Biden accused by GOP of wanting more aid for Ukraine to benefit Dems ahead of midterms

Republicans are skeptical of President Joe Biden’s attempt to get close to $12 billion more in aid allocated to Ukraine ahead of the midterm elections, fearing that his ambitions are purely political ones aimed at benefitting his party in the elections.

“This newest call from President Biden is simply a superficial midterm election gimmick that will only damage our country in both the short and long term,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) said about the proposed bill.

Biden has requested that the aid be passed by September 30, the same date set for passage of a larger spending bill to fund ongoing budget items.

A separate request for $2 billion to address the impact of the Russian war against Ukraine on U.S. gas and oil supplies is also on the table.

Suspicious timing

Republicans point out that the timing of the requests seems suspicious, given Biden’s recent speech about how evil MAGA Republicans are and the raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence.

“In the last five weeks, the federal government raided the former president’s home … [forgave] student loans at the same time the president is out speaking about half the country being ‘semi-fascists,'” House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry (R-PA) said. “The timing seems very political, the issues [around this aid bill] seem very political.”

The thinking among Republicans is that Biden knows many on the right will vote against the bill because it doesn’t have any safeguards or accountability to make sure the money is spent properly and not diverted to other lefty priorities.

Then Biden and Democrats can claim that Republicans are in league with Russia or some such blather. On a few ignorant independents, this kind of tactic might work.

Will it be enough to dampen Republicans’ hopes for the midterms? There’s no way to know.

“Sleazy tactics”

Despite $40 billion already allocated to Ukraine in May, the war is still going on with no signs of stopping.

The media isn’t covering it in much detail anymore, just pulling it out when Biden wants another aid package.

It really is shameless, the extent to which Biden will use people’s suffering to benefit himself politically, but let’s hope independents can see his sleazy tactics for what they really are before another $12 billion goes into the toilet.