Biden plans to block Trump’s ‘midnight regulations’ with executive order upon taking office

While Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has pledged to repeal or reform a number of policies enacted by President Donald Trump, he is now focused on regulations and rules that have yet to take effect.

According to Fox News, the former vice president recently promised to sign an executive order upon his prospective inauguration that would halt any “midnight regulations” implemented by the current president.

“Standard practice”

Top Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki confirmed the plan during a news conference this week.

“We’re announcing today that, like other incoming administrations have done before, the Biden-Harris White House will issue a memo to take effect on the afternoon Eastern Time on January 20 that will halt or delay midnight regulations, actions taken by the Trump administration that will not have taken effect by Inauguration Day,” she said on Wednesday, according to Fox.

As Psaki noted, incoming administrations commonly issue executive orders in an attempt to stymie regulations squeezed in by an outgoing president just before leaving office.

“Issuing a regulatory freeze is standard practice for an incoming administration,” she added.

In fact, Trump followed a similar path upon entering the White House in January 2017, putting a stop to some 145 separate regulations submitted at the last minute by President Barack Obama.

Focused on regulations

As the Daily Caller reported, Psaki gave an example of one regulation that Biden is expected to halt: a Labor Department rule change making it easier for businesses to classify workers as independent contractors.

She noted that Biden’s orders will likely also target recent changes on a range of issues from immigration to the environment.

For his part, Biden was caught on tape issuing an even more comprehensive call to roll back Trump’s agenda, promising to use executive orders to “undo every single damn thing” the president has implemented through executive action.

The Daily Caller indicated that Biden is likely to take early action to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization, as well as eliminating certain immigration policies and abortion restrictions implemented by the Trump administration.

Of course, thanks to Republican challenges, it remains to be seen whether Biden is actually inaugurated later this month and, if so, how simple it might be for his administration to undo the progress made by his predecessor. In the meantime, however, it’s a near-certain that Trump and his allies will be doing everything they can to slow him down.

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