Polling shows Biden approval numbers dropping, likely due to border crisis

Little more than two months after taking office, it appears the bloom of Joe Biden’s presidential rose has already started to wilt away.

A recent poll shows that President Biden’s approval rating has dipped below 50%, likely due to the massive surge of illegal immigration at the southern border as a result of Biden’s own failed policies, the Washington Examiner reported.

That poll also shows that Biden’s approval rating index — the difference between those who “strongly” approve or disapprove of his job performance — has sunk to double-digits.

Approval declines, disapproval on the rise

According to Rasmussen Reports and its Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, 48% of Americans approve of the job that President Biden is doing while 50% disapprove, as of Wednesday. Both numbers tie for Biden’s lowest and highest points thus far, respectively.

In terms of Biden’s Approval Index, the president is “strongly” approved by 31% while 42% “strongly” disapprove of him, a difference of -11 percentage points, the lowest rating Biden has earned in this particular polling index since taking office.

The RealClearPolitics average of polls currently shows Biden with 53.3% approval and 42.3% disapproval, for a positive spread of 11 points.

However, that is a far cry from the positive spread of around 20 points during his first week in office or even the 16.5 points spread he enjoyed at the beginning of March.

Furthermore, a chart of his ratings showed that while there was little fluctuation in Biden’s approval numbers, the president’s disapproval number had surged from the mid-30s to the low-40s.

Disapproval linked to border crisis

The Examiner suggested that one of the main reasons for the dip in approval and increase in disapproval is Biden’s disastrous handling of the crisis at the border based on a separate poll from Rasmussen.

That poll showed that 67% of Americans believe the current situation at the southern border constitutes a “crisis.”

According to the Examiner, 53% believe that crisis was directly “caused” by Biden’s own rhetoric and policy directives.

Biden has indeed “caused” the ongoing border crisis, by way of his immediate reversal of nearly all of former President Donald Trump’s successful immigration policies and the invitation to come that has been unmistakably heard by migrants around the globe, particularly in Central America.

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26 Responses

      1. I don’t know who would waste time watching Biden on TV. He’s been caught in so many lies, why would anybody watch him? He’s a dem and if his lips are moving, he’s lying.

    1. if exist no vote fraud,Biden approval today would be 1/2 %, none of normal minds ia able to listen him and his only accusation of others,,, like psychopath child sounds:mama ma ma mama not me,it is my brother,he is guilty of all crap made by me alone,……

  1. His approval rating will keep dropping due to all of the other bad policies, in addition to illegal immigration.

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  3. Approval rating just under 50% !!! So almost 1 in 2 Americans think he’s doing a good job? These people or should I say sheep are insane.

    1. Don’t worry, it’s a mock poll, he doesn’t have anywhere near what they are trying to make you believe

    1. You sound like one of the sheeple that actually voted for that fool. I hope you won’t be disappointed when your party puts harris in to replace that worthless piece of hair sniffing crap!

  4. Whoa! Stupid Joe continues to do the wrong thing. I am still in awe that this idiot ever got elected. Watch America and make sure this idiot does not get a second term in office.

  5. An absolute disaster. What a horrible decision to put this loser in office. Can we get another election???

  6. When Biden campaigned ( what little he did) for President nobody showed up for his “rallies” and they all became “townhall meetings” on the spot . Nobody came to his “inauguration” and nobody even shows up to this day to anywhere he might be appearing . The rig is becoming more obvious by the day and their narrative and plans are falling apart just like our country is right now . the Dems and the deep state “Powers That Were” may have shot themselves in the foot by getting what they wanted and the ball is entirely in their court now and man are they dropping it !! God willing , them stealing the election will be their undoing and the swamp may get drained after all . Peace !

  7. I hope all of these idiots that cheated to put that fool in office are happy he is going to district this country and it will never be the same god help us all if we are real lucky we will survive the next four years and we can get a real american back in office

  8. Joe Biden is showing the whole world how stupid he is every time he tries speak on TV. The corrupt Democrats are trying to run a worn out sick horse for our President who we the people did not vote for to begin with. This election will always be remembered as the Election that the Democrats stole right before the Americans peoples eyes . And because of that this will be the Beginning of the end of the Democratic party in the future . I only hope that our slow justice is able to put all involved in this conspiracy in PRISON.

  9. Biden-Harris does not care about approval ratings. They care nothing about whether they are liked or not. That is the way these communist think. Remember Hitler. Nothing mattered to him but winning and the cost to others mattered nothing to him.

  10. We have major problems like the border, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc. and Biden (or his handlers) are busy on a plan to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. We have people who could not run a lemonade stand in charge. They would think they could make big profits by giving everyone free lemonade along with free food, free housing, free college, free cars, free birth control, free health care and whatever else they would like for free. Vote for me and I will give it to you for free.

  11. I can’t believe that 49% of the Americans can even think that Biden is doing a good job. The Dems gave some of us $1,400 but took $1,700,000,000,000 to buy votes and feed their always hungry donors. Really, people still think that Biden is doing a good job after cancelling Keystone and LA oil leases, stealing $1.7 trillion from the taxpayer for pork, and stopping the wall construction? Then, just look at the future plans for a huge tax increase, more gun control, killing the filibuster, amnesty and possibly stacking the Supreme Court. How can any American think we are on the right track with Joe Biden?

  12. I am getting tired of reading about incompetent Joe and his thugs…..The R’s need to turnup the heat and I need to take a nap…

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