Biden blames Trump for nearly 80,000 COVID deaths since January 20

While it’s normal for presidents to blame their predecessors for the problems they inherit, President Joe Biden is taking things to new extremes.

The president complained that former President Donald Trump “wasted so much time” as the coronavirus death toll surpasses 80,000 since Biden came into office a month ago, Breitbart reported.

Nearly 500,000 Americans have died from the virus since it arrived, with nearly 81,000 of those deaths occurring since Biden entered the White House on Jan. 20, according to a tracker from The Washington Free Beacon.

Biden claimed to have “plan”

The figures are sobering, especially considering Biden’s campaign emphasis on having a “plan,” which has carried over into his presidency — however unconvincingly.

Biden has sowed considerable confusion on his coronavirus response since coming into office, while appearing eager to blame his predecessor at every opportunity.

At a CNN town hall on Tuesday, Biden repeated his claim that Trump left him with no vaccine plan, accusing Trump of “wasting so much time” while boasting about the Biden administration’s efforts. “This is a process. It’s going to take time,” he said.

“Think of what we didn’t do. You and I talked about this during the campaign, we didn’t do from the time it hit the United States. You’re going to inject something in your arm. It’s going to go away. It will all be done by Easter. We wasted so much time, so much time,” Biden said.

Biden passes the buck

Despite the president’s constant calumnies about Trump, Biden’s goal of 100 million doses in 100 days was nearly reached when he entered office, so according to Biden’s own standard Trump was doing a good job.

For critics, this is part of a pattern with Biden, who appears to be drastically resetting expectations after vowing to use “science” to miraculously overcome the pandemic. Biden has also prioritized clarity, but his messaging has often been quite ambiguous.

Biden continued to hedge at the town hall, vowing to make 600 million doses “available” by July — enough for all Americans — while equivocating on what that would actually entail.

He also claimed that there was “no backlog, I mean there was nothing in the refrigerator figuratively and literally speaking” when he was sworn in, and even suggested that “we didn’t have” a vaccine, leaving many unsure if he was confused or just lying for kicks.

But few expect the media, which blamed Trump for every COVID death, to be as harsh on his successor, and Biden certainly seems to be anticipating lighter treatment.

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53 Responses

  1. Typical dem/lib response! Blame everything on the guy before me – or just blame someone else. They are masters at shirking responsibility.

    1. Nope I will not take the vaccine and I’m not the only one saying this either that vaccines are graded from A to D vaccines is what killing everyone it’s unconstitutional B, C And D are triggered to depopulation nursing home people, the old people,the blacks,the doctors and the military just like Obama was tying to do when he was in office weaken our military It’s called sabotage I love my country I will back them all that back me the democratics said they took the vaccine heck that was fake too when does a needle stay in your body what for tracking someone I was born and raised in America biden will reap what he sows
      So will Obama, bill gates, fauci, Harris and the rest of the Satanic cults ,Pedophilia but our god will save our children and save us too as well

        1. Remember, Bill Gates said he will reduce the population through vaccinations. Now tell me why I should take this vaccination. Gates is banned in parts of India for all the children he killed testing his HPV vaccination on children in Africa and India. And they have finally admitted that the flu vaccine causes Gillian Beret (sp?) in some people and kills or totally disables them. The Covid vaccine has been killing and disabling people also, and caused a miscarriage in a doctor a few days after she took the vaccine. Then you have to ask, are we supposed to believe “Dr.” Fauci — king of Covid who was responsible for getting the Wuhan Lab funded with $400 million under Obama in violation of U.S. regulations.

      1. Hi Mike. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over without some change and expecting different results. Not taking the vaccine and expecting different results might fit that definition. Good luck!

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  3. President Trump had everything going smoothly for the vaccine until idiot Joe Biden came in and did nothing. Joe Biden and his democrat low lives Have done nothing but tell lies and blame everyone else for their stupidity. I bet joe Biden and Harris never got the vaccine. Joe Biden is just evil communist who is too stupid to understand what is going on. The Republican party better start impeachment against joe Biden and his cabinet. Enough of this destruction of America.

