Biden admin fires over 30 members of Homeland Security Advisory Council: Reports

Thirty-two members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) were fired by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a letter sent Friday, Politico reported

The letter said that “terms of current HSAC members” were ending “effective March 26, 2021,” with only the council’s chairman, vice-chair, and chair emeritus keeping their positions.

According to Politico, Mayorkas thanked members for their service and said the council would be “reconstituted” in the upcoming weeks according to a diversity model that would remain bipartisan.

The council consisted of unpaid members who advised the DHS secretary on matters crucial to the department, Politico reported. It met several times a year and dealt with subjects like immigration, terrorism, crime, and national disasters.

“I’m really disappointed”

Among the members removed, according to reports, are NSA director Keith Alexander, former acting DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, former Immigration and Customs Enforcement acting director Tom Homan, former D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier, former star FBI agent Ali Soufan, Heritage Foundation foreign policy expert James Carafano, and former DHS official Stewart Baker.

A number of the members removed were former DHS secretaries, and members appointed by both Democrats and Republicans were removed.

Members said it was an unusual move to remove so many at once, and the usual method was to allow members to finish out their one-to-three-year terms before replacing them, according to The Washington Post.

“I’m really disappointed,” Carafano said, according to Politico. “I thought this was the most talented board they ever had in terms of the broad expertise they brought to the department. I think it’s a loss to the department.”

Republican criticizes purge

According to The Washington Post, ranking Republican of the House Homeland Security Committee Rep. John Katko (R-NY) said Mayorkas’ “action sends the message that this Administration has no intention of upholding a bipartisan, unifying approach to securing our homeland.”

“The HSAC is not intended to be an echo chamber for what the current DHS Secretary wants to hear,” he said, according to the Post. “It’s an absolute shame that Secretary Mayorkas has removed these well-respected homeland security leaders who have dedicated their careers to strengthening our homeland security posture.”

Chairman of the council, William Bratton, said it was customary to replace members with a new administration, however, and that some of the current members might be asked to return after a review is completed.

Bratton named domestic and international terrorism, cybersecurity and immigration as the top issues the board would confront once it is rebuilt. “It’s a very collegial group,” he said, as the Post reported. “People feel comfortable speaking their minds.”

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12 Responses

  1. The destruction of the country has been accelerated by the democrats.
    The bad decisions cannot be an accident. It is obviously well planned.
    What we need to know is just who is really behind this disaster.

  2. The democratic leftist don’t want people that work together on both parties and good moral values. They want puppets they can control and who will do what ever they are told.

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    1. This group was made to look bad – don’t believe it – they ‘r up to no good – this planned by ‘UN’ ‘n NWO – waich ‘n see !

  4. we need to fire the so called president vice president and all the other democrats in office and throw them in jail for treason nothing but communists

  5. Just who is running our Country. It certainly not a China Joe Biden. Without a written script he’s lost. Even with a written script he gets lost. If it’s Queen Nancy or The Muslim Obama they must be stopped. Time to impeach the entire bunch of anti American bums and get our Country back to America First, not last. These people are flat out crazy.

    1. Who’s whom among the United States government, your right! Since May 2001, we have seen certain people who clearly undermined the U.S. constitution without anyone standing up to the rule of law! Without the country taking the election issues seriously with REFORM explains why we are here today. The horrible tragic election 2020 irregularities, with arrests in a few states, Mike Pence talks about “election integrity” without upholding to oppose the electoral college vote. He knew not “fair nor free” democracy took place. For the true non-violent patriots of America. God bless the REAL American patriots, combat and non-combat veterans, police officers, people who serve honestly, 100% integrity, and faithfully, God bless the USA!

  6. Jim, I totally agree with you, it’s at the point now we the people need to ride up and clean out congress, but it seems too many are scared of what, who knows!! ,How long will this go on before action is taken,

  7. Convention of States..we all need to get our legislators woke up and join the other states that are saying We will not take this any longer..need everybody to call your legislators and tell them to join The Convention! We The People Want President Trump back..President Trump rightfully won the election!

  8. I agree! Call a convention of states, force the Dems out, take back our country! This farce has gone on long enough. They don’t want anyone in any office that cares about our country, they want their demonic puppets in. The whole purpose is to destroy our country! They don’t want bipartisanship, they want total control! We must call a convention if states to save our country!

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