within a certain amount of time, hold a vote and vote them out. They should pay for the flight out of their own pockets. They should also be fined and face the same punishments for flying without masks like the rest of us would be!

  18. perhaps a republican should run to upseat everyone of these parasites. I believe enough people would vote them out if a strong candidate ran against them.

  19. Now is the time to audit each demonrat NAACP that took off. See how many finished school. See who is legally in USA, and who is a DACA. Obummer wasnt American so him saying others could come in. He never made them legal. Soros is a mentally ill ignorant Hungarian. He sold out his own family and village dureing nazi regime. Hes a horrid pig like Killery and pelousey.

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