Biden reopening ‘kids in cages’ migrant facility closed under Trump

“Kids in cages” was one of the most pervasive soundbites of Donald Trump’s presidency. With President Joe Biden in the White House, child migrants are still being detained.

Biden opened a child migrant facility in Texas this week that not long ago was attacked as a symbol of Trump’s alleged cruelty, the Washington Examiner reported. The decision has conservatives complaining of hypocrisy, and liberals crying foul over broken promises.

No protest for Biden opening facility

The facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas was opened for about a month in the summer of 2019 to help stem the tide of a border crisis. At the time, the opening was greeted with a sizable protest, as Democrats nationwide toured detention centers and ginned up moral outrage against Trump, who they called a fascist.

But as Biden faces a surge of his own, his administration reopened the Carrizo emergency shelter Monday to house about 700 unaccompanied minors. He is also opening a facility in Homestead, Florida, that presidential hopefuls visited in 2019 to boost their anti-Trump profiles.

Critics are calling Biden a hypocrite, given how he and other Democrats made Trump’s allegedly cruel treatment of migrants such a big theme during his presidency.

And they say that the media is going easy on Biden, with The Washington Post referring to the Carrizo Springs center simply as a “migrant facility for children.”

Liberals cry foul over broken promises

Former President Barack Obama’s immigration record sometimes landed Biden in hot water with liberals during his presidential campaign — Biden called it a “mistake” — and Trump himself didn’t hesitate to point out that it was Obama who built the “cages.” Biden’s latest moves have the far left saying that he is already backpedaling on promises to approach immigration differently.

“It’s unnecessary, it’s costly, and it goes absolutely against everything [President] Biden promised he was going to do,” said Linda Brandmiller, a Texas immigration lawyer for unaccompanied children. “It’s a step backward, is what it is. It’s a huge step backward.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), one of the most vocal critics of Trump’s immigration policy, said that Biden’s move is “not OK, never has been OK, never will be OK — no matter the administration or party.”

Biden faces a crisis

Although some liberals may be crestfallen, Biden is by no means an immigration hardliner like Trump, who took many controversial steps to enforce the immigration laws. No policy was criticized more than “zero tolerance,” which led to families being separated. Although Trump stopped separating families, “zero tolerance” was not officially canceled until Biden.

Biden has been making an aggressive effort to reset immigration policy on a more “humane” footing, proposing a sweeping amnesty plan for millions of illegal immigrants and relaxing enforcement in a number of ways.

Critics warn that Biden is encouraging a repeat of the 2019 border crisis, which saw families and unaccompanied children overwhelm the system.

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16 Responses

  1. Well, now the Democrats are seeing what Biden won’t do. He has created a crisis and has no idea how to handle it. Those cages were put there by Obama/Biden. Not Trump.

  2. Joe Biden is a idiot. He doesn’t care about anything but the democrats power to destroy America. Why would he care about children? Joe Biden needs to be remove from office now along with Nancy Pelosi. Enough! The democrats are the white elites who call people racist who won’t bow down to their Unamerican communist ways. Joe Biden is a buffoon on a string for Obama. Liberals did you really think the democrats would do anything good for America? Your submission to stupidity and brainwashing just show how uneducated you are. Freeloaders.

      1. How can h care about children and approve abortions too? He’s nothing but a lying hypocrite. Just like the rest of the democrats isn’t a one of them worth a damn. They can all go to hell🔥🔥🔥😡👎🏻👎🏻

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    1. Also, won’t be a need for illegal alien lawyers who get paid on OUR DIME to represent these illegals! Are we stupid or what??

  4. How else are they going to get children to abuse for adrenochrome and their sick, cannibalistic, sadistic, satanic fetishes. Why do you think most of Hollywood loves the democrat/deep state party? Why do you think they want us to support planned parenthood? Have we forgotten about the children and planned parenthood selling aborted babies and their parts? It is better that a millstone be hung around your neck than to harm children. And they are making us complicit by making us pay taxes for planned parenthood. Where do you think the missing or parent less children go?

  5. The anti-American, Criminal, Racist Communist, Puppet Dementia Dictator biden/harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Nadler, Schiff, Eric Swadwell, Squad and all the Nazi Radical DemoRATS, are the SCUM OF THE EARTH, that should all be the ones put in the Cages, that Obama/Biden Built.

    Almighty God, please protect America and the American people, from these SATAN Communist Politicians.

  6. Bidn will kill America and the Patriots that follow and respect our constitution and the American people wke up this administration is Luciferian and the Deep State is and has been making there move to destroy America and political pandemic and deadly vaccine will be inialation of billions of humans across this planet and make the rest into slaves we will be a communistic country like China but even worse….God help us please

  7. All posts are right on target! The border should be closed, illegals deported! They broke OUR LAWS by sneaking into our country! They should get NO special treatment! Biden is an idiot puppet of Obama! Impeach him, Harris, Piglosi , Schumer and the rest of the demonrat scum! Put our LEGAL president back in the White House!

  8. Biden is dangerous to our country- he is a robot for the Chinese and has no brain of his own. He needs to be impeached as he is not competent and is a carrier pigeon for communists- in the meantime his orders need to be ignored. Thank God the republicans are starting to stand on their own two feet more.

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