Biden blocks Trump-era agreements to support Saudi involvement in Yemeni civil war

President Joe Biden has made it clear during his first few weeks in office that he intends to forge a very different path than his predecessor — particularly on the foreign policy front.

The president confirmed as much during a speech on Thursday when he announced, among other things, his administration’s stunning decision to withdraw the United States’ support of Saudi Arabian involvement in the ongoing Yemeni civil war.

“Stepping up our diplomacy”

According to Fox News, the end of this arrangement includes a pause, if not complete cancellation, of arms sales to allied Middle Eastern nations as agreed upon during the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Biden’s decision would include stepped-up efforts to join the United Nations in its efforts to impose a peace agreement to end the devastating years-long war in Yemen, which is located just south of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian Peninsula.

In the wide-ranging speech at the State Department this week, Biden provided a broad outline of his plan to define “America’s place in the world.”

The president explained that the U.S. is “also stepping up our diplomacy to end the war in Yemen — a war which has created a humanitarian and strategic catastrophe.”

According to Biden, he has reached out to his Middle East advisers “to ensure our support” for the U.N.-backed ceasefire plan and resume peace talks in the region.

“Ending all American support”

Remarking on his appointment of Tim Lenderking to serve as a new envoy for the conflict in Yemen, the president said he had been instructed to “work with the U.N. envoy and all parties of the conflict to push for a diplomatic resolution.”

Despite his insistence that his administration is “ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales,” Biden acknowledged that Saudi Arabia “faces missile attacks, UAV strikes, and other threats from Iranian-supplied forces in multiple countries,” including the Iranian-back Houthi rebels fighting against the Saudi-backed Yemeni government since 2015, according to Reuters.

“We’re going to continue to support and help Saudi Arabia defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity and its people,” Biden vowed.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that one of the Biden administration’s first moves was to place a pause for review on recent deals reached by the Trump administration to sell military equipment and weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

That includes an agreement for Saudi Arabia to purchase approximately 7,500 “smart” bombs worth roughly $478 million — likely to be used in airstrikes against the Houthi rebels — as well as a deal that would facilitate the sale of dozens of F-35 fighter jets to the UAE.

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26 Responses

  1. pink pelosi will always sy IT IS A WASTE OF TIME in answering questions thisis something for ONE that really knows how to waste time and money which is not her to waste…………put her out of office. she is hateful mean and full of maia vendettas. time o go pinky.

      1. Agree, Biden is not the President, Obama is. Biden is just a puppet, who can only read a speech by teleprompter, because that’s how the radical left want it. He only does and says what they want him to do. The whole Biden administration should be impeached, they are un-American and traitors to the people of this Great Nation.


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  4. Biden is the one that should be impeached from the office of president. He don’t know how to run or take care of this country and the people of this country.

    1. He shouldn’t have gotten there in the first place but he and his group set up all the fraud in the last election and he told us so himself. I still have picture of him saying just that.

      Anyone want the picture? Set up a very temporary email that you can post and I will send it to you. Then be sure to cancel that email.

    1. Angela, if it’s the same people who voted for him, forget about it! These people are so far gone, they should never be permitted to vote again, yea, that is how stupid they are!

  5. You hear obama’s Words coming out of biden’s Mouth because Obama is in his ear piece telling him what to say and do! How can no one see this? Obama admitted it that Biden is his stooge on the Colbert show!

    1. Absolutely! This is really an Obama 3rd term. Just look at Biden’s appointments all former Obama appointments. Biden is a puppet and doesn’t even know it.

  6. As sad as this is, the dems are transparent in destroying our Homeland, undoing every good thing Trump did, causing doubt and division…..on purpose, to pave the way to nwo. As senile as biden is, he is doing exactly as the entire dem party platform dictates, he is merely their puppet. Actually obama and soros’ platform.

  7. Biden’s stunning decision to withdraw the United States’ support of Saudi Arabian involvement in the ongoing Yemeni civil war is quite quite stupid. Yes… considering he just killed the Keystone XL Pipeline and now were soon going to be relying on Pissed Off Canadians and now the Saudi’s for our gasoline / heating oil! Any bets there’s gonna be a huge price increase heading our way!

  8. Moron Commie wannabe Dictator Biden = evil, baby killing traitor, destroyer of American freedoms, jobs, American families and the country. He and his Commie party needs to be destroyed, just as we did in WWII – never to rise again.

  9. Obama’s third term. Biden is Charlie McCarthy sitting on Obama’s knee and saying what Obama tells him to say. Neat little things like open borders–border fence must come down Immigration law is bad- we do not need to know who or how many come here to live off of the rich Americans-no more pipeline from Canada. All oil must be transported by truck and train to save the planet. We must buy oil from Iran since we shall be successful in depriving Americans of the use of USA oil and gas. We want to see all energy become a very high priced item for the American people as they must be punished for voting for D.J. Trump. We must lift all sanctions on Iran and China and Venezuela and Cuba as these places are friends of our political party, comrades of ours you see.

  10. Mike the pillow man hired investigators to find out if the election was rigged and found out that the people proved without a doubt it was the biggest coup ever pulled on a country. Supreme Court judges on down the line fbi all knew every governor who had flaws in their state knew about the machines and mail in ballots from the the demonic democrats dictatorship liars used to throw the election . They’d said that so many people voted for PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP that that’s why they shut the machine’s down to change the numbers because they were over run by the numbers people voted for PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP that they couldn’t keep up having to flip the machines. You have to listen to the video of all these people in high offices that were given the information and did nothing. A lot of congress and senators knew about it. Rhino’s , or backstabbed also. graham, mccarty and ten other republicans. pelosi, biden, gates , schumer, soros schiff cortez heck they all knew. Dictatorship liars demonic democrats.

  11. At some point some crazy person is going to shoot him meaning Biden sleepy eyed joe.can’t wait for the swamp to be cleared out.

  12. Biden’s new Foreign Policy from the Book of Obama. It’s very simple, just load up Kerry’s Jet with an F18 package of weapons and while he’s going around the Globe he can protect USA integrity in the middle east, while supporting the other 499 Jets that go to those meetings. Some of those Jets are from MENA, how ironic.
    By the way, those weapons would be climate friendly powered by Solar Energy and little wind turbines and the explosions would be of Ketchup.
    Just the thing for Hot Dogs.

  13. BIDEN IS WORKING FOR XI JIN PING. ALSO FOR Russia, Iran and other of our foreign enemies. Many favors were given to Joe for himself and Hunter Biden when he was vice president under Obama for eight years. It’s payback time for crooked Joe. This is Obama’s 3rd term as well.
    Scary for the USA.

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