Biden’s 100-day approval rating lower than all but two presidents since WWII

Despite his vow to serve as a unifying figure, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings seem to be in a freefall.

With an approval rating of 51% as he approaches 100 days in office, according to a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, Biden’s numbers are lower than almost every other president since World War II.

Worse than all but two recent predecessors

While many in the mainstream media rush to point out that his approval rating is higher than former President Donald Trump’s at the same point in the previous administration, a historical comparison shows Biden struggling to convince voters that he is leading the country on the right track.

Of course, most news outlets denounced Trump from the inception of his term in the White House — but the truth about Biden’s numbers lies in a deeper exploration, as the Washington Examiner explained.

Aside from Trump, the only president since World War II with a worse average approval rating at this point in his administration was Gerald Ford, who assumed the presidency in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal. As for why Biden is so unpopular, there are several theories.

For starters, he went longer than any president in more than a century without holding a solo press conference.

While his policy proposals are too progressive to appeal to most Republicans, his low numbers might also reflect the bait-and-switch campaign promises that have continued to frustrate many within his own party.

Factors behind the figures

He had signaled a plan to cancel student loan debt and implement a $15 federal minimum wage.

Instead, he raised the minimum wage to $15 only for federal employees, which was all he could do through an executive order. As for student loan relief, Biden has limited it to those in default and earning below a certain income while stalling the plan until some unconfirmed point in the future.

Then there is the issue of immigration, which he attacked by repealing or reversing as many of his predecessor’s policies as possible. Now his administration is facing a migrant surge on the southern border with more thousands of unaccompanied minors in the custody of federal agents.

Although his response to the COVID-19 crisis offers a rare point of bipartisan praise for the president, many Americans are also upset that he refuses to advocate a return to normal. Even as vaccine distribution exceeded his own goals, he advised that citizens could possibly gather for Independence Day, but only in small outdoor gatherings.

Given all of these factors, it should not be surprising that Biden’s approval rating is just 51%. What might be more surprising is that it is not even lower.

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    1. He is at 51% approval even though most Americans do not know what is truly happening under his administration because the media only reports positive points or down plays what is happening. If news outlets reported the news, his approval ratings would be much lower.
      Trump was hammered in the news at every turn and had only slightly lower ratings.

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  3. that criminal shouldn’t even be in the WH, that criminal needs to be in prison. PERIOD. He hasn’t done one dog gone thing accept undue everything Trump did to make life better for people in this country. Biden is not President…never will be.
    Even the democrats know he didn’t win. What I do know is on judgment day, Joe Biden won’t be stealing his way into heaven.

  4. I did NOT waste a second of my time watching that traitor or listening to his dribble. Joe Obiden is a pathetic liar. Nothing that comes from his mouth that isn’t anything but a ball faced lie. I refuse to listen to it.

  5. Biden also said He would not raise taxes and what does he do, he raises taxes, gas prices are out of sight. He is nothing but a liar

    1. To be fair, he said he would raise taxes on people making over $400,000 a year. He also plans to raise the tax cap on capital gains, which affects everyone who has investments that generate capital gains, which includes people making under $400,000. So, yes, Judith, he did lie about that. He is spending like a drunken democrat (even drunken sailors have more sense than this guy). What we are seeing are the CONSEQUENCES of his miserable decisions and policies.

    2. People should know by Now. If a Demonuts mouth is Moving it’s a Lie !!

      BTW… I figured out Why China Joe won’t go to the Border.
      He can’t trust himself around that many kids. He would be in sniff , touchie over-load !!

  6. I would love to hear from some of the people that voted for Biden and hear how they think he is doing and what he is doing for the people of America.

    1. The one’s that Voted for China Joe are Not happy. One in Texas that owns property along the border, figured that China Joe would Not take their property for the Border Wall. Now they say , he will do the same as President Trump !

  7. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to put pedo Joe in prison. The liberals are not human acting like Joe is great, it seems we don’t have a President. More than fed up the demons pushing their communist plan and destroying our nation. The Democrat party are racist and causing racial division with their hate.

  8. BUT …. it ISN’T Biden! It’s his VOICE, but he isn’t capable of A thought. He is being “directed” and I think HE thinks he’s doing ok! Did you see how ENERGETIC Pelosi was at almost EVERYTHING Biden’s MOUTH said? She jumped out of her seat faster than a jack rabbit avoiding tumbleweed. KAMELA???????? She followed THAT lead … watching to see WHEN to get up and WHEN to sit down and WHEN to applaud and WHEN to nod. I mean, THIS is the person in charge of our BORDER? LOSER!!!!!!!!! That would be US!

  9. I think you have mistaken the 51% number with the actual number of his supporters which is obviously only 51 people…

  10. The 51% approval was from the mostly democrat viewers, the republicans didn’t bother watching it.

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