Biden angers conservatives, liberals alike with commission on Supreme Court reform: Report

Even when Joe Biden does his best to please the extreme left, it’s never quite enough.

A new “commission” established by Biden to study court-packing and other potential Supreme Court reforms has conservatives on guard, but liberal groups are angry that change isn’t happening fast enough, with some fearing that the president has no real intentions of expanding the high court, The Washington Times reports.

Both sides unhappy with Biden

At the height of the 2020 election campaign, Biden infamously refused to say one way or the other whether he would pack the court. His silence led many to conclude that he was in fact going to do it, but feared scaring moderate voters.

Conservative fears were vindicated last week when Biden established a “study commission” to examine the issue, but some liberals are not satisfied.

“There is nothing productive that is going to come from this,” Josh Blackman, a professor at South Texas College of Law, told the Times. “If anything, this report will probably counsel against expanding the court.”

Blackman also accused Biden of “trying to do something to placate the base.” It’s “a delay tactic,” he said.

The make-up of the panel, which includes Ivy League professors like anti-Trump partisan Laurence Tribe, and which is co-chaired by a Biden campaign adviser, would suggest the opposite is true. Conservatives say they’re outnumbered on the panel by a two-to-one ratio.

Conservatives on guard

Indeed, conservatives say that Biden appears to be placating the right, not the left, before moving ahead with the radical scheme anyway. Carrie Severino, of the Judicial Crisis Network, called the “commission” a mere “fig leaf” to the right.

“Biden’s position on that is 100% determined by his political calculus,” she said, according to the Times.

Along with ending the filibuster, court-packing has become a priority for a hard left frustrated with the pace of change. Liberals argue that conservative gains on the judiciary under Donald Trump, who shifted the Supreme Court to the right, were somehow illegitimate and have to be “balanced.”

But the push had faced vocal opposition spanning the spectrum, from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who has faced activist pressure to retire early for his criticism, Fox News reports.

Perhaps the left simply needs to hold tight — but making noise hasn’t failed them so far, has it?

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8 Responses

  1. By the time any of this is taken into consideration. They will have had proof to SCOTUS that the 2020 election was stolen and Trump will be innagurated and Biden and his Cronies will be out on their ear. And hopefully in prison for their missdeads. There is proof out there that Dominion has changed the election results, as well as recounts in several states that went to Biden. They are worried now. That is why they are pushing everything they can through. I predict, by September. Donald J. Trump will be our President, like the American people wanted in the first place. LET’S GET AMERICA BACK.

    1. I so hope you are correct
      I dont know the law rt election fraud& it makes sense that this illegal adm should be tossed
      We should not fear riots by Obama& soros bc they riot anyway and we cant be intimidated like Pence mcconnell etc who bend over when left cries rascist

  2. The communists are sure moving fast to take over our future elections, the future SC, the number of states (adding DC and Puerto Rico being proposed), and making sure Biden is the installed dictator. We are no longer a Republic or even a democratic Republic, with the fraud in the election and all the EOs creating absolute chaos in our country. And who is signing the EOs’ – Biden with the cauliflower ear lobes, Biden with the attached ear lobes of Jill Biden? Is there not one Democrat that loves this country enough to stand up to this takeover by the totalitarians?

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  4. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Like I have said many times before, Joe Biden needs to be impeached along with Harris. Neither of them are good for our country and the citizens of this country. They both are lying democrats and they are not doing the job for the people of this country that they were elected to do.

  5. 11/29/2020-Six video’s from FIVE States (WI, GA, VA, FL, PA) show votes that were switched from Trump & given to Biden.
    12-19-2020-Redacted information in Dominion audit shows Races were flipped in MI. Results were skewed & Trump actually won the State as reported by Officials. Dominion whistleblower accuses CEO of lying during the Michigan Hearing investigating the switching of voter results.
    03/19/2021-Audit of Fulton & Henry County GA found many ballots to be suspicious, especially mail-in ballots that were not marked or signed properly in order to be counted as authentically cast votes.
    03/31/21-Maricopa County, AZ- A dumpster full of shredded voter ballots were found just prior to audit to evaluate ballots & voting machines.
    Using AZ Sec. of State raw data over 700,000 votes stolen from Trump, primarily through the use of Absentee ballots.
    Supreme court has this info and still the COWARDS have done nothing

  6. We have a POS of a conn man with a demented brain destroying America as we once knew it. I hope the American people come to their senses and personally remove all of these corrupt politicians from the capital Building and have them tried and put in prison which is where they should have been for years now.

  7. Sorry, but the criminal dem organization ALWAYS achieve what they set their sites on. As far as the useless bums on the SCOTUS, this country’s future is dismal.l like to know how and who will uncover the coup d’etat and put Trump back into office?

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