Biden admin rescinds permit for annual veterans motorcycle event: Reports

The group American Veterans has staged an annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally through the nation’s capital for roughly the past three decades. Known as “Rolling to Remember,” the ride was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While participants looked forward to its revival this year, the Biden administration is reportedly standing in the way.

“Granted permits by every administration”

According to the Daily Wire, the Pentagon has refused to issue the group a permit allowing the rally to begin in its parking lot, citing a continuing concern about the public health crisis.

The news was met with widespread disappointment, including from U.S. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL).

In a statement to Fox News this week, he expressed his frustration, noting that the event has been “granted permits by every administration, Democrat and Republican,” for many years in the past.

“The Biden Administration’s decision to end this Memorial Day tradition flies in the face of the freedoms that so many have died to protect,” Mast added. “We are blessed beyond words to be citizens of the greatest country on Earth and only live free thanks to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

The Florida Republican claimed that “it is easier to cross the border illegally than it is to get a permit to pay our respects to our nation’s fallen heroes” under the current president’s leadership.

“Flies in the face of the freedoms”

A permit was initially granted to the group earlier this year but was subsequently rescinded.

For that reason, Mast sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in which he argued that the Pentagon’s decision put the entire event in jeopardy.

He requested that the permit be reinstated “in a timely manner,” going on to argue that Americans owe their freedom to the sacrifices made by the military members and veterans honored by the motorcycle ride.

The Biden administration’s apparent efforts to restrict the event, Mast wrote, “flies in the face of the freedoms that so many have died to protect.”

For his part, however, the group’s executive director Joe Chennelly said that, despite the setback, his organization is “committed to still having a central staging area” and declared that organizers “have a Plan B and a Plan C.”

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16 Responses

  1. I would be VERY disappointed if the American Veterans group would close up their tent and cow to this obvious gesture to quash Americanism and patriotic tributes to our revered fallen. This is precisely the type of situation where we, as law-abiding citizens need to take a rebellious stand to show this Leftist regime that we cannot be intimidated and controlled. I am in FULL support of this tribute to our heroes and heroines of our glorious military . . . both living and deceased. Wake up America !

  2. The Russocraps must really want a civil war. I myself pray that they get it! Death to traitors. Get the popcorn out everybody it’s coming!

    1. Agree!
      The American people are getting tired of more controls, destruction of personal properties & most of all lives! We back the police, freedom & love of our country!
      So don’t stand in the way commie dems !

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  4. Biden might be considered to be pres. to some but he is nothing to most and will be ignored on Memorial Day. The ride will take place w/o his okay and American will cheer.

  5. This is very sad that Biden rescinded the motorcycle rally in DC. this year.
    I don’t know but did he serve in the forces? If he didn’t then he couldn’t care less!

  6. I say,”ride anyways”! The administration needs to take a long walk off a short pier as my dad would have said. They’ve been stomping our rights long enough. It’s time for that to end. They obviously don’t care about us and our opinions so why care about theirs. An uprising is coming!

  7. He thinks he can tell us what to do This is America I will do as I please F**K that senile old fool and whoever is pulling his strings

  8. If he was really concerned about the china virus he would not be letting all the illegal aliens in. He’s still trying to use to use fear to control us. Well give me freedom or give me death I will not live in this communist bulls***t

    Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations DO.

  9. Biden is an inconsiderate no good shameful man. He keeps taking away taking away from US American citizens. He needs to be taken away whether he goes back to his basement or a nursing home!

  10. Our rights under the Constitutionare being wiped away by this pandemic ! Which is a government control of the people! Ihave followed all the rules!
    I have had what I call my covid rabie shot! So I am going to wear a mask outside. I will in a store ! Our administration a clown circus with 5 rings. Has caused this border crisis them selves! It’s their corrupt doing.
    Article 4 section 4of Our Constitution
    Requires our government to protect & defend our borders . If government does not, the Constitution, by virtue of
    the named part herein, AUTHORIZES
    the Free Citizens(s) to defend themselves and their state in place
    **note; In NOT defending our borders,
    government gives “aid & comfort” to a
    hostile foreign invasion; and This, Under Article3, Section3 of Our Constiturionis properly labeled TREASON!” AND THIS ADMINISTRATION SHALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Thank You. Get a copy of the Constitution and read it. Because your rights are being taken from under this severely corrupt administration. It needs to be dealt with now & at the ballot box in 2022 & 2024 legally at the polls.It’s your rights & freedoms being taken. I know what I will vote for if you love your, your grandchildren & greatgrandchildren you wake now. Before it’s to late.
    I was in.the United States Air Force.
    I took basically the same oath. To protect & Defend the United States Constitution against al Foreign & Domestic Terrorist! What Joe & Kamala have done at the border is Domestic Terrorism against American & every American. Putting illegal aliens
    Before American Citizens & making us pay for severely Corrupt.

  11. Correction I am not going to wear a mask outside. This is all a way to control our rights & Freedoms in the of
    Government control ! They have destroyed enough of our lives time we take our lives back! Before they destroy American as we know it! Thank you ! It’s your choice you want free & rights or government ruleling of your freedoms & rights. Once they are gone they are going and all my friends & brothers & sisters that died fighting for
    them died for nothing. Try explaining that to their families. Please think about it. They are coming for us next
    If we do not fight for our rights & freedoms! I would rather die fighting
    Then let them remove my God Given rights & freedoms . Something that is not theirs to take. They want power & Control of everyone’s lives. They work for not us for them. Wake up & smell the rights & freedoms you have fought to keep them go to the ballot box & tell them what you. Not what they want to take from you! I am 70yrs old. God knows how much life I have left. I will never give up my rights & freedoms if it comes to that. I rather die standing ! Than crawling & bowing to corrupt government! I took an to protect & defend my God, my country ,my family
    From foreign & domestic terrorism.
    Thank you! For my freedom of speech
    & the Constitution & Country I served proudly! America the Beautiful & Free.
    Nothing is Free Someone paid for your freedom. Remember: All Gave Some
    Some Gave All! For us to be Blessed with what they left us. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights. Some paid with their life & blood! A very high price to pay! Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness!
    Earned by the governed not the government! We tell them what we want they get paid to do what we ask. Not the other way around.

  12. Joe, The Wild One 1953, Two rival motorcycle gangs terrorize Washington, DC after one of their leaders is bitten by a Dog. No more Bikers allowed in numbers claimed Joe, the Leader of the Liberal Gang. We claimed this first and have a Wall in ready to keep you out claimed Joe’s Old Lady.

  13. You don’t need no permit to ride a motorcycle,screw Biden let the Thunder Roll! Terrorist Organization terrorize our country streets and illeagal come over here and he does nothing. Screw Biden!

  14. Joe Biden is an idiot!!!
    The disrespect shown our Veterans by him and his communist handlers is unforgettable. They should all be tried for treason and publicly executed as is called for in our Constitution.

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