Source: Barr threatened to resign after Trump proposed replacing FBI Director Wray

Former President Donald Trump and former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr appeared to enjoy a good relationship, but new revelations suggest things were more tenuous behind the scenes.

According to a Business Insider report, an anonymous source alleged that Barr threatened to resign at one point in his service under Trump.

Source says Barr confronted Trump

The ultimatum he is said to have issued came when Trump was considering whether or not to replace FBI Director Christopher Wray.

As the unnamed insider said, Barr learned of the president’s intentions when he was summoned to the White House to meet with former FBI official Bill Evanina.

Reports indicate that Evanina had served in a central counterintelligence role during his stint in the bureau during the Trump administration.

For his part, Barr is said to have reacted negatively upon learning that Evanina was being considered to replace Wray and sources say he abruptly left the room.

Wray, who continues to serve as FBI director under President Joe Biden, was apparently spared an early exit from the bureau in part because of the then-attorney general’s firm stance.

“Not bringing it forward affected the election as well”

Of course, Barr’s perceived support of Wray is unlikely to win him much support from Trump loyalists, especially as the FBI director is spending some of his time investigating allies of the former president.

It would not be the first time Trump supporters have turned against Barr, however. In December, reports revealed that he hid two investigations involving Hunter Biden from the public during his term as attorney general.

Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley argued at the time that the decision to keep that information private denied voters an opportunity to make an informed choice.

“Covering this whole thing up and not allowing the American people to know it and to try and pretend as though the reason this doesn’t come forward is because it would affect the election — not bringing it forward affected the election as well,” he said.

One Media Research Center survey found that roughly 1 in 6 Biden voters would have reconsidered their choice if they had been aware of the allegations surrounding him and his son.

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20 Responses

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      1. This has A Lot to do with what is going to be revealed,The Swamp! Soon Americans and people around the world will be shocked to see how Deep the Swamp is,Many will be in Military Tribunals, hundreds have been arrested for child trafficking, red the ExOrder Trump signed in 2018 on the crime of election interference by Americans and Foreign countries. It’s all going to Blow Wide Open. God has said so.

    1. You people that keep posting this stuff about working from home is stupid, we aren’t interested in this, QUIT IT.

    1. I agree. I find it amusing that so many unnamed sources, anonymous sources, people who know these things and will only talk under promise of anonymity, come out and talk BS.

    2. Barr did nothing but get a trip to Europe on the Tax payers dime probably had a couple of good expensive dinners and as for Durham both seem to have been nothing burgers and scammed Trump. The Nation hung breathless on every little did bit Barr would squeak out but ended up Nothing. “OR,” the democraps paid more for them to shut up look stupid and then dropped out of sight.
      “OR,” is Durahm still wandering around looking for the HOLY GRAIL????.

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  3. AG Barr was supposedly a fair and honorable man instead he turned out to be just another Deep State traitor. How can anyone ever trust any man or woman that has spent their entire life on the taxpayers Payroll. Maybe it’s time for term limits on all government employee.

  4. Get used to it. “swamp creatures” stick together. In my opinion NO ONE in ANY of the the “alphabet agencies” can be trusted by the American people. They are ALL part of the CORRUPT “cabal” that are turning this country into a communist-controlled, third-world banana republic CESSPOOL, and are looking to convert all the citizens of this constitutional republic into controlled communist “subjects” that then they will then be free to SPY ON, use, abuse, TAX to death, or if they so choose, “round up” and send whomever they wish to a fema “reeducation camp” to be “reprogrammed” or “ELIMINATED”, if you refuse to kowtow to the communist agenda. DOUBTS? Type fema camps and guillotines into your search engine if you doubt what I am saying. THEN, prepare yourselves for a unpleasant “surprise”

  5. The fact is Wray should have been replaced and if Barr left it was of no consequence he did nothing significant. Biden’s man Garland is a chemical waste also and really should not have been confirmed and needs to be FIRED, he stinks.

  6. Wray is a weasel and can not and should not be trusted by the America people.
    You can see that by how many crooked and dirty agents he has fired. There are many that should have been.

  7. Barr I’m sure was a great disappointment to not only President Trump but to the American people. He was the fox in the chicken coup!

  8. Disgusting. Men of integrity aka the DEEP STATE. Barr, Wray, Durham, all of you os called great men of America. GIVE ME A BREAK. You may have hated Trump but you also owed it to the American people. We believed in you Mr. Bill Barr and you gave up America to the evil left. Gee, aren’t you great. NOT

  9. This is old, outdated news. barr was exposed as a deep state swamp creature about the time he made a half hearted attempt to investigate election fraud, which he said didn’t happen in enough cases to seriously affect the outcome of an election. He is nothing more than a swamp rat.

  10. William Barr was (and is) a Bush/Cheney Republican, a swamp dweller. Apparently a good choice for AG, he was no better than Sessions. Trump’s attempt to right the US ship of state may have been too big a job for any person.

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