Biden approval down after latest Trump indictment

 August 8, 2023

President Biden's approval ratings remain near rock bottom even as Democrats indicted Biden's top rival, Donald Trump, for a third time. 

A poll from Investor's Business Daily found that Biden has a net approval rating of minute 13 points, a sobering reality check for those convinced Biden's path to re-election is secured.

The survey was taken last week after the latest indictment against Trump was announced.

Biden down

The poll found that 51% of Americans, and a whopping 60% of independents, disapproved of Biden.

Voters remain unfazed by Biden's shallow boasts about the economy, with 52% disapproving of his handling of the issue.

Inflation has remained a persistent problem for Biden, and the country, with gasoline prices creeping up again to nearly $4 a gallon on average - but Biden has been touring the country to tout the blessings of "Bidenomics."

In this, he has been aided by spin doctors in the press, who insist things are much better than the citizens believe.

Voters aren't buying it, with a mere 16% of adults saying their wages kept pace with inflation, the lowest number since February of 2022.

Indictment backlash?

New York Times/Siena College poll taken last week found Trump and Biden with 43% of the vote, each. It can't be good for Biden that he is tied with Trump, despite a pile of indictments that would be career-ending for most politicians.

Another poll from ABC News found that 46% of voters believe the latest charges against Trump - which make it a crime for him to have "lied" about the 2020 election - are political, while a smaller share of 40 percent said they are not political. Still, 52 percent said Trump should have been charged.

While Trump clearly has little chance of getting a fair trial in any of his sham cases, the jury is out on how the voters will judge him - and his enemies' unprecedented effort to jail a political opponent.

Trump is expected to be indicted for a fourth time in Georgia in the coming days, driving some - including Trump - to predict that the Democratic party's absurd prosecutorial overreach will backfire.

It's safe to say that nobody - including the Democrats driving this political persecution - knows how it will all end, but a Biden win is far from assured.

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