Baier presses McConnell over Cheney’s ouster from House leadership: ‘Was that a good decision?’

As ordinary Americans faced a fear of inflation and fuel shortages, cable news networks remained largely focused on the congressional melodrama surrounding the GOP decision to oust anti-Trump U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her leadership position this week.

Even Fox News devoted significant attention to the vote, including in an interview during which anchor Bret Baier grilled Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the decision.

“A good decision”

Of course, McConnell is no Trump ally and signaled that he is prepared to turn the page on the Trump era within his party.

Nevertheless, Baier pressed him to reconcile his prior statements of support for Cheney with his party-line stance since her ouster.

According to Mediaite, Baier asked if McConnell thought it was “a good decision” to remove Cheney as GOP conference chair, to which the Senate leader declared that he was a “great admirer of hers” but would defer to House leadership on the matter and focus on addressing the “hard-left” agenda being pushed by the Biden administration.

The host then read from a recent Cheney statement claiming that Trump “risks inciting further violence” by maintaining that he was robbed of a victory in November’s election.

“Is there anything that she said that you disagree with there?” Baier asked.

“Try one more time”

McConnell apparently grew frustrated, asserting: “I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, I’m focusing on dealing with the conditions we find ourselves in now.”

Cheney’s ouster was expected after she alienated other GOP leaders including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and her conservative base, with many in her party determining that her anti-Trump rhetoric had become a distraction ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

McConnell continued defending his position as Baier asked him if the party can “move on…without dealing with the former president and what he puts out day to day about the election.”

The back-and-forth conversation spanned roughly three minutes until the host said he would “try one more time” to elicit a direct response.

“You are saying the focus is not on the past, but you are using the former president’s name, and Republicans are, to raise money for 2022,” Baier said, prompting his guest to declare that he is “in the Senate business,” not the “money-raising business.”

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14 Responses

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  1. brett bair martha and wallace are anti trump people all 3 ratings are way down go look the 5 700pm tucker hannity ingram guttfield all beat those 3 in ratings brett thought by having chenny on hed blast republicans trump but she started on fox. so brett had to go a different way. ya know fox recouped some viewers that left but still way down where they were and ones who started on election night bret martha wallace period

    1. Add Sandra Smith to that list. She, too, is anti-Trump. Remember her little smirky, snarly remark: “Trace, trace, hasn’t that state been called!!! She, too, was in on the rigged election issue!!!

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  3. The Election stole a Trump Victory, by the cheating RATS.
    Trump is my President, no matter what the fake vote count says
    The RATS are destroying the American I grew up in
    WE the People need to reverse the Left agenda and if that means a Civil War, WE will destroy them

    A member of ‘Oath Keepers’, I swore an Oath to the US Constitution, not to amy person or party
    A member of the’ ‘Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers’

  4. Brett is looking more like Chris Wallace. I only watch him on rare occasions. If he continues on his current path he’ll be working for CNN or one of the other Commie networks.

  5. I quit watching Brett, Martha the night they called AZ after only a few minutes of the polls closing. As for Wallace, it was bye, bye a long time ago. Can’t, won’t watch the Five anymore, Juan is so far left he’s about to fall over the edge of the earth. Only watch, Tucker, Hannity & Laura. By the way, 95% of my neighbors feel the same as I do!

    You people in management at Fox have done it to your selves hiring and keeping these commies!!!!

  6. I love to watch “The Five”. I just love the way Waters, Gutfeld, Pavelich, eat up Juan’s lunch. Williams is just a dumb idiot. I don’t know why he isn’t at CNN or MSNBC. He would fit in with the rest of the dumb ignorants at those stations.
    After “The Five”, Baer comes on and i get up off the couch and go do something constructive. He is just plain stupid.

  7. This stay at home is takeing our people the wrong way,we were built on serveing our country in anywhay possible and this has to stop the Democrats have to be defeated, their pollicy is destroying our way of life. Now we are experenceing fuel,lumber,services, interest rate up inflation on the rise, do i have to bring up more?

  8. Why doesn’t McConnell answer the question about Cheney. She is not republican, she said she votes her mind, excuse me she got voted in to vote what the voters who put her there want, not what she thinks unless it agrees with the voters. All McConnell had to say was she was too willing to work with the democrats against us. I think Baier showed us McConnell even though pretending he was pro Trump because Trump is pro republican that he is not a Trump person. He couldn’t say the House republicans were right. That’s all instead he has to do Senate business. Well get off TV then and go do Senate business. I’m glad Baer kept after McConnell because now we know we need to watch McConnell, who needs to forget his democrat friends and hang around republicans.

  9. Censored again, this time for praising Trump. He is the leader of the Republican Party, with no rivals at all. Cheney has proved herself a snake, and deserves to be shunned by the Right. The Republicans would be crazy to take her back in the Party, she’s provided her anti-Trump bona fides, and they’re real. It’s open and shut.

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