Biden backs down on COVID-19, economic campaign promises

After months of glowing campaign pledges and vows to reverse the COVID-19 crisis, Joe Biden’s resolve appears to be rapidly collapsing as he quietly rescinds promise after promise. 

Of course, Biden hasn’t personally taken responsibility for already failing to fulfill a number of his promises, leaving White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to deal with the fallout.

Taking it all back

In order to convince Americans to elect him as president, Joe Biden made several critical promises in regard to COVID-19 that he clearly never intended to fulfill.

Just The News’ Daniel Payne pointed out this weekend that Biden has already scrapped his 100-day mask mandate that was meant to expire in April in favor of a masking policy that will likely stretch into 2022.

Additionally, Biden promised to get America’s schools open within 100 days of taking office, a promise he’s also already backed away from.

Payne wrote: “Biden in December vowed that, assuming “strong public health measures” were in place, his administration would “work to see that the majority of our schools can be open by the end of my first 100 days.”

After Biden’s public health officials released guidance that will make it nearly impossible for most schools to open by April, Psaki was forced to clarify Biden’s new position, declaring that his “goal” is for “the majority of schools, so more than 50 percent, open by day 100 of his presidency.”

Psaki noted that schools would be considered “open” if they received students “at least one day a week” — not exactly fully open by most parents’ standards.

Psaki and Biden are already masters of hedging their promises, as Psaki indicated that the Biden administration never promised that all schools would be completely open by April.

“Nothing we can do”

Biden also repeatedly promised to reverse the course of the coronavirus crisis in the US, claiming on multiple occasions that Donald Trump’s policies were responsible for the shutdowns and economic impact of the virus.

Then, just days into his presidency, Biden declared that “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” dashing any hopes of returning to normal in 2021.

Biden’s decision to authorize $1,400 coronavirus stimulus checks instead of the promised $2,000 payments is yet another example of a vow the White House has nullified while skillfully manipulating their earlier promises to make it seem like they were never made.

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84 Responses

    1. hey all that is the difference between biden and trump. Trump promises made promises completed, biden promise made to get elected only to break promises made. When the hell is the usa people going to wake up to the democrats. They will do and say anything to get elected and power. One last thought are you happy with the price of gasoline that has gone from 1.99 to 2.49 since biden elected and going higher here in florida.. Brace your self because you are going to see 2.75-3.00 a gallon this summer based the futures market.

      1. We are watching very closing on this Defunct President Biden. And yet his approval rating is dropping slowly. Last we’ve check Biden approval rating stand at 48% and falling.
        Biden has fail.

        1. after all this imbecile has done in just a few days he should have a minus approval rating.The only people that approve of him is China the evil empire.

        2. Biden has been practicing his failing for decades. He nearly has it perfected. He will continue to disappoint our country as long as he is around. The only thing worse is Kamala. People will get very tired of these two very shortly and hand the next two elections to Republicans.

      2. We will see gas at $5.00 plus
        Not my prez need to be impeached including the rest of the fraudsters
        Those are the ones that need to be removed
        Not the people to be suppressed, oppressed and bamboozled
        We need to take back the country and put the RIGHT people who care for us the people and our nation
        UNDER GOD as it was the foundation of this nation

        1. The nation needs to get back to God! Read The Harbinger books by Jonathan Cahn. The writing is on the wall to our judgement in turning away from GOD. Biden is ignoring Israel and cozying up to Iran and opening our country to another attack. I fear for my children and grandchildren, our lives and our country.

      3. That is so true, but , as trump supporter and very much aware of the Obama/ Biden era.was bad for the country.. anti usa.. apologized for usa. Make great promises to get elected… he did not fooled a lot us, unfortunately.. dirty money did the work!! .sad.truth

    2. There isn’t one promise to the Nation that Joe Biden is going to keep. He is one of the biggest hypocrites and thief’s of the Democratic party. He needs to go. IMPEACH HIM.

        1. Biden is blatantly unamerican and he doesn’t seem to care or he’s just ignorant to the fact that he’s catering to everyone but American citizens.. With every executive order he’s kills jobs and lowers are security from other countries. And why would he allow China into our electric grid?

      1. Go to: Sign impeachment petition on REAL charges of corruption Joe. Marjorie introduced to the floor and when she did ATTACK. Bravest of the bunch! Demo controlled, most likely not go anywhere- but alteast the more signatures, the better to help prove how many truly want Biden out. Then go after Harris on the same grounds tried to impeach Trump with her bailing out criminals in Mpls riots. Go down the list. Pelosi etc. One at a time. Too bad it can’t be a group impeachment call.

