Biden administration buys $900 million worth of radiation sickness drug

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows earlier this month when he told attendees at a Democratic fundraiser that there is a stronger chance of a nuclear war with Russia now than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis.

What’s more, the Washington Examiner reported last week that a significant purchase by the administration has further heightened fears. 

$900 million spent

According to the Examiner, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just spent $900 million on Nplate, a drug used to treat radiation sickness.

HHS put out a press release that explained that the buy “is part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies.”

“Nplate is approved to treat blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients,” the press statement added.

Meanwhile, Connecticut’s Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said during an interview with CNN host Jake Tapper that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is “an incredibly dangerous human being.”

Be ready

“So what’s President Biden talking about?” Tapper asked Murphy, who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “Do you see Armageddon as a real possibility?”

“I think the president is right to raise the risk of nuclear conflict because Vladimir Putin is increasingly getting pushed into a corner,” the Democratic lawmaker replied.

“This war is going incredibly badly for him, the mobilization that he’s undertaken has backfired,” Murphy continued. “This is a dangerous man. The United States has to be ready for Putin to use a tactical nuclear weapon.”

Still, Murphy insisted that he did not see “any sign” that Putin is going to do that imminently,” stressing, “It’s important for us to send signals about what the consequences would be should he make that choice.”

“I think Joe Biden is right, to get this country ready for the fact that you’re dealing with an incredibly dangerous human being in Russia, the war is going badly, and you just can’t predict what he’s going to do next.”