Biden appears to momentarily forget Osama Bin Laden’s name

President Joe Biden has long suffered a tendency to utter gaffes and misstatements, but such instances of mistakes and mispronunciation, and even outright forgetfulness, have increased in frequency in recent months.

The latest example occurred when President Biden appeared to momentarily forget the name of one of our nation’s greatest mortal enemies — former Al-Qaeda terror leader Osama Bin Laden — during a speech on the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, PJ Media reported.

In fact, the president paused awkwardly for several seconds and seemed to be inwardly racking his brain in search of the words he sought to use when mentioning Bin Laden and Al Qaeda as the primary reasons why America entered the war in Afghanistan in the first place.

Forgetting Bin Laden’s name

Following the delivery of his prepared remarks on the ongoing process of his ordered withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, President Biden took questions from reporters at the event.

One reporter asked if, in light of the massive amounts of blood and treasure spent over the course of the 20 years U.S. troops had been deployed in the war-ravaged nation, the entire 20-year ordeal had been “worth it.”

Biden proceeded to recount his previously expressed opposition to any sort of “permanently” deployed American presence in the region before focusing on the “two reasons” for the initial U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, which he ultimately deemed as having been accomplished.

“We went for two reasons: one, to …… bring Osama bin Laden to the gates of Hell, as I said at the time,” Biden said after the long pause. “The second reason was to eliminate Al-Qaeda’s capacity to deal with more attacks on the United States from that territory. We accomplished both of those objectives — period.”

Did he forget something else?

Ironically, PJ Media noted that some critics have suggested that Biden appeared to take at least partial credit for the raid that resulted in the death of Osama Bid Laden — even as Biden himself and several other Obama administration officials have all previously stated how then then-vice president Biden had been opposed to the 2011 operation.

Biden, in a 2012 speech recounting the pre-raid discussion among top officials a year prior, had stated how his advice to then-President Barack Obama had been “don’t go.”

In the years since the raid, his telling of that story has been revised, but a top Republican National Committee (RNC) compiled a tweet thread in January 2020 with evidence showing that Obama, former White House press secretary Jay Carney, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director Leon Panetta, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell, and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates were all on record as saying that Biden had opposed green-lighting the Bin Laden raid.

One can only wonder if, given Biden’s increasingly apparent mental decline, he simply forgot his prior opposition to the raid in the same manner that he seemingly forgot, if only for a few seconds, the name of the consequential target of that historic raid.

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