Republican congressman blasts AOC for accusing Ted Cruz of ‘attempted murder’: ‘Completely unacceptable’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made headlines last week after a heated Twitter exchange in which the progressive congresswoman accused Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of “trying to get [her] killed,” an apparent reference to a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol perpetrated by a mob of then-President Donald Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6.

Now, AOC has received a stunning rebuke from one of her colleagues in the House who says she must “apologize immediately” for her “regrettable statement.”

According to the Washington Examiner, U.S. Rep. Chip Roy defended his fellow Texas Republican in a demanding letter Thursday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“It has come to my attention that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a tweet a few hours ago in which she accused Senator Ted Cruz, in essence, of attempted murder,” Roy wrote. “If Representative Ocasio-Cortez does not apologize immediately, we will be forced to find alternative means to condemn this regrettable statement.”

“You can sit this one out”

According to the Examiner, Roy’s comments came after Ocasio-Cortez issued a fiery tweet slamming Cruz after the senator said he “fully agreed” with the congresswoman’s call for an investigation into brokerages like Robinhood who she said had blocked “retail investors from purchasing stock” in certain companies, including GameStop, amid claims of heightened market volatility.

According to Fox News, AOC fired back that while she’s “happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground,” Sen. Cruz “almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago.”

“So you can sit this one out,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “Happy to work [with] almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign,” she wrote to Cruz.

“Completely unacceptable behavior”

In response, Roy didn’t mince words. “As a member of this body who disagreed with ‘objections’ to the electors and who has expressed publicly my concerns about the events leading to January 6th, it is completely unacceptable behavior for a Member of Congress to make this kind of scurrilous charge against another member in the House or Senate for simply engaging in speech and debate regarding electors as they interpreted the Constitution,” he wrote in his Thursday letter to Pelosi.

Roy also called on Pelosi to demand that Ocasio-Cortez “immediately apologize and retract her comments.”

“It is my sincere hope that we all stop this heightened rhetoric and move forward to actually do the work the American people sent us here to do,” the congressman concluded Thursday.

If Democrats truly want to put forth a “message of unity” in the first weeks of Joe Biden’s administration, they might want to consider taking Roy’s words to heart.

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39 Responses

  1. I resent your blatent statement that President Trump orchestrated the break into the Capitol. It has been proven that the planning and carrying out of this was done by Antifa . I have seen the videos where men confessed that they were
    paid to do that. You have no proof otherwise so why do you so blatently make that accusation!!!

    1. The Democrats are so Jealous of President Trump Because they cannot buy this Man
      He don’t need anything they have and he
      Was the Best President we have had in many years If he runs again I hope to Vote for him
      Again! President Trump 2024!

    2. The ‘proof’ of that was posted on social media before this ‘rally’ even had a ‘date’ to happen!! They sent it out that they planned to ‘dress like Trump supporters’ and cause a riot! So, with that–were does MSM get even the ‘right’ to accuse ‘peaceful’ supporters with the mayhem it turned out to be? Then, they turn around and name rioting AntiFa members as ‘protestors’, even as they stand there burning down buildings and attacking officers of the law!! Now they expect us to just ‘roll over’ and ‘play nice’ with a ‘fraud’ that displaced our president?? Unity??? Just another ‘lie’!! By the way, AOC is just a little ‘drama queen’ looking for ‘press’!!

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  3. Not President Trump supporters. There were explosives planted the night before at Democratic and Republican sites. They show the guy. Still looking for him. Can also hear and see a BLM member saying he wants to kill President Trump and encouraging others to join him. Where is that coverage? Probably in Biden’s top locked desk drawer. People may have wore Trump attire to blend in. Shouldn’t we look and get facts? The riots over the summer were peaceful protests according to Harris and they should continue. So, why isn’t she held accountable based on fact? What corruption. Need a whole new staff. These people have destroyed law and order and must be on crack from the cartels.

  4. Piglosi should also apologize to the republicans in congress for saying” the enemy is within the house” in regards to congressmen wanting to be armed. I’m sure as many demonrats as republicans “ carry” for self protection.

  5. AOC is a worthless POS. I do hope that tragedy befalls her. She stands for nothing but hate and division. It’s woman like her that just wants me to take back my rib and take voting rights away from women. YUP, women are useful only when men get drunk.

    1. Oh Michael that’s a cruel way of saying IT! Pelosi deserves a take down but most women are pretty decent and although agonizing at times they have put in their time for justice. AOC and the rest of the fab 4 need to be taken OUT. OUT of town country and Congress that’s gor sure

      1. Thanks, Patrick. Sweeping statements like Michael’s are cruel and unfair. Called ‘judgements’, I believe. I’ve heard women say similar things concerning ‘men’! Equally ‘wrong’. Judgements against another person condemning them based on race or gender is ‘wrong’!! Just as ‘wrong’ as a government based on ‘race, religion or gender’!! What is wrong in supporting a ‘person’ based on their ‘character’, or ‘lack’ of such? Of course, if that were the case, our government would be a whole different structure–wouldn’t it?? Honesty, loyalty, patriotism, devotion to our nation and intelligence/knowledge of our laws and Constitution—Hmm, that would ‘wipe out’ most of them!!!

  6. AOC why don’t you resign. All you are is a loud mouth. You need to compromise. You can’t have it your way all the time. Yes, you owe Cruz an apology.

  7. The Dems say Trump unfit for office and just look at all the violent rhetoric from Pelosi, AOC, Maxine Watters, Chuckie, Warren and many more telling people to get in politicians face push back, force people out of restaurants etc. even Biden saying he would like to beat up the President. The FBi lets Madonna by saying she has thought sabout blowing up white house in speec BY white house and Kathy Griffin with bloody Trump head in her hand and okay with big tech to show over and over and news media people wishing Trump dead or family members and they are okay with antifa riots , burning and looting and THIS is what is running our country. What has our country become?

  8. Perhaps this BARMAID indulged too much in the product! Her win of her seat would be funny if not for the cruelty to her constituents!! But, then again, THEY ELECTED HER!! Don’t they have anyone sane to run for these positions, or at least capable?!?

  9. 31 year old CLUELESS BARTENDER – goes after one of the smartest well spoken astute men in the Senate!!! How ya enjoying all those jobs oh brilliant ONE u list for NY
    This chick just has to be in the LIMELIGHT & every time she is she appears more STUPID!!!


  11. i know how to shut mitt romney all the way up? This exactly what Trump should do to slam him shut. Trump should announce his 2024 and replace mike pence with RNC leader ronna mcdianel Mitt’s niece as vice president. and promise to not leave mike casted out of cabinet slot as state dept chair this would be a huge boast give mike pompaeo the slot of sec of defense and mike pence state dept and allow pence to become her vp in 2028. Perfect choice

  12. Our country would be so much better off if AOC, Pelosie, Barrack, Schumer, Soros, Waters, Biden, Omar, Hillary and Harris were all sent to China. See how they like Communism. Without them, America would be great again.

  13. OAC is an idiot who needs to go right along with Maxine…all they do is spew hatred and t hat is not what our country needs right now…. If the Dems want to unite and work together they should act like it.

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