Report: DHS source says $6M wasted each day on idle equipment as Biden suspends border wall construction

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden canceled Donald Trump’s border wall. With this grandstanding, Biden hoped to send a message that Trump’s “cruelty” would no longer guide immigration policy. The world listened.

Weeks later, Biden is facing a historic and self-inflicted border crisis — and ever the fool, the Democrat president is continuing to put empty sentimentality before the national interest. If it can be believed, the Biden administration is spending millions of dollars a day to stop building the wall, Breitbart reported exclusively on Sunday.

Biden’s backward agenda

Although a 60-day pause ended Sunday, the wall remains in limbo as contractors wait for the final word from the federal government.

Throughout this time, the Biden administration is wasting about $6 million each day in unused materials and idling equipment, a top official at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told Breitbart.

Coming in the middle of an immigration surge, one would think Biden could find a better use of taxpayer money than leaving the border purposely unguarded.

It’s so backward it boggles the mind, but it’s also not surprising after weeks of moral preening that looks more absurd each day.

It all has come with a heavy cost, with border crossings approaching 20-year highs and some 5,000 children in Border Patrol facilities meant for adults, as CBS News reports.

Driving crisis with foolish policy

Still, Biden refuses to acknowledge a crisis is in progress. Rather than take ownership of the problem, the Biden team is sending out PR from La La Land blaming Trump for leaving them with a “broken” system.

The system must be “broken” in the sense that the border is currently “closed,” as DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims.

“The message is quite clear: Do not come. The border is closed. The border is secure,” he said Sunday, according to The Hill.

It’s one thing to assert that the border is under control, and another to actually secure it. With his decision to end the construction of Trump’s border wall and policies like Remain in Mexico, Biden has sent a clear message to migrants that he is not serious about enforcing the immigration laws.

With an administration so unwilling to protect its borders that it’s paying to not defend them, is the current rush really so surprising?

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14 Responses

  1. What can you expect from a senile old fool who has nothing but communists and idiots surrounding him and telling him each stupid, pathetic move to make.

  2. This is absurd. Biden is going to house and feed immigrants for up to six months at a cost of 86 million. Where is the benefit of this deal. I wish I could stop paying my income taxes. I also wish it was possible to send these immigrants to Biden’s beach home in Rehoboth Beach. Something must be done to stop this situation.

    1. I agree 100% with you. Why are our Senators and representatives helping to resolve the mess at the border. Somone needs to be in charge!!!

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  4. 4.83 billion in Stimulus monies going to Illegals as well as the 1100,00 they get when first coming into the country to find a way to where they’re going. Nice huh
    From all our generous American taxpayers

  5. Lame brain Biden needs to get some better puppeteers, the ones he is using are doing a lousy job.

  6. 1. The. Demonrats do not love America.
    2. They are diabolically driven to LIE, STEAL, Kill and DESTROY. Therefore, they can only generate CHAOS and CONFUSION.
    3. They will soon destroy themselves because destruction is in their path.
    4. Most importantly, they do not acknowledge GOD or Righteousness.

  7. I bet if the thief in chief had to pay the millions for the border crisis HIMSELF, the wall would get finished!

    1. I can only say THANKS to all those IDIOTS THAT helped use those machines to cheat, I just hope they are feeling the rush in their butt, although I cans they got grantly paid for the cheating, but they will pay later in life, GOD does not stay with what you ask for, you bunch of embesiles

  8. Biden is clearly demented and evil, set on destroying our wonderful country! Why? Because he is sick and full of hate, demonic, only cares about money in his pocket and sick attentions toward other women!! What is wrong with Jill? Some First Lady she is!! Evil, evil people, would love to be next to them when they have to stand before God Almighty!! Boy- have they got a surprise coming!!

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