    1. Amen to that statement that is what they are doing and trying to get china the keys to American I think not ever shall china step foot on America soil will never happen in this life time together we stand together we die for this country so who ever shall be the ones that shall fall so shall it be

    2. They need to get him out of power – he does everything that he is told to do.
      We are seeing the Biden/Obama appointed people continue to destroy our country. They are communists and power hungry. How do we legally rid the government of these people?

      1. Diane that is the biggest question. If you should hear the solution please share it. We’re stuck with idiots for 4 more years. The US will never be the same!

    3. Tomorrow 2/19, anti-American, Criminal, LIAR,THIEF, DEMENTIA biden/harris will be ALLOWING & RELEASING 25,000 ILLEGAL MIGRANTS,



    4. Agree 100%. We have to also impeach Harris as she is the most radical VP ever. Both are useless. Biden being demented and clueless. Scary for the country when our enemies can clearly see how weak we are at the top.

    5. AMEN.
      Communism isn’t known for its evil because of the media.
      Hitler was a Boy Scout compared to Communist China

  4. This is very sad that the wannabe will never be my President! I’m sure anyone who ever served our country feels the same way ! The truth will come out shortly! He’s a TRAITOR! Corruption 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  5. What happened to the “PLAN” Biden and Harris had in place before the election? you know the “Plan” that they would institute on Day 1, that would destroy the virus immediately. The economy was to be saved, jobs would be restored, our children would be able to return to school, we could again attend church and so many other normal activities would resume. All this dope of a president did was weaken the economy, kill GOOD PAYING JOBS, open the border to illegals, and is keeping us in this BS lockdown, especially our kids. Oh, he’s real good at blaming Donald Trump, a real President, for everything this incompetent dope can’t get done. On Jan 20 Trump had 1.4 million vaccines put into peoples arms. This liar stated that there was no vaccine at all when he came into office!!! If his lips are moving, you better believe he’s lying!!

  6. He got a vaccine before he took office. Can anyone say they have confidence in this man? He controls the nuclear button?? People of the USA bend over and kiss it goodbye!

    1. WE the people will have to get rid of the scum ourselves.No people in Washington will help us !! We need to live by the Constitution,using the 2nd Amendment.

  7. Stop the steel China Joe Biden is a communist he has always been a communist TRUMP is my president and will always be my president I choose freedom over communists I choose liberty over dictatorship I choose truth over lies I choose TRUMP over dementia Joe Biden has to go treasonous Bidens the family of evil

  8. The msm is one if not the most corrupt institutions in this country right know. Right along with them are the FBI and DOJ. Just think, if just one of these 3 were honest and had done their job, Biden would have been disqualified from even running for President. Now that the turd is in, these same institutions will protect and shield him from any past or future wrongdoings.This clown and his administration executed a coup and this MUST NOT be covered up!

  9. Biden never had a plan except for the Trump plan with the vaccines. Trump didn’t leave him with no vaccines. There was never enough for our whole Country at one single time. Was Biden not supposed to order more, or did he think the Trump was supposed to keep ordering them for him. When he’s said Trump never had a vaccine where does he think his came from? He is a man with no future as our President because he doesn’t know what he says or what he is doing. Him or Harris.

  10. Biden doesn’t want the American people cured of this virus. He is trying to undermine the American people to the point of no return. He’ll do and say whatever he has to to get this Country and it’s people dependent on the Government for support to live. He has already cost this Country thousands of jobs. Now he is allowing several thousand illegals to come over the boarders. They will come over, take our jobs at a much lower pay, they will also bring crime and alot of it. They could also bring another type of virus we don’t have a crure for. Biden is a walking pandemic.

  11. Biden can get stuck in a corner of a round house. God help us all cause the Liberal`s are to stupid to help themselves. Maybe if we give them mirror`s they will be able to define Systematic Racism.

