Biden criticized for not picking any Asian-Americans as Cabinet secretaries

Although President-elect Joe Biden promised unequaled diversity in his Cabinet and administration, one community is expressing its displeasure for being passed over in his Cabinet secretary picks so far.

To date, Biden has not named any Asian-Americans or Pacific Islanders to his Cabinet, the first time that has happened in more than two decades, Breitbart reported.

Politico reported about the development in its Transition Playbook:

APPI lawmakers and outside groups have been warning for weeks that the failure to nominate an Asian American to a secretary slot would be an insult to an important and growing bloc of voters. And more than 100 lawmakers from both chambers signed a letter to Biden late last month arguing that failing to nominate an Asian American secretary amid his quest to build a diverse Cabinet would “send the wrong message that ‘diversity’ does not include AAPIs.”

Shekar Narasimhan, chairman and founder of the AAPI Victory Fund, said he has repeatedly urged Biden and his team to consider AAPI people for jobs in the administration since the election.


“I feel like our community is being disrespected here,” Narasimhan said.

He continued, “You’re really missing a big opportunity. Our community is growing. The number of voters is growing.”

Biden does have two Asian-American members of his administration, Neera Tanden, former head of the left-wing Center for American Progressive, and attorney Katherine Tai, in Cabinet-level roles, but none are leading Cabinet departments, Politico reported.

Still, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus called the absence of an AAPI Cabinet member “unacceptable” in a Friday statement.

“AAPIs are the fastest-growing racial population in the country and came out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden to be our next President of the United States. And yet, for the first time in over two decades, we are facing the possibility that there might not be a single AAPI Cabinet Secretary in a presidential administration. Let us be clear: that outcome is unacceptable,” CAPAC said.

Identity politics

The identity politics obsession that has taken over the Democratic Party means the race and ethnicity of Biden’s Cabinet matter more than getting the best people for the job.

As The Wall Street Journal pointed out last month, diversity as a political tool rings hollow and could lead to division and mediocrity if the people Biden picks aren’t up to the job.

Then again, a mediocre Cabinet may be helpful in preventing Biden’s administration from being effective in its goal of radically transforming America into a Democrat utopia.

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