Baltimore prosecutor seeks FCC probe into Fox News affiliate

A leading Republican on the Federal Communications Commission is calling out Democrats for a “chilling” new demand.

According to reports, a progressive prosecutor in Baltimore, Maryland, is asking the commission to probe a local Fox News Channel affiliate.

“Chilling and direct attack”

Marilyn Mosby’s effort is focused on WBFF, which she said is engaging in “racist” and “extremely dangerous” news coverage of her as the station continues its reporting on a federal corruption probe into her office. She is also calling for an FCC investigation into the “white supremacist” rhetoric she accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of using in his on-air commentary.

The FCC’s top Republican, Brendan Carr, called on the panel to deny Mosby’s request “with prejudice,” calling it a “chilling and direct attack on free speech and journalistic freedom.”

Noting the prosecutor’s issues with the “frequency” and “tone” of the network’s critical stories about her, which she described as a violation of FCC rules, Carr explained that WBFF has received awards for its reports — including those focused on Mosby.

For her part, Mosby expressed her outrage in the form of a letter accusing the network of an “intentional crusade,” citing as supposed evidence a number of articles casting her in an unfavorable light.

She further pointed to Carlson in an attempt to prove that Fox News gives a platform to “white supremacy” and complaining that the network has not given in to demands that he be fired.

“Surge in efforts by Democrats”

“Currently, the Fox national news network airs a nightly show with Tucker Carlson, despite recent calls by civil rights groups to terminate his employment because of Carlson’s frequent endorsements of white supremacy views,” she argued.

Carr responded by calling Mosby’s demand for an investigation the latest of a “surge in efforts by Democrat officials to pressure the FCC and its regulated entities into censoring news coverage and political speech that Democrats don’t like.”

Of course, Fox News has long been in the crosshairs of progressive activists with calls for an FCC probe into the channel growing louder in recent months. Nevertheless, Carlson has survived numerous attempts to shut down his top-rated weeknight program.

The affiliate station has defended itself and Carr was joined by other individuals and groups in denouncing Mosby’s demand.

In a statement on the matter, Radio Television Digital News Association Executive Director Dan Shelley asserted that news networks “have a constitutionally guaranteed obligation to serve their communities,” insisting that the handful of stories included in the complaint “reveal that Ms. Mosby either declined the station’s offers to comment in its news stories or did include comments sought by the station in response to its inquiries.”

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9 Responses

  1. They already threw their future away. They will NEVER be trusted again. Shortly it will be 1950 again and it will take 70 years to reverse it.

  2. Methinks the lady protests too much. She should sweep around her own back door first, clean up her own scandals before she throws shade at others such as Tucker Carlson and FOX news.

    1. Absolutely. She just can’t stand it that we like REAL, HONEST news. Leave Fox alone. They are doing just fine.

      1. She can go jump in a lake, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on, more of us are greater than her. If you don’t like it find another channel. You can’t make demands like you are a queen, there are more of us than you.

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  4. DEMONRATS are continuously harping on those who threaten to expose them !!!! Just like they are doing with anyone looking into the 2020 election !!!!!!!
    That just means one thing, it PROVES that they have something to hide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We all know it, and that’s why they are SCARED, because if left alone it will be PROVEN !!!!!!

  5. I think the real reason the Liberals don’t like Tucker Carlson is because of his delivery. His face is young and innocent. His voice sounds reasonable, trustworthy, and sounds like someone we’d choose as a friend. Please compare to some of their “news” folks…Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, and Jim Acosta all come to mind. Used car salesmen, ALL. I would buy a car from Tucker.

  6. It is high time to stop the demoncrats in their take over of OUR AMERICA!
    Biden is a very real danger to our security as a nation and needs to be removed!!!!
    In my lifetime, I have never seen anything like the outright dishonesty of Biden. He NEEDS to be IMPECHED!!! Stand up fellow americans or our country will be GONE!!!

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