Biden addresses winter storm catastrophe, begins planning trip to Texas

Days after declaring a state of emergency amid massive winter storms throughout the State of Texas, President Joe Biden appears set to actually visit the scene.

According to recent reports, Biden is planning to make one of his first official trips as commander in chief to survey the result of weather that has ravaged much of the Lone Star State over the past week.

“To supplement state and local response efforts”

The storms have caused life-threatening problems in a state ill-equipped to handle exceptionally cold snaps.

Dozens of people have already died in the state as a result of exposure to the elements, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other weather-related issues.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott expressed gratitude for Biden’s emergency declaration, which authorized “federal assistance to supplement state and local response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from a severe winter storm beginning on February 11, and continuing.”

In subsequent days, however, Biden has been largely silent on the situation aside from a few tweets on Thursday.

“Tonight, I called Governor Greg Abbott to discuss the ongoing situation in Texas and identify ways we can support the state’s recovery from this storm,” he wrote in one post. “I made clear to the Governor that I’ll work relentlessly to get his state what they need.”

“Ready to fulfill additional requests”

He went on to assert that he and first lady Jill Biden “are keeping Texas, Oklahoma, and other impacted states” in their prayers, adding that his administration has “declared states of emergency, authorized FEMA to provide generators and supplies,” and remains “ready to fulfill additional requests.”

On Friday, he said he would like to schedule a trip to Texas at some point in the following week, but only if doing so would not create “a burden” for those living in the area and addressing the state’s current needs.

In a move later the same day, Biden approved a major emergency declaration for 77 Texas counties — a far cry from Abbott’s request to label all the state’s 254 counties as such.

Nevertheless, the governor said Biden’s move represented “an important first step” in securing the federal assistance necessary to address the issues his state faces.

“Texas will continue to work with our federal partners to ensure all eligible Texans have access to the relief they need,” Abbott said. “The funds provided under the Major Disaster Declaration may provide crucial assistance to Texans as they begin to repair their homes and address property damage.”

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46 Responses

  1. Texans do not need or want Biden to visit us. Don’t waste money on the trip that is strictly dog and pony – not even sure what the point is in him coming anyway.

    1. Who needs him anyplace? Just another photo shop for the msm libs. When our real president went he was lambasted such hypocrites are they all and it’s sickening. That old demented man should stay in the basement with heels up.

  2. I wonder if Biden will get blasted for visiting the Disaster Areas like Trump did when he visited areas declared…. Inquiring minds want to know….

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  4. You know Biden won’t get blasted by anything. The News Media is totally giving Biden soft ball questions. They are not to be trusted anymore.

    1. They have to give him soft ball questions or the true Biden will be on full display. I would love to see him get questions like Trump did and fall completely apart in front of everyone. His incapacity needs to be put on full display for people to see the truth.

  5. It is not Joe’s fault. Nobody prepared a statement for for Joe’s teleprompter. You can hardly expect Joe to know what is happening in America.

  6. A dog and pony show. I’m sure his handlers will keep a close leash
    on this illegitimate dope. Maybe he can give tbe Texans some encouraging words on the FLOOD of immigrants that he is sending into their state.The slime will be kind to him for sure.

  7. Biden will send help for 77 counties out of 254 counties in Texas, but he’s sending thousands of million dollars to other countries, and…….
    That’s not his money but the American people money

    1. Welcome to the new American that bidenson and his son has created with the help of the Chinese,he’s wasting all that money to keep national guard in dc that could go to Texas to help real Americans

  8. That fake clown Biden and his damn green weenies are most of the cause of the disaster in Texas! Their stupid commie policy’s will ruin the country! It has already gotten Texas for the start. They are disgusting bunch of clowns. Biden started the domino effect on day one when he ruined the gas and oil industries and gave all the power back to the Middle East Goons!!!!!!!

  9. Maybe Sleepy Joe will get outdoors onto some ice and slip and fall and break his neck !! He ought to wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads just in case.
    Also, be sure his wife goes along to hold his hand and remind him where he is and why he came there !!

  10. Biden is not a President he is just a wooden peg filling a hole in the W.H. and we sure dont need a wooden peg Texas!!!!!

  11. Go back and play your pac man game and take another snow day off you worthless piece of trash. President of illegal immigrants not for the citizens of the United States.

  12. Joe Biden, stay in your basement and send the real President, Trump, to Texas. You’re not welcomed here…what an insult. Opening up our borders to illegals, getting rid of our gas, oil, destroying jobs, trying to take away our guns and bibles. Don’t expect the “RED” carpet to be rolled out for you. Maybe George Soros and friends can hire and bus in some of their people for you. Texas women aren’t fond of hair sniffers.

  13. Don’t worry, Joe will get lost before he gets there. Biden and Harris should have been in Texas on day one. But the democrats don’t care about anyone but themselves. Swamp rats!!!!

  14. If I was Governor I would tell that Clown that is a pretend President where he could stick his help. Texans do not want or need you. You and your communist people in DC with the green new deal and renewable energy are part of the problem that Texas is having now. Wind Turbines Froze, when there is no sun the solar does not work. This weather in spite of how bad it was is probably a God Send. Now we know renewable energy does not work. Creepy Joe needs to stay in DC behind that great wall that Pelosi and all her cronies have built and used our Tax paying dollars for it. I could go on about Keystone Pipeline and stopping of the wall and letting illegal aliens in and not testing them and letting them come in bringing all their germs and making Americans stay locked down. Only a moron would do what Joe has done in just a month in office. Good for you Phony Joe

  15. Ask him when he gets to Texas is this Impeachable?
    Question Senator Schumer Mocks Texas Amid Winter Storm Outages and President or not can criminal charges be filed against Joe Biden for being the cause of any illegal entry or American deaths from our border either directly or indirectly, since Biden’s AG Pick Just Refused To say whether Illegal Border Crossings Are A Crime and yet people are being allow in without proper medical releases or exams?

  16. Texas. I think you are safe. He will probably end up in Missouri he is so stupid an senile. If Jill doesn’t go he definitely will be in Missouri She will be out there handing out cookies

  17. A day late and a dollar short Joe. When are the American people going to see our illegal president show up for us. We haven’t seen him from way before the elections. What is he (or I should say his protectors) afraid of. They won’t let him out of the basement unless he has a nanny with him. The whole world is laughing at us and him. Disgraceful. Give him another three months and the American people will be begging Donald Trump to come back and save our country.,

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