Biden border crisis intensifies; child migrant facilities completely overwhelmed

You would hardly know it from the media coverage, but the Biden administration has a stunning border crisis on its hands.

As a wave of child migration overwhelms the system, one Border Patrol facility in Texas is at seven times its official capacity, CBS News reported.

‘Staggering’ number of children

The Donna, Texas center was keeping 1,800 people on March 2, putting the facility at 729% over its capacity under a COVID limit of 250 people.

The shocking numbers are the latest indication that Biden is keeping “kids in cages” in the kind of overcrowded conditions that liberal Democrats deplored when Donald Trump was in the White House.

An immigration lawyer who visited the tent facility, which opened last month, described a “staggering” number of children living in squalor.

Some of the children said they haven’t been able to shower and are taking shifts sleeping on the floor, lawyer Neha Desai said.

“We appreciate the extraordinary challenge that the government faces in undoing the damage of the prior administration’s immigration policies,” Desai said. “That said, it is deeply concerning to see young children in facilities for days on end, unable to take a shower, call their families or see the sunlight.”

Biden overwhelmed by self-inflicted crisis

There are now some 4,300 child migrants in the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities meant for adults, a record, with many being kept past a 72-hour legal limit. Border agents apprehended more than 100,000 migrants in February, the highest number since Trump’s 2019 crisis.

On Tuesday, DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that border crossings could soon reach their highest levels in 20 years. Still, the Biden team and allies in Congress, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have only indirectly acknowledged there is a crisis, blaming Trump for an “inhumane” and “broken” system.

Critics say that that the emergency is entirely self-inflicted, caused by Biden’s “humane” approach sending a message to migrants that they will meet little resistance from authorities. Biden has aggressively dismantled Trump’s no-nonsense policies, while holding out promises of mass amnesty.

While Biden’s team won’t acknowledge a crisis in word, their actions tell a different story. The Biden administration has allowed facilities to ignore COVID restrictions, and Biden has called on FEMA to help deal with the emergency.

In a scene evocative of a Third World country, Biden set up an outdoor processing site in Texas consisting of a fenced-in area underneath an overpass.

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  3. This is a problem owned by the man they claim is president Joe China Biden stolen election fraud treason you call it our country has been taken over by communists there goals are to destroy our economy not to help Americans they want to control our every move to take away our freedom and liberty

  4. Biden has taken one of the biggest successes in American Government History and turned it into a Humanitarian Disaster. The Border was under Control then the Biden / Harris Coup took place and have made a spiteful decision to reverse every success of the real President, Donald Trump. Now our Southern Border is under Invasion and we are forced to buy oil at inflated prices from people that want us all dead. Democrats, if you cannot or will not fix this you will se Conflict with the rest of us. This is a Crime, TREASON.

    1. I wonder if Biden understands that when this coup is put down he will have to pay the price. Even though he is senile and not functional the buck stops there. This is treason that calls for the harshest penalties

    1. No the Republic will cease to exist.
      I truthfully believe that the commiecrats want to see a civil war. That way they can declare martial law, suspend the Constitution and call in the UN to send troops to occupy, and create the OWG which the oligarchs and communistcrats desire.

      1. Thank you Jim for all that you are doing to try to save USA
        We will put down this coup and will be better for it.
        This is a half baked plan by the Dims, they will not be able to
        accomplish what they set out to do.

      2. I do believe a revolution is forthcoming and citizens will be forced to defend our freedoms…. Biden will resign within a year and we will have Harris as president, Pelosi as VP, which most despise and then a revolution.
        Not a pretty site but necessary. Thanks Jim Jordan for trying to keep America FREE. I’m sure my words won’t be posted as the media gestapo doesn’t like the truth.

  5. WAKE UP AMERICA AND FIGHT LIKE HELL! The prior administration removed incentive for children to be used as pawns in the political immigration game of the Democratic party. Using people is not new for the Democratic party which is the party of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK and so many other atrophies. From her quote in this article,, it appears that lawyer Neha Desai feels it is the American people’s responsibility to care for the poor of the world with their hard earned money (akin to having people work for the benefit of someone else = slavery). Neha Desai – what about poor American children? No Neha – we do not want more poor in our country disobeying our laws and invading our country – what we do want – people who come through our immigration system legally. We must with all we have resist illegal immigration and call this what it is – an invasion of our country, our sovereignty! And we must fight back.

    1. Where does it say in the Constitution that it is the government’s responsibility to take care of people. It is the people’s responsibility to take care of themselves. It is called WORK not GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS.

  6. With senile China-Joe and the totally incompetent Dot-head/
    Jamaican, what do you expect? It’s only going to get worse based on Cabinet and Other Administration selections. Just look at the DHS selection, the stupid B can’t recognize a critical crisis at the border. His defense for his ineptness is blame the Trump Administration. Trump’s Administration did a superior job. Just think, we have more than 3 years of this crap to go. Wake up American, $1,400 isn’t going to bail us out.

