Biden’s approval rating dips below 50% in latest Rasmussen poll

The media has done its best to prop up President Joe Biden by flatly ignoring alleged scandals involving his family, downplaying his gaffes and misstatements, portraying his divisive and partisan policy agenda as bipartisan and unifying, and publishing exceptionally biased polls suggesting he is highly popular with the American people.

There is at least one poll that says differently, though — and it revealed that President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to just below 50% after being roughly 6 points higher as recently as a weeks ago, Breitbart reported.

Biden’s approval drops

The aforementioned poll is Rasmussen‘s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, which surveys 500 out of 1,500 likely voters on a daily basis and compiles the results into a three-day rolling average with a margin of error of 2.5% to 3%.

As of Friday, the Rasmussen poll indicated that Biden had the approval of 49% of voters, while 49% disapproved of the president’s job performance.

At the end of May, Biden had registered a 55% approval rating among voters, his highest mark ever in the Rasmussen tracking survey.

Deep underwater

That Friday poll also revealed that there is far more strength behind President Biden’s disapproval than those who approve, as 30% of respondents indicated that they “strongly approved” of the president while 42% “strongly disapproved.”

The difference between those two figures determines the polling company’s Approval Index, which currently sits deep underwater at -12 for the president.

That nearly matches the record -13 Biden had reached previously in that particular index, and if the current trendlines continue as they have for the past several weeks, the president could surpass that mark and set a new low in terms of how greatly his disapproval support outmatches his approval support.

Not surprisingly, other polls paint a more rosy picture for the president in terms of his approval among the American people, as evidenced by the RealClearPolitics average of polls, which currently pegs Biden’s approval at 53.8% and disapproval at 41.1%, for a positive spread of 12.7%.

However, while the Rasmussen poll may be on the low side for the president, some of the other polls included in the average, such as the Hill/HarrisX and IBD/TIPP polls, appear to be outliers on the high end with seemingly inflated approval numbers and extraordinarily low disapproval figures.

Could trip change things?

Meanwhile, Breitbart noted that these polling numbers capture the moment in time when President Biden remains locked in negotiations with congressional Republicans on an infrastructure spending bill as well as while he’s on his first overseas trip as president to attend a G7 summit and other meetings with allies and rivals.

Depending upon how Biden’s foreign trip goes — particularly if he utters any major gaffes or commits any embarrassing slip-ups — the Rasmussen approval index figure could plunge even lower.

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  4. anyone who for one second thought anything good was going to come out of a jb administration is delusional at best. the incompetency is beyond anything ever witnessed.

  5. Joe Biden is losing more ways than one. Polls lie about Biden every day. There is no way his percentage is over 10%.Why people putting polls out there have to lie. Joe Biden has America in the dumpster. A big loser in America and the world.

  6. You said it. They only ask dems. Polls mean nothing right now. Go see how scared people are with what’s happening to the US. Watch the (all) news. It’s very scarey out there.

  7. I can’t see how ANY American could approve of Biden. He’s a joke. World leaders are LITERALLY laughing at him.

  8. This man needs to stay away from the global stage. Putin is going eat him up and spit him out. I listened to some sound bites of a press conference he had in the UK. He can’t even read from his prepared remarks and states that he will be in trouble with his staff. He’s the President of the United States for christ sake. Whe in hell would he be in trouble from his staff. I think he has no cahones to stand up to them. He is not running this country, I believe it might be his Chief of Staff pulling his strings.

  9. They are still giving him more credit than if a cat was in office. King bendiver will never be out of office now. They will make him official poster cut out of the year maybe.

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  11. The true test of “approval” will come in November 2022 where the Democrats will get their pants beat off!

  12. Wow it took less than 6 full months to watch Joey lose the so called gleam he had. The guy is a laughing stock of the world just watch the news, and what is funny the fake news can’t hide that. What a shame we let a group of individuals turn this country into the laughing stock of the world. From open borders, to an attempt to go to digital currency, to voting reform, and all of the executive orders, this administration, Joey and his token have been a wet dream to say it best

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