Biden admits there is ‘new surge’ of migrants, claims it ‘started with the last administration’

President Joe Biden and high-ranking members of his administration have been reluctant to refer to an influx of undocumented migrants on the southern border as a “crisis.”

That appeared to change this week when the president acknowledged “a new surge,” though his statement came with a caveat. He claimed it is all his predecessor’s fault.

“It’s our responsibility”

During border-related remarks on Wednesday, Biden said that the increased flow of immigration began when former President Donald Trump was still in office.

“This new surge we are dealing with now started with the last administration, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it humanely,” he said, according to Fox News.

Biden’s statement comes after his administration has sent out conflicting messages for weeks, namely that there is no crisis but if there is then it is because of Trump-era border policies.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas pushed the rhetoric to extremes by claiming that the border is actually “closed” even as thousands of migrant children remain housed in overcrowded facilities that the White House has refused to allow reporters to document.

Meanwhile, border crossings reportedly reached 100,000 in February and are approaching 20-year highs, according to official numbers from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

“Every single solitary year”

Despite claiming that Trump’s stance on immigration was unnecessarily harsh, Biden nevertheless insisted that conditions in the home countries of undocumented migrants led to increased crossings in recent years.

“There was a serious spike in people heading to the southern border even in the midst of that,” the president said, according to Fox. “That was because there were serious natural disasters.”

Of course, Biden’s critics say that the worsening crisis along the U.S.–Mexico border is a product of his administration’s creation. Migrants donning T-shirts and flags with his name on them certainly mean something.

Nevertheless, the president doubled down on his position in his first solo press conference on Thursday, asserting that increased migration occurs “every single solitary year” and has nothing to do with how “nice” those migrants perceive him to be.

Biden cannot have it both ways, though. He has effectively repealed many of Trump’s strict policies with more lenient ones — and millions of Americans are demanding that he accept responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

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25 Responses

  1. The only reason he won’t go back to Trump’s ways is because he knows it will give Trump a win, and if your hate for a man is that intense that you would literally tear the USA apart!!!! What a terrible excuse for a president!!!!!

    1. When your lies fall on deaf ears blame Trump. That’s what the radicals do. Trump’s border was secure. Biden and the nutcases in Congress screwed it all up and now the border is in shambles and who do they blame, President Trump of course. Biden and his cabinet need to be impeached. Biden’s got to go and so does Kamala Harris. She thinks the overburdened border patrol is a big laugh.

  2. They are just going to continue these lies. President’s and our borders were secure with the wall and laws in place. Obiden took away both those things to make America safe. So how is this invasion President Trump’s fault? Obiden needs to go back to the basement and take his friends from the south with hihm.

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  4. This comment is about the same Trump didn’t create this mess at least 100,000 immigrants have crossed the border, children in cages, they sleep on the floor Biden has created a big problem

  5. Biden is a liar flat out, Trump did no way start this mess, he let them come a few at a time. It makes me sick , they are like children, not my fault. Everyone knows they lie.

  6. Of course it is always someone else who is at fault, after all JOE is perfectly not responsible, Ok I guess we can safely say then that he is irresponsible! That might sum it up more accurately.

    Now lets see, who was it that stopped the building of the wall? Who was it that returned to catch and release? Who was it that said he welcomed all the immigrants to come to the US?

    Oh, ya, that was “JOE BIDEN!” Oops! Looks like it was his fault after all!

    Way to go JOE! What other stupid tricks are you going to dump on the American public?

  7. If any Dumpocrat new how to tell the truth, it would be a true miracle.
    Mr. Biden has been at it so long, he believes his own lies as well as those of that dame over in the House and that schmuzer in the Senate.

    “That’s All Folks”

  8. Mr. President, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the border problem DID NOT start with the Trump administration. In fact, I think the ILLEGALS were probably afraid of what President Trump might do if he got angry enuf. He could be somewhat unpredictable. President Trump was dealing with the border and things were moving along in America’s favor, with the wall and all, and then you were elected. From that day forward, you started to dismantle President Trump’s policies. Now I realize you want to put your own stamp on policies, but enuf is enuf. It’s like you put out the WELCOME MAT! And then you blame THE LAST ADMINISTRATION. If you want to solve the border problem, FINISH THE WALL!!! And put a hot wire in it. It won’t kill anybody but, having accidentally leaned on my own hot wire in a corral, they won’t keep holding on. They won’t keep climbing after the first shock. They will LET GO. I WANT MY TAXES TO PAY TO HELP HOMELESS AMERICAN VETERANS. AFTER EVERY ONE OF THOSE VETERANS HAS A CLEAN SAFE PLACE TO LIVE, THEN LETS TALK ABOUT FIXING THE REST OF THE WORLD. RIGHT NOW, WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO. Mr. President, do this right, or you will be remembered like President Carter and the Iranian hostage debacle.

  9. no one in their mind believes what biden says. or what he reads from a teleprompter. He is a wimp and other countries (ie Iran. China, Russia) will walk all over him. Get him out of office now and bring back the best President in my lifetime President Donald Trump.

  10. Biden is lying like he always dose. He is the reason the border has all the trouble it has right now. Biden is responsible for the border crisis not President Trump. Biden lies all of the times about everything. You can’t believe a thing Biden says.

  11. Biden is so out to lunch it is pathetic!!All he doesn’t is bash Trump!!He ought to get a grip on what he is doing to America!!He is about the worse President to represent America!!However what comes next could be a total disaster!!The Swamp prevails!!!God bless America with these Jokers in the White House.

  12. You made this call right when you got control, so don’t try to put it on anybody but yourself. When a real man was in the White House, he fixed all this mess at the border, then this old fool that shouldn’t have been even running for President for this great country, screwed everything up and wants people to believe everything is alright. Well, some people are stupid and believe your lies, but thank God, not all are.

  13. This is totally China Joe’s disaster and to fix it he needs to finish the fence and put armed military on the border to stop the flow of illegals, terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers, murderous gangs and diseased illegals. Then they need to round up all the ones who have come in already, released or not, and deport them immediately. Then and only then can we get control of our immigration back. Otherwise he needs to be put on trial for treason.

    And he looks like even more of a fool by blaming this on President Trump.

  14. Biden wants everybody to get on drugs from Mexico so that they won’t realize how brain dead he is. It’s a disgrace how the Democrat are trying to push all their lies about the crooked election down the American peoples throats . The Democrats must be desperate to put their lives in danger for the crimes that they keep getting away with. The American people can only take so much then all hell is going to break loose and nobody is going to be able to stop that many people from going after these corrupt Democrat leaders.

  15. Pelosi is hated so much that she might be the first one. to get rid of within our government. I can’t wait to see her flying to California on her broom

  16. The democrats jealousy and hate for Our President Trump could end the United States of America if it is not stopped. We need our Republican party to overpower them fast.

  17. Your whole are liars. You and the hoe being number one. None of you all should been in office. You all need to be impeach. Sooner the better. Such worthless people. I’am sure your team hired blm and any riots that has taken place.

  18. Joe give it up you know you are not well, tell your wife to take you home so you can be home with her and spend your days together before you lose yourself in this dementia that you have, pretty soon you wont be able to remember any thing, give it up Joe before its to late.

  19. How many times Joe are you & you handlers, cabinet & Dem. party going to tell us the same lies, I guess till we agree but that will be a cold day in HELL before that happens! STOP LYING & ADMIT YOU & YOUR PARTY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING & SHOULD ALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!

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