  7. Senility has reached its height with the leaders we have now; Biden, Pelosi, and Shumer. It is obvious that the trillionares such as Buffet and his Tech community they are calling the shots as you can well see when Biden and Pelosi get in front of the cameras. Reversing anything that President Trump did was their main agenda, whether is was working or not. Living in Texas makes us the front line of the border and illegal aliens. It is nice that the bureaucrats can put up their razor wire and fences to keep out honest citizens but we cannot even enforcer immigration laws at our border. It speaks for itself in all the actions the Democrats are doing. It is also apparent that the land of the free is now the land of free stuff for votes for a Democratic Party vote.

  8. Agreeing with all previous comments!
    I shudder to think of what President Trump will be blamed for next.
    Own your mistakes, President Trump isn’t your fall guy.

    1. I agree 100% ! I noticed that even the author of this article said he appreciated what Biden was doing to correct the immigration problem of the previous admin. Are you kidding. Trump built the wall to prevent this very crisis!! So tired of Biden admin not owning up!!

      1. Excuse me!!! What is Biden doing to correct this problem. He should be closing the southern borders, sending all illegals back to their origin. These asylum seekers are using asylum to get into our country. They think it is safe… Attention: America isn’t safe … if you believe it go to Chicago and there are murdering every single day. What’s being done? Nothing. What is going to be done? Nothing under Democrats. Most of all America must eliminate all Freebies like Welfare, WIC, Food Stamps, etc.

  9. Well it is not just Biden’s fault it is all those that voted either legally or illegally for an idiot. He is a sick man who I believe was forced to run because the Democratic party had no one else to choose. I have met people who have always voted Democrate regardless who would be running, just because they are Democraties. That to me tells me that they have absolutely NO common sense. I keep praying for Americans and Republicians to STOP STOP THIS DISASTER. It’s like you have a beautiful garden and let it go. AND THEN THE WEEDS TAKE OVER.

  10. With senile China-Joe and the totally incompetent Dot-head/
    Jamaican, what do you expect? It’s only going to get worse based on Cabinet and Other Administration selections. Just look at the DHS selection, the stupid B can’t recognize a critical crisis at the border. His defense for his ineptness is blame the Trump Administration. Trump’s Administration did a superior job. Just think, we have more than 3 years of this crap to go. Wake up American, $1,400 isn’t going to in in bail us out.

  11. This border crisis is only the beginning of legislation that will destroy life in the U.S. We owe trillions of dollars with NO way of paying it back and it is only going to keep increasing, causing runaway inflation.
    This President was reelected to office for 47 years and NEVER had to face any decision making and his VP screwed her way into public office with Willie Brown and one only has to look at the quality of life for the average citizen in California with major companies moving their offices to other states to survive.

  12. Agree with all posts! If we, the American people, don’t stand up and fight back, we will not have a country! The governors of every state must refuse to allow any illegals to enter their states, the border governors must close their border, keep them out, send them back! File suit against Biden for endangerment!

  13. Obviously this stuff wouldn’t be happening if Trump was still in rightfully owned, Power.
    That’s the bottom line.
    Anything that has been said is like spitting into the wind.
    Even when we cry fowl the RINO’s go Left. Explain that?
    The Tactics by the Right need a complete overhaul behind the Liberals back keeping them in suspense. Just disagree with everything the Liberals want and secretly plan their demise. America is smarter than this.


  15. biden is a puppet! a buffoon! a criminal! a liar! The greatest mistake ever made! 80 million voted for this POS? I will never believe it. we must get him out of the white house. Harris is no better. she has to go. we need the military.

  16. Democrats hated when President Trump helped the American people,less taxes,more jobs for minorities, peace in the world, bring our military home ETC. Because they Hate America they will do anything for China,Iran but not the American people.

  17. “On Tuesday, DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that border crossings could soon reach their highest levels in 20 years.” And this is all Trumps fault? Trump is not the President, Biden is. This didn’t happen until Biden was sworn. in.
    What they are doing to the American people and this country is unbelievable. And they are saying it is not a crisis? Kids sleeping on the floor, no showers, Does that sound familiar? Seems like the National Guard had the same problem in Washington at the capitol. The only difference is the National Guard is here legally and the kids are not. Doesn’t seem like it makes any difference to the Democrats, that is as long as they don’t have to. ” Don’t do as I do, do what I tell you to do, or else”. That’s Congresses new motto. Both parties.

  18. starting an impeachment with Pelosi, Harris, Bidem, all of the above +more as we knock them out, all the illegals will have to walk back home. Teachers that are teaching to hate America and changing speech WOKE WILL BE FLOWN TO THE CONGO, reparations?? they will have to pay for all the damage to properties, cars, etc etc they destroyed, these people are animals and should be treated as such, they live in the past. their ancestors were tough hard working people and had pride. people??? now want handouts demand free money food rent clothes, no pride. they want reparations from their ancestors backs WORK WORK STUDYSTUDY SHAME ON YOU!!


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