      2. He promised to raise taxes and end fracking so those may be the ONLY promises he keeps. He may keep the promise to put loser beto orourke as gun czar to take all our guns. Any damaging promises he made will be the ones he will follow up on. He is a communist and he hates America and is selling us out to china and russia.

    3. Raymond… I live in the country, heat with coal, and I can walk up to the barn and catch a rattlesnake when the weather is good. Every snake’s tongue I have seen is forked. Do you expect anything better from this administration? NO, but HELL NO!!

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  2. It’s sad that people will just believe anything without real proof. There never was, nor will there ever be a magic wand to solve all the problems we face. We traded four good years for promises once again. Just my opinion.

  3. The only thing we have seen out of the Biden presidency is every promise he made has been broken and all the mainstream media wants to do is still pick on Trump nothing Good will happen while the Democrats are attempting to run the country


    2. Joe Beijing is doing what his bosses the Chinese empire is expecting him to do. He never really promised to make America great or better as a matter of fact you fools had paid attention you would have heard his campaign manager during the campaign say this: THE DAYS OF AMERICA ARE OVER. So you see you dumb people he told you exactly what he is going to do. The worse is yet to come and soon you will not recognize your own country any more. You deserve no better you elevated a monster.

      1. I messed up here is the correct comment off Biden’s admin. THE DAYS OF AMERICA FIRST ARE OVER. The word FIRST is the most important. What China’s puppet really wanted to say is this.

      1. Yes just look at California and every other Democrap run state and city. Failed leadership and over budget.
        Students failing in school, while the politicians continue to fail in leadership.
        If they don’t get Federal bailouts they will fail. Better to let these cities and states fail, so people know what happens when you continue to elect idiots to run things.

  4. Biden is a puppet, whose strings are being pulled from behind a curtain…Anyone who is a Dem that voted for him should have awakened to what is occurring here and now.. a globalist takeover.

    1. If you’re old enough to look back, we never had access to anything but news generated by the Dems so we stayed “in the dark”.

  5. Everybdy needs to wake up & realise what is really going on here. Thereis no Real Conern from this Party for America or the People there of. They are ALL about HATE. Biden in bed with china & they want to take over us & we are in the ET & all this is welcoming the AC to surface. A few Patriot New’s online,says legally Trump still Prez,Military in place ”protecting the Constitution”,States stolen getting ready to hear all the evidence & S.Powell . What I don’t understand ,Bid is not legal Prez,then why in the hell is he able to start ripping this Country apart? I know the Bible says this is the time of Confusion & boy is it Rampant. I know we are under God’s Judgement,& in time,America Will be complete ash,no habitants. This is the starting,of the ending. God Bless us All.

  6. Did you really expect anything else! The Democratic Party has lied and cheated their way through every Election that I can remember for the last 50 years( as I said that I can Remember ) why would they all of a sudden do what they promise! One the Elections are over its back to normal of fleecing the American people out of every penny they can, to give to the countries that supported their bids to win, bring in more people that will in turn, vote for them for allowing them to break the laws, and receive all the free benefits they promised the America People!

    1. worse than even I thought possible. He has brought us to our knees in a few weeks. What he will do by the end of his first year will be devastating. The only good thing is that the idiots that voted for him will suffer the same faith we are.

  7. Contrary to popular demonrat belief, there are a LOT of people who DO have a brain, who DO think for themselves, who Do Not fall for every fabrication the Dems put out, and who DO know a lying rat when they see one! But—- we are the ones the demonrats want to “ re program”, to “ cancel”, to get rid of because we know them for who they are! We better fight back, take back our country while we still have one!

  8. The CDC under Trump, already put out the way to open schools successfully last summer. More than 50% of schools are already open but you are not hearing this. So when he Schiff 50% all the media will jump for joy but it’s a lie because of numbers come out I bet we are there already. Only Democrat states and / or cities are closed. Even our state with dem governor in a Republican state has schools opened. Our granddaughter never stopped . Her school opened a couple of weeks late in September but has been open sense.

    1. In our liberal hell hole states the teachers union is evil and the teachers have been paid their salaries so why should they go back and teach. Mot of these liberal train teachers aren’t worth having any ways. Public schools need to be replaced with charter and private schools. Public school teachers are radical and have destroyed generations of young peoples minds.


  10. Not to much else to be said, it has been stated previously. I will say America better wake up cause we are playing rite into China’s hand. China wants to take over world trade as Biden’s policies are headed to play right into what China wants a united states that can’t afford to compete with them. As was stated before I really hope people wake up and see what is happening. If you don’t I would suggest taking a course in Chinese language because it might come in handy under the new management we are headed for. SO WAKE UP AMERICA IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN AMERICAN.

