Biden and Obama to campaign for Fetterman in Philly on Saturday

President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama will campaign in Philadelphia on Saturday.

The president and former president will join forces to support John Fetterman for Senate and Josh Shapiro for governor three days before the election.

The motive

“Pennsylvania is pivotal in determining control of the Senate and is one of Democrats’ few opportunities to flip a Republican seat,” The Hill reported.

“Fetterman holds a narrow lead in most polls over Republican Mehmet Oz in their race for a seat in the upper chamber,” it added.

Why it matters

“In the final days before the midterms, Democrats are deploying their party’s biggest assets in Pennsylvania,” Axios reported.

“The state, which was critical to Biden’s 2020 election victory, could determine control of the Senate next year,” it added.

Democrats realize that losing a Senate seat in Pennsylvania could flip the Senate to Republicans, adding to an expected loss of power in the House.

Pennsylvania is also important to the next presidential election as it serves as a key battleground state that will help determine who wins in 2024.

With two Democrat presidents headed to the rescue, the situation is serious as the party seeks to salvage a win for the midterms.