Biden agrees to pay up to $1 billion in climate reparations, but China does not have to pay despite being world’s largest polluter

President Joe Biden has apparently agreed to pay up to $1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds in climate reparations to third-world nations while letting China completely off the hook for payments even though that Communist regime is the biggest polluter in the world. 

The payment will go to the United Nations as part of the Paris Climate Accords, which means that it will either go into the pockets of third-world dictators or UN officials, who are largely corrupt.

The fund has been labeled a “loss and damage fund,” and it was blocked by previous presidents including Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Many of the countries that will receive the money are already getting billions in aid from the U.S. and the UN.

Can he do it?

The London Daily Mail reported that the money was allocated in a recent bill, but that Biden may have trouble getting a GOP House to approve and allocate it.

Because Congress needs to approve the spending, it could be in limbo until 2024 when the next election will be held.

If a Republican is elected then, it could end up never being paid at all.

The discussion among other UN members about who will pay what amount could also delay any actual payments until 2024 or longer.

What a joke

The fact that China doesn’t have to pay a cent just shows what a joke this whole fund is.

The UN still considers China a developing nation even though it has developed vast wealth in recent years.

China is deliberately using some of the worst polluting methods to develop even more wealth–why should they not be made to pay into a “loss and damage” fund?

Besides the fact that the entire thing is a joke and a scam, that is.