  11. He is a democrat!! What else can you expect?? They are all liars!!! AND, it is all about them!!! (Except in the cases when they wanted it to be about them) and they were – in a negative way!!! BECAUSE it was all about President Trump and his VINDICATION!!!

  12. I said from the very beginning Biden never did anything but live off the taxpayers money and had been there far too long but too many people were blinded by his lies. I never saw so much hate an vile remarks made to me for supporting Trump but I hope all those who supported Biden will be the ones in the soup kitchen lines and see just how vile he is. God bless the USA and those who believe in Democracy.

  13. AMERICA WAKE UP ,See what the DEMO’s are doing to America,Thanks to the voters , and the steeling the Demo’s did,America is in BIG TROUBLE !!!

  14. Biden’s career has been nothing but BS and theft,what did people expect? this is the best the dirty Democrats have to offer.

  15. I’m really, really scared. Biden is an idiot. The Dems know it, and Kamallama will be running the country. She is truly dangerous, folks. I cannot believe this is happening. America will now be ruled by Commie lovers. Call me back in six months and tell me how you’re doing – if you still have a home and a telephone.

  16. The Whole Democratic Party and Biden should be IMPEACHED for trying to destory American and our Dreams. They haven done anything for the people or our country in 50 years. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE.

    1. these evil democrats will be even stronger and more powerful because millions of their future voters are already marching towards our borders. Many have already arrived and our border states are forced to allow them in. Biden is Satan in disguise off a frail demented pervert that nobody feared. Good old confused Uncle Joe is one of the most dangerous Presidents next to his evil mentor Obama.

  17. All the Dems and the fake Republicans , and then put in Prison.And also a lot of Hollywood. They keep breaking the Law
    Somebody needs to do something before the Country is destroyed….

  18. That is so true, but , as trump supporter and very much aware of the Obama/ Biden era.was bad for the country.. anti usa.. apologized for usa. Make great promises to get elected… he did not fooled a lot us, unfortunately.. dirty money did the work!! .sad.truth

    1. the courts are corrupt, even the Supreme court, the FBI, CIA and all of the Obama agencies are all corrupt and unless we can throw all these devils out nothing can change. Trump tried and see what it got him. Over half of our countries people are brainwashed beyond hope. More illegals are coming daily and the strength of democrat voters are getting stronger. Too late people we will not be able to change this mess.

  19. I agree with all of those people I have felt the same way since his fake Presidency he reall is a Puppet for Obama and the rest of them if we start impeachment make sure Obama his held for Treason and also for lies get riff of them all!!!!

  20. So where do I, We Sign the petition for Impeachment for Biden and When? How many names do we need to remove him. (i would say office but that would a lie) and i do not lie because i am not a Dumocrate.

  21. The only things that will go forward in this administration are things that is detrimental to America, the economy, and the American people. I just hope the people who voted for him understands that they are being screwed also. The promises he made were made to get him elected not to pursue them

  22. It’s our own fault, we let the left rig an election and we stood back and let them unconstitutionally allow changes in voting. Maybe next time we’ll stand up and stop this illegal crap from happening.

  23. I believe that the strings are being pulled and I 100% believe it is Obama pulling the strings. This sounds familiar in so many ways. I find it odd that the Obama’s bought a big huge house in D.C. What other previous Presidents did that. Most went back to their home States. A few other things I have seen is that Obama has met with Fauci at the Wohan lab a few times. One meeting was in February 2017. That got taken down by facebook. In front of me is another article that was also from a Medical Journal of Fauci’s. This one states “no doubt Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency”. That article is dated January 11, 2017. I am a Retired Nurse and this “pandemic” just doesn’t smell right.

  24. I don’t think most people in this country are aware that Jesus Christ is coming back VERY SOON to take His people to heaven! I am very excited about that. It is undeniable because it is Bible prophesy, which is God’s word. I feel bad for all those who do not believe, but God’s word says many will come but few are chosen. The 7 year tribulation will be unlike anything we have ever seen in our lives. If you do not read the Bible and obey God’s word, accept Jesus, you will be in hell throughout eternity, eternal punishment, never ending! However, God’s grace is greater than any sin you could possible commit, all you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and you will spend eternity in Heaven with Him. It is that easy for us. For Jesus it was a horrific death on the cross, but He did it all for us, and willingly! I love Him so very much!

  25. World Citizen..U.N. Parents w/kids using Virtual learning at home get them out of that program..AI are putting a doesia together on ea.child. Plan put together in 2011 from Obama & UN. Save your kids. Get rid of Mask No Vax Open Business take Rights back..UnConstitional.Fight back this Human Crises.

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