Poll: Biden’s approval rating among the lowest in modern American history

It is customary for newly elected presidents to enjoy a honeymoon period with voters. New polling data suggests that President Joe Biden’s appeal is quickly wearing off, Breitbart reported.

A new poll from The Washington Post shows Biden now has a lower approval rating than all but two of his recent predecessors at this point in their presidencies.

According to the survey, Biden has a net approval rating of 52%. While that puts him 10 points ahead of former President Donald Trump and 4 points ahead of former President Gerald Ford, it is substantially below the approval rating of others who have held the office in recent American history.

Past presidents

For comparison, Presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter each held approval ratings of 63% at the same point in their presidencies. Former President Barack Obama stood at 69% while former President Ronald Reagan garnered 73%.

Just 34% of respondents in the survey said that they “strongly” approved of how Biden has handled his job and another 18% they “somewhat” approved. Meanwhile, 42% indicated that they “strongly” disapproved and 7% said they “somewhat” approved.

However, while many voters appear to be less than impressed with the president’s performance, members of the mainstream media are, of course, far more enthusiastic.

As noted by Breitbart reporter Matthew Boyle, “Despite the clear trepidation about him among the American public, the establishment media has by and large lined up behind Biden.”

“A study from the Media Research Center shows Biden has received 59% positive press during the beginning of his administration, whereas Trump received 89% negative coverage during the beginning of his presidency,” Boyle explained.

Biden gets low marks on immigration

A poll released by Fox News showed that Biden is particularly falling short with voters on the issues of immigration and border security.

The poll found that 51% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s approach to the border while 35% expressed approval. Fifty-two percent also disapprove of his immigration policies.

That’s not surprising given that 56% of those surveyed think that the huge spike in illegal migration is happening “completely” or “mostly” because Biden was elected.

What’s more, roughly two-thirds said they were “extremely” or “very” concerned about both illegal immigration and nearly the same number were worried about the treatment of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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19 Responses

  1. The people that voted or those that cheated to elect these two people have unleashed a terrible time coming to America . We must repent and confess our sins and turn back to God before of country is over run by China . China actually now owns a lot of farm land in America which will cause Americans not to be in charge of what is grown to eat and what ever is grown will go directly to rich leaders , not to the people in China. What China needs is for all Americans to fall in line with this crazy plan of Biden/Harris has for us. If we want to win this cause please resist this crazy plan and believe in God and keep praying for God to help all of us that know who really in charge . God is in charge because He is from the beginning until the very end .

  2. Dear God,,,,, what will it take to get these two criminal anti-American fools out of office. I don’t think Americans can take much more…let alone 4 years of this garbage being shoved down our throats! Congress….are you listening? Get Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, AOC and her idiot squad out of here..clearly these people hate America and how could the people vote for this clown? 47 years in congress and what has he done? NOTHING, yet he keeps getting relected..do we need a march on Washington to remove these corrupt politicians from office….if so, let’s do it!

    1. milions of honest americans support your post,it is time to remove evin from our faces, communism is worse from evil, I came 40 years ago from East Europa,and doesn’t support anyone to be their voters or this corrupted government,enough is enough,or maybe americas are simples not understand danger appear in Washington DC?

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  4. How in the hell can anyone approve of what he’s doing. He’ s got America looking like a bunch of cowards. Trust me,nothing he is doing is benefiting the American people.


  5. More illegal, dead, democrats voting 2 or more toned, default nacho e votes, etc, voted for thus idiot hiden Biden. What a worthless wonder for the ages. Like I always say, don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.

  6. I just want to know when “We The People” will have our country back to some form of normalcy. We endured the Obama presidency, the Trump presidency, now we come to the Biden Presidency and most individuals I’ve spoken with are not amused, thrilled, nor are they pacified by the current situations. If I ask incorrectly, please advise.

  7. Do not believe these polls. President Trump was much higher, if the polls had been honestly taken, and biden is much lower.

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