Update: Maricopa auditors say they found ‘missing’ election database

The auditors of the 2020 election in Maricopa County revealed that they found a database of evidence they previously said was missing at a meeting Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported.

The announcement came as Maricopa officials snubbed an invitation from Arizona Senate president Karen Fann to respond to accusations that they withheld or possibly deleted critical evidence.

Officials opposed audit

Maricopa has opposed the audit from the first, and Democrats nationwide have decried it as a partisan ploy to promote the so-called “big lie” that Joe Biden stole the election.

As the auditors continue to work under the scrutiny of a hostile national press, they didn’t do themselves any favors by walking back a bombshell claim about a missing database.

“So all of this, however, may be a moot point because subsequently, I’ve been able to recover all of those deleted files that I have access to that data,” said Ben Cotton, of CyFir, at Tuesday’s meeting.

The database issue was raised last week by Fann, who accused Maricopa officials of stonewalling and demanded access to virtual images of the county’s routers and passwords for its voting machines.

Maricopa has refused, pointing to the role played by CyberNinjas, a cybersecurity firm whose founder has echoed Donald Trump’s election grievances, to dismiss the audit as illegitimate and dangerous.

Maricopa calls on auditors to stop

Maricopa County mocked the auditors Monday as “in way over their heads” and called for them to immediately stop the audit, which they said is embarrassing Arizona.

“As County elected officials, we come from different political parties, but we stand united together to defend the Constitution and the Republic in our opposition to the Big Lie,” they said, adding the 2020 election “was free and fair and conducted by the Elections Department with integrity and honor.”

But Fann said they have no plans of stopping.

“Let’s get this thing done and get our questions answered and get it out to the public and let everybody know that our next election will be 100 percent safe and secure,” she said.

The audit of more than 2 million ballots is not expected to be finished until the end of June, after a brief pause at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

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10 Responses

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  5. all of them are cooks and a laugh about how they stole the election i know a few democrats who was part of it

  6. The maricopa county board members removed the database long enough and then put it back and then said it was the auditors all along that could not find it. If the election wasn’t stolen the the demorats have nothing to hide but since they are trying to stop the audit they must be hiding something.

  7. Why hasn’t the judge that issued the order to the election board not stepped in and hold them in contempt and obstruction of his court order?. These county people need to be arrested.

  8. Maybe the judge is just playing along with them. You know trying to make it look good. The judge may be crooked too.

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