Biden approval ratings collapse again following extended absence due to COVID, vacation

For the past five weeks, President Joe Biden’s dismal job approval rating showed some signs of improvement, and his allies in the media were quick to proclaim that all was well and the president’s newfound strength would substantially bolster his Democratic Party’s electoral odds in the November elections.

Such media pronouncements may have been premature, though, as a recent Democratic-favorable poll showed that Biden’s approval rating had suffered a negative seven-point swing, Breitbart reported.

That apparent reversal of fortune and resumption of the prior collapse of the president’s approval has caused some in the media to hit pause on the praise and return to the more realistic prognosis for the midterms that aren’t in favor of a broad Democratic victory.

Biden’s approval is collapsing again

Reuters/Ipsos conducted its weekly poll of President Biden’s approval on Monday and Tuesday and surveyed 1,005 American adults — including 449 Democrats and 357 Republicans — with a margin of error of around 4 percent, and found that the president’s approval had slightly declined while his disapproval had increased somewhat.

Biden’s approval and disapproval now stand at 38 percent and 58 percent, respectively, a net seven-point swing from just one week ago in that same poll, when his numbers had been 41 percent approval and 54 percent disapproval.

The outlet was quick to note that the change was “a poor sign for his Democratic Party’s hopes” for the midterm elections and acknowledged that, despite the brief boost in August, “Democrats are expected to lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives in November and possibly the Senate as well.”

The positive rebound is over

It wasn’t just the pollsters at Reuters/Ipsos who found that President Biden’s month of increasing approval had ceased, as the sudden turnabout was also picked up by the two major polling aggregators.

Both FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics showed that Biden’s approval/disapproval had bottomed out/peaked around July 21 and then displayed steady improvement over the successive weeks — until now.

Currently, FiveThirtyEight marked the president’s numbers at 42.8 percent approve and 52.9 percent disapprove, while RealClearPolitics had him registered at 42.1 percent approval and 54.8 percent disapproval.

COVID, vacation contributed to improved approval numbers

Interestingly, the late-July turnaround for President Biden’s approval coincided with his initial positive test for COVID-19, which resulted in his spending more than two weeks in isolation in the White House due to a “rebound” infection that occurred midway through his bout with the virus.

Once Biden had tested negative consistently and was allowed to exit isolation, he promptly went on vacation, again, for the next couple of weeks — meaning that his inevitable gaffes and terrible policy decisions and executive actions were largely placed on hold and limited for that span of time, which coincidentally matched with his steadily improving approval numbers.

But Biden is back now and is once again making horrible decisions and insane comments — such as his student loan debt relief scam or his unsubtle threats against those who politically oppose him — and his approval ratings are, surprise, on the verge of collapse for the umpteenth time since he first took office.