‘They failed miserably’: Trump’s attorneys condemn House managers for doctoring evidence

The Senate impeachment trial drew to a close on Saturday as Democrats failed to get the necessary votes to convict former President Donald Trump.

Trump’s acquittal came in the wake of a spirited defense by his attorneys, including lawyer Bruce Castor, who pointed to how Democrats had failed to build a case against the president on a number of levels. 

“Well, they failed miserably on all sorts of grounds, not the least of which is the jurisdiction over somebody out of office,” Castor told Fox News in an interview following the vote on Saturday, according to the Washington Examiner.

“The Constitution is quite plain that once you’re out of office, that’s the only active remedy upon the bringing up of an impeachment article,” he added.

Doctored evidence?

Castor accused the Democratic House impeachment managers of serious misconduct, explaining that they “manufactured evidence and passed it off as true, but also selectively cut and re-cut the president’s statements such that they were out of context.”

As noted by PJ Media, House managers selectively edited clips from Trump’s Jan. 6 speech and interspersed them with footage of the rioting at the Capitol.

In an interview with CBSN, fellow lawyer Michael van der Veen explained other ways House managers blatantly doctored evidence.

“They switched the date of Twitter a year to try to connect it to this case,” he said, as Breitbart reported. “The other thing they did is they put a checkmark on something to make it look like it was a validated account when it wasn’t. And when they were caught, they didn’t say anything about it. They didn’t even try to come up with an excuse about it.”

Shoen bolsters defense

David Schoen, another defense attorney for Trump, also took shots at the House managers’ evidence during the trial.

“There is significant reason to doubt the evidence the House managers have put before us,” Schoen said during his defense.

“Let me say this clearly. We have reason to believe the House managers manipulated evidence and selectively edited footage,” he added.

Schoen explained that in a normal court of law, the House managers would face severe consequences for their actions. “If they did, and this were a court of law, they would face sanctions from the judge,” he said.

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34 Responses

        1. Hey dee, get with it or shut the H UP! You know he was the best for us and OUR country we have had in a long time! Sound like a rat!

        2. The real liar is in the whitehouse now…”I won’t ban fracking.” Then. Later “Young lady you can count on me I will ban fracking”.
          Schools will be open 100% in 100 days! Campaign speech. Recently: schools will be open BUT only in person 1 day a week. He got caught in lie, press secretary then released 80% of schools will be open in 100 days. Hiding lying biden
          MAGA 2 SWAMP 0

      1. Good for you I hope to say the same thing one day.
        I’m 50 and I’ve been watching Joe Biden (and all those other old stinking hippies) get in trouble lie and be nothing but a worthless pile of crap my whole life I can’t believe that he actually finally lied and cheated his way into the White House. Every election he’s ever “won” was by cheating like Jimmy Hoffa taught him in 72 with suitcases full of ballots.
        But i really can’t believe that they have Americans so blinded and stupid that they actually willingly vote for these people

    1. You should have been done with them LONG before this, where were you during all the demonrat rioting?, the lying, deceit come on man, repent.. it’s good for moral judgment

    2. AMEN……….We have been putting up with those DEMS/RINOS for too long…….Its time to get rid of the illegal aliens and those corrupt/evil DEMS/RINOS……..& liberals……..

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  2. Might help if these liberal liars actually had an actual crime instead of having to make one up. Note: 80 million liberals don’t require honesty while blameing all others for lying. These are a seriously malignant bunch who can’t win an honest election….so they steal it. Biden-Harris have no ligimate voice in American government or policies. We’re Patiently tolerating this malignant stink until justice prevails.

  3. It wasn’t a court of law, it was a farcical kangaroo court! The “ managers” should face charges of malfeasance at best, at worst they should be sued for lying! And Piglosi should be investigated for her part in all this.

  4. I do. not understand why these House Managers could not be held criminally responsible by federal marshals for doctored evidence purgery and any thing else these house mangers are guilty of wrong doing . Now Pelosi has constructed a commission to invetgate the riot of January 6th what a waists of taxpayer money where it could be better used to prosecute these house managers.

      1. She wanted to impeach G. Bush, but changed her mind…………Just like Hillary told lies to get Nixon impeached, but was fired from her lawyer’s job and charged with perjury, for all her lies…………..

  5. They live in an insulated echo chamber in which they convince each other that they are saving the universe for a global form of government so because they are morally superior, falsifying the truth isn’t lying —it is protecting the world for their ruling elites who must get rid of individual freedom and replace it with an elite, scientifically run government.
    We ruminate about their lies and corruption…they are doing what has to be done without a shred of guilt to save the world,

  6. It’s high time for charges to brought to the Democrats especially Pelosi and Schumer. Take away there immunity. They are criminals and start arresting and prosecute every single one of them. They are ruining America and the United states constitution and the Laws and especially God. God built America and we stand by God values for America.

  7. There should be a time limit on house and senate as there is on the president. At least, it would give citizens a deadline on when liars are no longer in office. This way, we put up with it for years as their power builds. We should not have been put through this impeachment sham of a trial as it was political from beginning to end. Our government needs to get over Trump and get down to business. We need to progress in the Covid situation; I have been weeks trying to get my vaccination (over 70 years and immuno compromised) and still none available. Get busy all of you politicians.

  8. Democommunists LIE, CHEAT , STEAL…Just like they did in the last election to shove a FRAUDULENTLY “elected” pair of communist Chinese “bought and sold” PUPPETS down the throats of the American people.
    Many wanted communists in charge..Now you got them ..”buyers remorse” will not be far behind, as the old FRAUD obama “fundamental Transformation” to a communist-controlled, third world, banana republic becomes the ‘norm”, and any “freedoms” you THOUGHT you had, will be disappearing (as well as your MONEY) that will be “distributed” to the illegal aliens dementia-Joe is allowing to flood across the border.

  9. Pelosi is the reason they didn’t call witnesses she didn’t want to be put under oath only to lie They had the chance to call witnesses and they didn’t They should be charged and put under oath Adam Schiff for sure Trump is not the guilty party the demoncrates are period

  10. Cheating and lying is all these people have done and not just since Trump was President either. It’s their way of life.

  11. Agreed, they are obsessed with going after Trump no matter what. He has done more to improve this country than any other and instead of helping, all they do is criticize. What have THEY done?, Nothing. Pelosi and AOC are the ringleaders with their Supreme hate of all things Trump. They have been busted every time with their lies and deceit. They should be removed and charged for TREASON AGAINST AMERICA. All they can do is dream up new ways to go after TRUMP. Get over it and do some good for a change.

  12. I do not understand why the Republicans in Congress are not investigating to find out who was behind the invasion of the Capitol. I have seen at least 3 videos of people confessing they were paid to do that. By whom? I am sure there is some Democrat behind it and that person or persons need to be exposed. I hope the police or somebody is working on this. I will never believe that President Trump had anything to do with it. I never believed I would see in America the things that have taken place in this election. Too many communists with too much money are calling the shots!!!

  13. I am waiting for the first demonRat to be convicted of a crime without due process & hearsay evidence. Source evidence being news articles, editorial opinions, anonymous authors and manufactured video. Guilty until proven innocent.

  14. You said it Jr. And I’m a registered Democrat, have been one my voting life.
    I thought if they had to count votes…I wanted them to see this Democrat voted for President Donald Trump and I know there are more like me. Another thing, they must think all Democrats are just stupid & nothing but sheep. We HATE LIARS❗️That’s the Democrat Party❗️

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