Biden rails against China in Memorial Day comments

President Joe Biden railed against China’s communist regime this Memorial Day weekend, Fox News reported, as scrutiny over Beijing’s role in unleashing the coronavirus on the world intensifies.

Speaking in Delaware on Sunday, Biden sought to portray himself as a defender of Western democracy against both Chinese and Russian aggression and said he recently reprimanded Chinese President Xi Jinping about human rights.

Not everyone is convinced that “China Joe” means it, however, given his family’s longstanding and unresolved conflicts of interest around the world.

Conflicting messages on China

Just last week it was revealed that Biden met with his son Hunter’s business associates from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and yes — Russia — while serving as vice president. But in speech after speech this weekend, Biden painted Chinese and Russian autocracy as existential threats to Western liberal democracy.

In his speech Sunday, Biden said he had a “long conversation for two hours recently” with Xi Jinping “making it clear to him we could do nothing but speak out for human rights around the world because that’s who we are.”

He put the problem in stark terms while speaking to soldiers in Virginia days before, warning that China believes it is going to “own America” by 2035 — an interesting comment given the Biden family’s shadowy and still unaccounted connections with America’s chief global adversary.

Sky News commentator Paul Murray balked at Biden’s remarks, accusing him of only “pretending to be tough.”

“Of course this is the bloke who was more than happy for his son to get how many millions of dollars out of relationships with Chinese businesses?” he said.

Doubts linger over Biden’s Wuhan probe

Biden’s rhetoric comes amid rising anger at China over the possibility — long championed by Donald Trump — that COVID-19 escaped from a Wuhan laboratory in China.

Until recently the theory was dismissed by the mainstream media as a baseless “conspiracy” but has suddenly gained plausibility with the establishment, in a stark reversal that many call political.

With Americans demanding answers on the origin of the pandemic that has killed more than half a million fellow citizens, doubts linger over Biden’s intentions as he orders a 90-day investigation into the Wuhan lab after previously canceling another probe that Trump started.

Meanwhile, Biden used a solemn occasion on Monday to lobby for partisan election legislation in a Memorial Day address, grouping in Republicans pushing for “voter suppression” in his portrait of what threatens democracy. “Democracy thrives when the infrastructure of democracy is strong,” he said. “When people have the right to vote freely and fairly and conveniently.”

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  5. 2035! Hell – the CCP owns us NOW!! Bumbling Buffoon Beijing Biden is SO weak! He won’t do ANYTHING if either China or Russia pushes us!

  6. Biden rails against China in Memorial Day comments. Hunter whispers 10% to the “Big Guy” and reminds him that he’s still on the Chinese Company Board. Biden spokes person walks back railing comments and apologizes to China!

  7. He called them to tell them “Listen, I’ve got to make it look like I’m coming down on you and Russia, but here’s what’s really going to happen. So just play along”.

  8. Biden plans on starting his FDR plan to expand America’s horizons by getting us into a World of S**t to end his days….He hasn’t got the brains to start or end a conflict…no captcha

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