Biden claims Americans are ready for ‘systemic’ and ‘institutional’ changes

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden just ended his pretense of moderation.

In a Zoom call with reporters, Biden called the November election an “inflection point” in history and said he believed Americans were ready to see “systemic” and “institutional” changes.

“An enormous opportunity”

“I do think we’ve reached the point where one of those trite phrases everybody uses . . . it’s a real inflection point in American history and I don’t believe it’s unlike what [President Franklin] Roosevelt [faced],” Biden said during the call.

“I think we have an enormous opportunity to make some really systemic changes relates to racism but institutional ways in which we handle things And I think the country is really ready,” he went on.

What? Did he really say that? I want to believe that the Washington Post would not be riddled with errors and typos, but if they aren’t, then Biden is speaking his usual unintelligible mumbo jumbo here — and WaPo is acting like it’s the Gettysburg Address.

Biden, you assume too much

Seems like Biden is already assuming he will win, even though the latest HarrisX/Hill poll showed his lead over Trump cut in half in a matter of days.

Biden also said he thinks Democrats will win 55 seats in the Senate, a gain of eight seats. That’s mighty big thinking for a man who can barely put coherent thoughts together most of the time and has spent the last three months hiding in his basement.

It’s good to find out what Biden really thinks though. The phone call covered many policy areas from global warming to the filibuster, and his views were predictably far left.

Biden paints himself as a moderate, but he is only slightly to the right of former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on most issues. In fact, the two are working together on the platform so he can hold on to the Bernie Bros in November.

Rubin and media deluding themselves about Biden

Of course, WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin gushed over Biden after the call.

“Biden has successfully navigated a course between reassuring people outside his base that he is a practical moderate and reassuring progressives he understands the enormous opportunity he will have,” Rubin wrote of the phone call.

As if Biden would be doing any of the work of being president himself by the time of his inauguration (God forbid) in another six months.

Rubin and everyone else in the media knows that an administration of progressives, not Biden, will be running this country if he gets elected. I’m sure they are more than okay with that, but I still think Biden’s election is a big “if” at this point, no matter what the polls and the media seem to say about it.

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