Biden faces backlash for killing US jobs after canceling Keystone XL permit

President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline permit was just one in a series of early executive orders reversing the policies of his predecessor.

According to one now-unemployed pipeline worker, the new president’s act was “totally political” and will cost American jobs.

“By signing a piece of paper”

“Well, I mean, the president was able to, you know, put us out of work by signing a piece of paper, but I’m the one that had to let these people in and tell them I didn’t have a job anymore,” Neal Crabtree said in remarks to Fox News.

He is a member of Pipeliners Local Union 798, which is one of four labor unions impacted by Biden’s cancelation. In all, the industry is set to lose some 11,000 jobs this year.

Crabtree and others in the union were working on a pumping station in Nebraska when they were informed of the layoffs.

“Unless you farm, there’s not a whole lot of opportunity,” he said of the job prospects in his rural Arkansas hometown. “So I chose this career. We go all over the country and we depend on these projects to provide a living for our families.”

The politically volatile pipeline was designed to carry crude oil from Canada into the U.S. faster and more efficiently than existing railroad transport.

“Some things will change very quickly”

Biden cited environmental concerns in announcing his predictable decision to cancel its permit, but Crabtree and other critics of the order argue that the pipeline would actually be a more environmentally friendly option.

“This oil is already coming into the country,” Crabtree said. “This pipeline wasn’t going to be the start of it. It’s coming by rail cars every single day, hundreds of thousands of them.”

He went on to dismiss the notion that the government creates jobs, arguing that it “can, however, destroy jobs and kill jobs,” which he said the president did with his recent order.

Although Biden has targeted many of former President Donald Trump’s policies with recent executive action, Yale law professor Cristina Rodriguez explained that it will take more than these orders to fundamentally dismantle the achievements of the last four years.

“Some things will change very quickly,” she said. “The things that the president has the authority over, he can rescind right away. He can end the border wall emergency. He can restore travel from the majority-Muslim countries, COVID restrictions notwithstanding. But there are many things that will take far more time to undo because the president himself doesn’t have the authority to do that. He has to direct other people to begin consideration of those policies and their rescission.”

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34 Responses

      1. Our only hope lies with the Supreme Court. Those States that violated the US Constitution must be held accountable for their illegal action regarding the stolen election. I don’t have any confidence Chief Justice John Robert’s will do the right thing and nullify the 2020 election and call it a fraud and replace China Joe Biden and replace him with our real President,Donald J. Trump. If he refuses to uphold the Constitution, he should resign.

      2. My thought exactly, Paul. A difficult place for any man in the military. Orders from ‘higher ups’ and love and loyalty for their ‘own’!! ‘Between a ‘rock’ and a ‘hard place’! I’d hope that ‘love’ of their people would be their first priority.

  1. I am sick and tired of being censored by GOOGLE Joe Biden put more money into the CCP`s pockets by signing these american jobs away! He is a communist COWARD in my opinion , and favors china over his own american citizens ,what a national disgrace he is

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  3. dem o rats are liars they say one thing and do another.
    sleepy bozo biden will use our constitution to destroy our constitution.
    This bozo will destroy our freedoms and our economy
    The election was stolen by fraud

  4. damn right and everyone was told before they voted for this peice of garbage– goodbye anything that would make this country better — Obama over again

  5. Just one more thing for Biden to show his utter contempt for the American people, and America itself. Kill jobs and endanger the environment all in one swipe.

  6. These are probably the same people that voted for this moron. I am sick to my stomach for what happened to them but in fact THEY brought this not just upon themselves but on the rest of us as well. Now suffer. I can’t even sleep anymore I am so frightened what these Communists and the rest of the Demooncrat freaks have done. Goody, Goody, now we have all of the formerly institutionalized freaks in the country running it. The inmates are running the asylum!

  7. And the house is trying to impeach a non-sitting President. There are more pressing maters. Why are they wasting time and money.

    1. Because they don’t want him to run again and beat them! He’s not allowed on a ballot if he’s impeached. We will have to write him in!

    2. Pres Trump always said the Dems were ‘great at spending money but no good at ‘making’ it’. Right again. Speaker Pelosi puts being ‘vindictive’ as being far more important than anything else. They are so frightened of Pres Trump, they want to make it so he can never ‘run’ again. I’m seeing, what appears to be ‘enough,’ Reps. standing against her ‘vendetta’ so that the impeachment will not ‘happen’. Still, your point is still valid. Wasting time and money that could be put to much better use.

    1. This site is almost as bad as Twitter for deleting comments. I have had many of mine deleted. I tried to post one 10 times and it was not accepted. I was speaking nothing but the truth, not threatening anyone. This is not a conservative site.

  8. It’s a shame people don’t realize that you need someone tough to win a war, and we are definitely at war with several countries. Maybe not a gun battle type but war never the less. Trump is obnoxious but a warrior. Now we have a four-foot pansy that thinks he tough with dementia. We are in for a sad 4 four years which even if Trump was able to come back will not be able to get back to where we were when he was pushed out of office by a corrupt administration.

  9. Agree with all above posts! The plan is bankrupt the country, keep us all sick, sad, depressed, broke and hopeless because they think we will be easier to control. Tried and true commie tactics. Hitler did the same thing!

    1. Things are worse now than even during ‘Hitler’s’ times! Hitler wasn’t ‘in b*d’ with the enemy–he simply ‘was’ the enemy, although dedicated to bringing Germany in as a ‘world power’. Can’t say the same for ‘B’, at all. Meanwhile, ‘we’ have China in the ‘wings’ just waiting for our last ‘whimper’. Not long to wait, at this rate.

  10. Biden does not have the knowledge to be president. He is letting the far left run the country for him.
    I don’t think he won the election.
    The election was rigged and most everyone knows that.

    1. We know that B didnt win!! It is sickening to see and hear what the people think. Only because they (people) are right. It amazes me how everything was so blatant and right in your face about the corruption but it continues. The SCOTUS has turned its face. It is said” the best way to hide something is put it right out in front” this is a whole chain of blackmail and evil.

  11. The American people are stupid! Stop voting emotionally, vote strategically. The office of President is for a capable, smart, person with a backbone of steel. It is not a personality contest. You want someone to stand up to the world and fight for us. Someone that loves this country and it’s people enough to give up a cushy life for it. Biden is nothing but a puppet. Obama is calling the shots. We already went down that road. We had the greatest President in our history and we let him get stolen from us. Grow a spine and fight back in every state using your votes. Remove the dead wood from our local government. Demand honest elections

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