Biden approval rating goes underwater amid worsening Afghanistan debacle

As if the week couldn’t get any worse for President Joe Biden and his administration, a new poll will likely have his team scrambling with even more intensity in an attempt to deploy some level of damage control.

That’s because according to a new RealClearPolitics rolling average, Biden’s approval rating has officially gone underwater — or reached a negative percentage — as he struggles to manage his Middle East foreign policy blunder, which is obviously not where an administration wants to be only seven months into office. 

Bad numbers

RealClearPolitics is a poll aggregator that looks at recent polls from Rasmussen, YouGov, Politico, and many more. While it shows the individual results from each poll, it averages the numbers together to present a broader understanding of where the nation stands on a particular person or issue.

In regards to Biden’s approval rating, RealClearPolitics’s latest rolling average has Biden at a 47.4% approval rating and 48.4% disapproval rating.

In other words, Biden’s approval rating now stands at exactly -1.0%.

Some of the findings

All of the aforementioned polls, among others, have conducted surveys within the last week inquiring about Biden’s approval, ostensibly to find out where America stands during his mishandling of the Afghanistan fiasco.

One of the most politically devastating poll results for the president came from Rasmussen Reports. As Breitbart reported, that particular poll had Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 44%, which marked an all-time low for the president.

Biden didn’t fare much better in other polls — some, in fact, were much worse. A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, for example, had 41% of participants approving Biden’s performance and 55% disapproving it.

What’s going on?

Biden’s poor polling results come amid the ongoing Afghanistan crisis, as the Biden administration scrambles to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies ahead of the Aug. 31st deadline — a deadline essentially being enforced by Taliban leadership.

Evacuations were temporarily halted on Thursday as the Islamic State group affiliate ISIS-K carried out a suicide bombing attack at the Kabul Airport, The New York Times reported. The terrorist bombing left more than 175 people dead, including 13 members of the U.S. military.

The United States has resumed evacuations, but Biden was forced to admit on Thursday that some Americans will likely still be in Afghanistan following the Aug. 31 deadline. Biden, though, claimed that his administration will attempt to “find means” to evacuate people.

Polls demonstrate that most Americans clearly blame Biden, his administration, and its policies for what has unfolded in the war-torn country over the past two weeks. It should be noted that it’s impossible to confirm that the Afghanistan debacle is the direct cause of Biden’s underwater approval rating, but it’s not a stretch to presume that it’s a contributing factor, to say the least.

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