Biden blasted for trying to ‘buy votes’ using strategic oil reserves

Even as he faces criticism for his student loan forgiveness ploy, President Biden is continuing to selfishly exploit America’s strategic oil reserves.

Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville (R) called out Biden’s misuse of the strategic oil reserves as a cynical attempt to “buy votes”, Breitbart reported.

Biden’s vote-buying scheme exposed

For months, Republicans have said that Biden is improperly using the strategic oil reserves to bring down gas prices that have been inflated by his own reckless “green energy” policy. The oil reserves are now at their lowest level since the 1980s, with Biden having sold off 160 million barrels.

Speaking on Fox Business Network’s Kudlow, Tuberville likened Biden’s plans to sell off another 10 million barrels in November to his widely criticized student loan forgiveness plan.

“Well, Larry, it’s all about buying the votes, just like the forgiveness of the student loan, buying votes, right before the election, same thing here. They’re pumping out 10 million barrels just this week alone of our oil reserves to get the price down right before the election. People are smarter than this.”

Although Tuberville said that Americans will “see through” what Biden is doing, Tuberville said it will cost taxpayers to buy back all of the oil that Biden has apparently appropriated for campaign purposes.

“It’s for a national emergency, and for God’s sake, these people don’t do anything other than look out for themselves, not for the country.”

Biden’s vote-buying scams

Even the liberal New York Times is skeptical of Biden’s gratuitous, continued use of the oil reserves, with gas prices having dropped from their summer peaks.

“It’s a risky policy,” Kevin Book, managing director of ClearView Energy Partners, told the paper. “This policy can only last until the stockpiles are exhausted, and replenishing the stockpiles would take years.”

Meanwhile, Biden is finally getting sued over his scheme to buy votes by unilaterally wiping away billions in student debt using the tax dollars of people who didn’t go to college.

For somebody who claims to champion the “rule of law,” Biden has got a strange addiction to using public resources for political purposes.

It’s about time he got called out on it.