Joy Behar says Democrats should ‘ignore’ Cuomo sexual harassment claims

When thousands of New Yorkers died in nursing homes, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo responded by covering up his role in the tragedy. As the governor suffers a precipitous fall from grace, one liberal TV host is advising he take the same approach with a burgeoning sex scandal.

With the embattled governor facing calls to resign, The View’s Joy Behar said that Democrats should simply “ignore everything” until the scandal fades, Fox News reported.

Cuomo was already plagued by growing scrutiny of his efforts to hide nursing home deaths when three women accused him of sexual harassment recently.

“Republican playbook” ignores harassment

Behar had a cynical response to his woes, however, saying a see-no-evil approach to sexual harassment is part of the “Republican playbook” that Democrats should not hesitate to adopt.

“The Republican playbook is, let’s hope that this goes away, and let’s not really go into it,” Behar said, referring to sexual assault claims against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“We should use the Republican playbook because the Democrats do the opposite. A case in point, [with] Al Franken, Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand [said] off with his head immediately, you know, he needs to resign, and a lot of Democrats got behind it,” she continued.

Behar’s response is not terribly surprising. Back in September, she defended Cuomo against criticism of his nursing home scandal from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Cuomo refuses to resign

While the scandal was well-known for months, it was mostly criticized by conservatives and did not begin receiving serious media attention until recently.

The media is suddenly acting stunned by Cuomo’s turn of fortunes, after making him out to be a superhero in glowing press coverage of his COVID response that saw him receive an Emmy for his “leadership” and fawning adulation from self-described “Cuomosexuals.”

Behar’s co-host, Ana Navarro, was just one media airhead who gushed over Cuomo’s “life wisdom” at daily press briefings that received rapturous praise from mainstream media mouth-breathers.

Cuomo has never taken responsibility for the nursing home deaths, and he refused to resign Wednesday while apologizing for his “embarrassing” behavior with women, Fox News reported.

“I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,” Cuomo said.

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25 Responses

  1. What a sad, wicked woman she is. She never fails to spread her hate for any and all things Republican. I feel so sorry for her. When her name is called on high, it won’t be pretty.

    1. Joy Behar is a total idiot and Hypocrite! She is a perfect example of all of the Hollywood Elites, who are nothing more than leaches on society. They haven’t got a concept of what the average man and woman goes through in life’s struggle! They do not know the difference between communism and Capitalism! Almost everyone in Hollywood are nothing more than Communist! In my personal opinion, they are FUBAR’s.

    2. Behar should stop by my Uncle Vito’s Italian Butcher Shop
      in Astoria, New York!!
      On Thursday it’s two for one!
      Get a pound of brains! It might help you!
      Your brain is SMOKED by Whoop’s daily Gas attacks!!!


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    1. I don’t know anyone who watches this show. I tried years ago, they talk over each other. A bunch of yentas

  3. She must be a friend of nancy’s, as long as it’s a Dem, they could kill someone ,it would be hidden. That is how Joy feels, so does nancy. They are both evil.

  4. Joy Behar, for all we know, Joy Behar, herself may have been (or may be) one of “his victims”?? (or maybe there are other skeletons in her closet, where, she too, may be guilty of similar “crimes”) so she can’t say anything bad about Cuomo because she would also be speaking against herself too. Maybe, just maybe, she, too is hiding something???

  5. No surprise there! Behar is a total curmudgeon! She “ thinks” she is relevant, but none on the view are very bright, just bit chy old women!

  6. Good plan there Behar. I have decided to ignore all you smart mouthed, think you are better than us common folks. Just remember, after you special people get through destroying this country, you will be the first to cleaned cause you have raped and pillaged so you got the finer things. Karma! Payback is owed.

  7. Let’s just rid the world and airwaves of the vermin that she is and stand her up in front of a firing squad. I’m sure there will be plenty of volunteers to participate!

  8. Well Joy something you should learn is NO ONE KNOWS HOW DUMB YOU ARE UNTIL YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TELL THEM.

  9. Posters, don’t be too hard on Joy, how would you feel being born with a one-digit-IQ, evolving into a fat-smelly-ugly-left-wing-slug, being denied by your own family, having no friends, being constantly laughed at, ridiculed, spat upon, while going through life thinking that you are relevant…poor Joy!

  10. This mean stupid evil person never seems to amaze me, she has no talent just a mean big mouth that keeps poring out vile comments about things she knows nothing about. If it was her daughter or sister, etc. would she want this all ignored till it goes away or would she want justice for these crimes against her loved ones. Cuomo is a mean little man who thinks every woman just thinks he is great & he can say or do anything he wants & women will be glad to put up with it. Plus the fact he killed thousands in nursing home scandal & tried to cover it up & blaming everyone else for HIS crime & she says to ignore it!!??!! I never watch this show not with all the negativity, hate & lies that come out of their mouths. This is one show that needs to be taken off the air!!

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