  12. Slow Joe will NEVER be my president, he does not,
    and never has, had any brains to even be in our
    government. Can anyone name anything this poor
    excuse has ever done while in office besides smelling little girls hair and rubbing his hands all over them? I say it is past time to impeach him and also HoeHarris as she is not a citizen. It is time for the Republicans to start treating the demonrats like they are being treated before it is too late.

  13. All there now is how to blame somone, under President Trump we already had 1million vaccine that was giving out. He can’t even do half of it. All he knows is how to sign crap he dosen’t know what it is. The Democrats give him crap , he signs it, not knowing what it is or what it does to the country. But he knows how to sign his name. He has no clue what is going on.

  14. If aint broke don’t fix it! Trump’s plan was working; individual states were messing up by not having things in place for vaccines because they were probably trying to sabotage vaccine rollout(ny Cuomo).
    Biden doing dem thing blame previous president for your failures. Like Obama taking credit for stocks reaching 30000 10 years after he was out of office. Trump did that not you obama.

  15. Biden, did you forget that you had a vaccine on live TV, when Trump was still president? Vaccines were available when Trump was in office. And if you want to blame anyone, put the blame were it belongs…..COMMUNIST CHINA. And President Trump was hated so bad by you democrats that you all would have done ANYTHING to get him out of office. And I still think that the democrats had a hand in helping China release this virus. You will all pay for what you have done to people all over the world. Lying, cheating, stealing swamp rats!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bumbling Bejing Biden….youre a failure. Everything you lied about while running for office is called KARMA. Your slimey character cant even take accountability for your déception. OF COURSE…you have to blame the REAL PRESIDENT. Youre a fake and you dobt have a clue…go back to your BASEMENT.

  17. Really Joe, you really needed to stop playing with your blaming games.
    Trump has science folks working so hard to find the cure while people were dying. And the cure was found, going through trail stages and had process in plants for distribution.
    Trump did all that just before you Joe had cheated your way to become DEFUNCT President. Do us a favor…SHUT THE HELL UP!

  18. Just a thought. Seems Joe needed to get the shot first. Why? He is non essential. All they do is complain and make bad decisions. That is non essential. We do not need someone telling us what to do. Unlike like idiots, people can live their lives well without the idiots telling us what to do. He keeps telling people to follow the science. Is that the same science that says the earth is flat, they know what happened ten billion years ago, God doesn’t exist, people were created when two planets crashed together, travel ban was ridiculous when President Trump used it, green new deal that is more about saving the Democrats dollar than helping the environment, lied about virus. By the way, what about China having their emissions out of control? They have not been confronted. Put them all in jail, please. Maybe jail time and self deflection will help their sick thinking or at least keep them away from making more dumb decisions?

  19. Joe Biden , you said you have a plain for covid and the Vaccine, But so far your Plain stinks , you are doing nothing. Lets see how many you can kill while in office.

  20. His only plan, lie to the people, steal the election, bankrupt our country, destroy the fossil fuel industry making us weak, killing millions of jobs and handing our country over to the illegals and China. Plan is working! But have to blame Trump for all of it! “ plausible deniability”!

  21. Lost lots people during swine flu in 1976. Quite sure president didn’t get accused of spreading it too. Flus will come and go. If it is your time, you will die. In the meantime, allow people to get on with their lives.

  22. A criminal president who will do nothing against China, they bought him. My concerns about Kamala replacing him is great, she might be worse than Hillary – hard for me to imagine.

  23. No joe you and Obama are to blame! You guys gave the Chinese wuhan lab thru that grant back in 3015 remember dummy!! 600,000$ wasn’t it !! No Biden you and Obama are to blame!!!

  24. Biden, you are a liar. You are a total disgrace to America. Trump IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the death of the people who have died from covid . You ARE ruining America. Joe Biden why do you hate Americans?

  25. No Joe this falls squarely on your shoulders your the illegitimate President who has no more idea what he is doing than a rock!! It is time to stop blaming Trump for the great job he did & blame yourself, Obama & your handler’s for all this stupidity.

  26. Where is the lambasting news coverage on Biden failures. The country is falling apart and the news does not care. There is no money in it.

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