Barron Trump and Martin Shkreli reportedly teamed up top create Trump-branded cryptocurrency

 June 21, 2024

Barron Trump has reportedly teamed up with Martin Shkreli to create a Trump-branded cryptocurrency that has been exploding in value.

Shkreli, who was convicted of securities fraud in 2017 after he hiked the price of a life-saving drug, has been a controversial figure for years. But now he seems to be involved with the youngest son of former President Donald Trump.

The new cryptocurrency, which was branded the DJT TrumpCoin, went stratospheric with a 385% rise within 24 hours on Tuesday, and amassing a trading volume of $363 million.

During a live stream, Shkreli stated, "About three months ago I started working with two other guys, one of whom was a Trump family member to create Trump Coin. I was surprised. It was the president’s son, [which] seems like a good idea. He [Barron] wants to make money."

Barron Trump just recently graduated high school and is preparing for college but appears to be working on his own personal ventures in his free time.

Wading Into Cryptocurrency

Where Donald Trump's fortune was made in the real estate industry, it seems Barron Trump sees the cryptocurrency market as his key to following in his father's footsteps and amassing a fortune.

The coin was originally registered on the Solana blockchain platform on Monday as confirmed by Fox Business.

But it wasn't until Barron Trump's involvement was revealed that the coin took off amassing millions in trade volume.

Oddly enough, despite Shkreli claiming that he made the coin with Barron Trump, there has yet to be any confirmation from the Trump camp.

Barron Trump keeps a low public profile and rarely even makes appearances let alone makes public statements. As for Donald Trump, there has been no comment or confirmation from him of being aware of the collaboration.

TrumpCoin uses the same DJT ticker that Trump's Truth Social trades under so this further prompted speculation that this coin was made in collaboration with the Trump camp. But for now, we only have Shkreli's comments to go off of.

Barron Trump's Future Plans

Barron Trump has been purposely kept out of the public eye by his mother, Melania Trump, especially as he was getting through high school.

Now that he has graduated, he is going to college and will likely continue to keep his head down and out of the 2024 presidential campaign. The left's treatment of the Trump family has been unspeakably nasty and they are just waiting for any reason to launch vile attacks on Barron Trump.

So it is possible that the Trump family may never formally acknowledge Barron Trump's alleged collaboration with Shkreli but it remains to be seen what effect that will have on TrumpCoin.

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