Biden administration readies for end of Title 42 as Supreme Court delays its lift

 December 20, 2022

The Biden administration is bracing itself for a steep increase in illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. southern border with the end of Title 42, a Trump-era rule that allowed border agents to expel the majority of migrants to Mexico for health reasons rather than let them into the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court ordered the end of Title 42 because the COVID-19 pandemic ended and there was no valid health reason to keep the order in place.

On Monday, however, Chief Justice John Roberts stayed the court's order temporarily in response to an emergency request from Republicans, who fear that the country will be flooded with migrants and will not be able to handle the influx.

The court obviously wants to see the matter resolved quickly, since they asked the Biden administration to respond to the stay by 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Title 42 remains in effect

The DHS responded to the stay by saying, “As required by the Supreme Court’s administrative stay order, the Title 42 public health order will remain in effect at this time and individuals who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully will continue to be expelled to Mexico,” adding: “While this stage of the litigation proceeds, we will continue our preparations to manage the border in a safe, orderly, and humane way when the Title 42 public health order lifts.”

One of those plans is a rule that migrants cannot seek asylum in the U.S. if they could have sought it in another country they passed through before coming to the U.S.

This rule is currently being finalized, and mimics a Trump-era rule that the administration reversed when Biden took power.

Biden is also trying to get Congress to give him $3 billion in additional funding to help handle the influx.

Migrants already waiting

There are reportedly already a large number of migrants amassed at the U.S.-Mexico border waiting for the end of Title 42, which could pose problems when they all try to enter an already overcrowded system.

Officials say that smugglers have offered the migrants false promises about the end of Title 42 and increased access to the U.S., which are not true.

Officials are also trying to move migrants out of temporary housing facilities near the border to relieve overcrowding and make room for a new influx.

In Biden's mad rush to reverse and trash former President Donald Trump's immigration policies, he has gone too far in the other direction, and now he will have to deal with the consequences.

Weak issue about to get weaker

Immigration is already a weak issue for Biden, and seen as a crisis by Republicans and some in his own party.

If he doesn't rush toward a solution, he will likely rush toward a disaster that could seriously harm his presidency.

No amount of lies and excuses will save Biden from serious damage if he doesn't find a way to do better on immigration--he certainly can't afford to do any worse, and neither can our country.

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