Biden accused of ‘bribery’ following student loan debt cancellation

Bernard Goldberg recently wrote an opinion piece for The Hill in which he likened President Joe Biden’s recent cancellation of student loan debt to bribery. 

The piece is called “Bribing some voters by forgiving student loans may backfire on Biden.” 


This past week, the Biden administration announced its decision to cancel $5.8 billion in federal student loan debt – the largest student loan debt cancellation in the Department of Education’s history.  The cancellation was specifically for about 560,000 student borrowers who attended Corinthian Colleges.

The Biden administration’s decision comes as President Biden has been pressured, particularly by the far-left, to cancel up to $50,000 per borrower in federal student loan debt through executive action. Biden has previously suggested that he would be willing to cancel around $10,000 per borrower.

Biden, though, has been holding off on making a decision here because of the economic crisis that Americans are currently facing. Biden has been getting hammered in the polls mainly on this issue.

It’s fairly obvious that the $5.8 billion cancellation, at least in part, was designed to test the waters.


Goldberg begins his article by essentially calling Biden’s decision to cancel the $5.8 billion in student loans “bribery.”

Goldberg writes:

It’s funny how politics works in this country. I mean, if a voter bribes a politician, the guy passing money under the table to get special treatment from the pol could wind up in prison for a long time. But if a politician makes a deal, not with one voter but with millions of them, by offering goodies in exchange for their votes, it’s not called “bribery” and it’s not even a crime. It’s called “politics as usual.”

Leaving this point to the side, though, Goldberg goes on to argue that Biden’s plan, here, might not work.

“Good luck”

Goldberg, in the piece, puts forth various reasons why Biden’s plan might not work out.

But, as Goldberg points out, the key question will be whether Biden’s plan will “win support among college-educated swing voters who live in the suburbs and . . .  also win over younger voters, whose support for Biden has pretty much collapsed?”

The answer remains to be seen. But, Goldberg is skeptical. He concludes: “Good luck in November, Mr. President. You and your party are going to need it.”

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