Biden admin admits tax hikes will hit individuals earning less than $400K

In the nearly two months since he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden has faced criticism for failing to honor campaign promises on various issues, including his decision to reopen child migrant detention facilities and a push for $1,400 stimulus checks instead of $2,000 payouts amid COVID-19.

Most recently, the president is coming under fire for an apparent violation of his vow not to increase taxes on Americans earning less than $400,000 per year.

As the New York Post reported, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Wednesday that this is not actually the case under Biden’s current plan.

“One single penny”

As a candidate, Biden promised time and again that his administration would not raise taxes on the middle class.

“If you make less than $400,000, you won’t see one single penny in additional federal tax,” the president reiterated earlier this month with regard to his upcoming tax plan, according to the New York Post.

As it turns out, however, there is a big caveat that Psaki acknowledged during a recent press conference. The $400,000 threshold applies to families — not individuals.

Of course, a decreasing number of households subsist on one income anymore, which means that couples earning $200,000 each are liable to be on the receiving end of a significant tax hike. In fact, analysis shows that the expected rate increase is set to be the first major federal hike in roughly three decades.

“Democratic pipe dreams”

Some critics in the media have argued that there might be some poetic justice to the situation if progressive corporations pitched in to help fund Biden’s agenda, but it appears that will not be the case.

As columnist Kipp Jones wrote: “Corporate America helped promote the country’s neo-Marxist, race-obsessed ‘equality’ revolution/movement all of last year and throughout this year. Why not let them all fund Democratic pipe dreams for a while?”

Instead, Biden, who has long portrayed himself as a friend to the middle-class union worker, appears poised to come after regular people who have managed to earn a decent living.

Even his critics might credit him for his creative use of words, though. For example, when migrants are being dropped off in U.S. cities in the dead of night, he refers to it as a “challenge” but not a “crisis.”

For those trying to parse the president’s words for their true meaning, however, there is likely one prevailing question: Which promise will Biden break next?

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41 Responses


    2. Someone needs to tell him this is stupid he needs to tax the rich people, the poor have hell feeding, clothing, school, trying to raise their family.

  1. Hey tax payers if you couldn’t figure this out then you are very stupid. The ole saying sh++ flows down hill.

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  3. Thus is elder abuse. Biden belongs in a home for the aged, not a president of a major country like the USA is.

      1. Maybe maybe not. Corruption charges should be forthcoming for Harris, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, and the squad.

  4. You know, there should be a law demanding that whoever is elected President or any other public office, be required to keep their election promises. Not like this Ahold that has done nothing he promised. Totally disreguarding his promises during his campain. He is an outright liar. He should be impeached and all the Democrats that are trying to go against our Constitution. They are traitors to their cause.

  5. yeah u dems voted him in now ur going to see the light. wait till u get ur tax bill. ull be crying to deaf ears. trouble is its gonna hurt us all because of ur stupid mistakes

    1. He was voted in by fraud votes. Not that many legal votes by the dem sheep would of gotten him elected.
      Everyone should wonder what the deep state has on the SCOTUS.

  6. They are part of the problem and in a short time all we will see from the “Liberal” media is what they are told the say or print or else!


  7. This country belongs to it’s citizens, not to a political party! Where do they get off violating our, immigration laws, our civil rights, spending citizen’s tax dollars, using our, schools, violating our property rights and endangering our population by letting, criminals and people who have the possibility of infecting our American citizens with the Corona Virus and have not been tested or vaccinated against it, into OUR COUNTRY! Just because Biden and the Demo/Commies stole the, Presidential and Senatorial elections in Georgia, that doesn’t mean they can, do as they like to ruin OUR COUNTRY! They must be stopped before it’s too late! We must act now, just look how far they’ve gone already! We must stand up against them now!

    1. I agree with you, but how do we do it? I bet a lot of Biden voters regret who they voted for now.

  8. Someone takes a lot of my comments off and then blocks my vote for 45. Thats ok who ever you are I print everything then send it to Judicial WTch so they can be in your face for censorship which is against Constitutional law stupids.

  9. 400 Bad Request

    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    nginx/1.17.8………..Print send to Judicial Watch

  10. Dems are going to keep up the Garbage until the people have had enough of their corrupt trash. Its coming and the Democrats won’t be able to elect a dog catcher after that. Democrat party is corrupt and there is no fixing it–As Ron White says–“You can’t fix Stupid”…

  11. What promise will he break? ALL of them! He is the liar in chief, he took that distinction from Obama, plus the designation of worst president ever, now they share them! Harris wont make it into the Oval Office, if she does, it will be short lived, because Susan Rice will bounce her out, then she and Obama will take over! The stooges Biden and Harris are pawns in the game of obama2.0! HE is running this sh** show, always has been. He rigged his two elections and this one as well.

  12. He is keeping up to par for him. Doing what is bad for the people he is supposed to be doing good for. What can you expect from a boggle minded, can’t speak a straight sentence even though it is written out in front of him, makes fun of other for ONCE loosing balance, then it’s OK when HE does it multiple times. THE HYPOCRIT! Can’t he EVER be nice? He CERTAINLY doesn’t deserve the position as President. I DON’T like thinking that MY life is in the decisions made by HIM. He is not ABLE to make rational decisions at a moments notice!

  13. I think we pretty much know what needs to be done. The lack of reason in forming a country run the the people is fading into a corrupted few known as the democratic party are just changing whatever suits them to fit there plan to rule the country as a dictatorship of a few demented politicians that seek power by any means to acquire it ,What do we know so far ? The first amendment was taking over by the main stream media . Facts and truths were kept from the public so the election could be stolen All that needed to be changed was a few key states .Most of the demarcates including Biden told lie after lie to get control of the capital .Now we need to get guns away from the public so there won’t be a big pushback when the rest of the plan is implemented. We need a few judges to not let the lies to see light of day so we keep most of the country in the dark. If we can get a few RINO’s to go along we can set the stage to a complete takeover of the government and convince people that our takeover is the will of the people. They must think there are few free thinking citizens to push back on there agenda. Well at some point there is going to be a BIG push back on there warped ideas. Could it be a civil war ? possibly. I do know there are huge numbers of people that don’t align with the democrat’s plan to strip the rights away from citizens and this push is coming .How far is to be determined by the next few weeks and months as we move farther along. The right to bare arms is subject to take on a whole other meaning And it won’t be a few scattered groups here and there. I whole nation of people are getting tired of there rights and freedoms being eliminated one by one as to change the whole concept of our constitution and bill of rights. Time will tell where that line is crossed.

    1. Robert, You are correct in everything you said. the big question is, How does the individual that loves America get with the larger groups? We true Americans are ready for the worst.

  14. Trump is the only president that has kept most of his promises. He would have kept them all if it hadn’t been for the Democrats. All other presidents haven’t fulfilled their promises to the American people regardless of party afillation.

  15. Surprise, surprise! Biden lies even worse than obama did. You cannot believe anything they say, only what they do.

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