Biden again spotted holding reporter 'cheat sheet' during press conference

 October 28, 2023

As the Democratic Party scrambles to assure American voters that President Joe Biden is capable of leading the nation for another term, his cognitive decline and age was on full display, once again. 

According to Fox News, the president was recently spotted holding one of his infamous cheat sheets showing the faces and names of reporters his handlers wanted him to call on during a joint press conference.

The embarrassing moment came during a presser with Australia Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Biden has been seen with similar cheat sheets at other major press conferences in the past, raising questions once again about his ability to do his job.

The list

The image of Biden holding the card went viral after the press conference, which included both leaders taking questions from four reporters -- two from each others' respective countries.

Fox News noted:

The names on the list included PBS correspondent Laura Barrón-López, USA Today White House correspondent Joey Garrison, Australia’s Channel 10 Network Political Editor Ashleigh Raper and The Australian’s Jeff Chambers. All four were the reporters who asked questions at the event.

Not surprisingly, Biden's pre-selected reporters included left-leaning media outlets, although the PBS reporter asked a question that somewhat triggered the elderly president.

Fox noted:

Barrón-López had a notable exchange with Biden when he rejected the premise of her question about the implications of the Palestinian death toll, saying he has "no confidence" the numbers from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry are truthful.

Neither the White House or the reporters listed on Biden's card returned comment to Fox News.

Social media reacts

Social media users had a field day after the image made the rounds.

"He doesn't even know their names so they have to put pics? This is kindergarten!!" one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "What a shame. Had their questions and rehearsed answers and I bet he still messed up!!!"

It's truly scary that Biden might not be capable of doing something as simple as answering a few questions at a press conference without significant aid. It's even more scary that millions of American voters might still try to elect him to a second term in the White House.

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